Goldeneye (N64) Android Watch face (Great for Moto360!)

Goldeneye (N64) Android Watch face (Great for Moto360!)

Found 21st Jun 2016
Thought I'd repost this with the new Moto 360 out and the old one dropping in price yesterday
Just a bit of fun, but this puts a face on your android smart watch to mimick the N64 Goldeneye watch from the Pause menu!
- Updated to support the official Watchface API!
- Digital and Analog time readouts
- The left bar represents your phone's remaining battery and the right bar is the watches battery. Each large chunk represents 16% and each little chunk is 10%
- The mission status reflects how many events left you have in your calendar for the current day. (If you have one or more left it will say "incomplete.")
- Burn in protection for POLED screens (activates automatically)
- Options
- Show the digital clock instead of the analog one in "dim" mode
- Increase the size of the date/time readouts
- Analog watch hand snapping (should the hour hands always point to the current hour or float between the current and next one)
- Disable the greyscale dim mode and allow for full color.
- Beta Options! (NOTE: These are experimental and may not be fully functional yet)
- Sound effects! Choose a sound effect and it will play from your phone whenever you raise the watch up.
You may need to re-sync your wear apps before it'll show.
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Would be better if it fitted a Square watch face

Would be better if it fitted a Square watch face

it does. just looks better on a round one

it does. just looks better on a round one

I cannot see the option to make it Square. It puts a round face on the square screen and misses using a lot of the screen. Not very good.
I've got this. It's pretty awesome. Only downside is that you still get shot when you look at it!
OP you really should put a download link for people to get the sound effect from the game! (get to it)
Used it when it came out a long time ago but was a huge drain on battery - has that improved?
Does this come with the option to detonate remote mines????
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