Goldeneye 007 For Nintendo Wii - £20.00 Delivered @ Amazon
Goldeneye 007 For Nintendo Wii - £20.00 Delivered @ Amazon

Goldeneye 007 For Nintendo Wii - £20.00 Delivered @ Amazon

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Bond is back and so too is the most influential first person shooter in console history. Years before Halo, GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 was the multiplayer game of the age. Many games since have tried to emulate it but until now it's never had an official update.

Although the basic design of the original game is maintained this is no straight remake, with every element of the design and graphics revamped and improved for the modern age - with a new cast including Daniel Craig as Bond. With plenty of surprises for even the most avid fan of the original this still manages to retain the unique mix of action, stealth and world-beating design.

Of course GoldenEye wouldn't be GoldenEye without its multiplayer mode, with the classic four-player splitscreen mode back and playing better than ever. For the first time though there's also an eight-player online option, for the ultimate Bond experience.


I have had this game on rental from lovefilm for 2 months so I should really just go ahead and buy it. But its 20 pound at tesco too so I might hold out a bit longer...

Awesome game, puts most big name shooters to shame.

Great game tho I did buy it from Amazon after Christmas for £17.99

This was ok played round a mates house but if you want a true Goldeneye game just download the Goldeneye Source mod that is free on PC if you own any source game. It has far superior graphics even with a basic PC, it has 24 player servers, it has loads more maps, loads of custom and new game modes, more weapons, loads of characters etc better if every way except of course you cant play in the same room as m8s but with skype, steam and 24 player servers can easily be done in a way.
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