Goldfish credit card balance transfer great offer! 4.9% for 3 years PLUS £41 quidco!

Goldfish credit card balance transfer great offer! 4.9% for 3 years PLUS £41 quidco!

Found 1st Apr 2008
If you sign up for a new goldfish card.. you get an offer of 4.9% PA for 3 years !!!! Great balance transfer offer (3% fee)

Also... even better.. once you're application is successful and you're card is activated you get £41 quidco (if you went through the quidco site).... not bad eh! £41 free. you could even just cut the card up and not use it.. still £41 in profit..

And if you have any balance transfers on other cards, charging you 17,18 %etc ... get this and put them on here.. low rate for 3 years.. hot offer for sure huh?? !
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I have signed up myself just to get the quidco.. will let you know if it tracks.. if so £41 for free!
Mmmmm tempted..........
did this a while back tracked fine ,paid for a new ps3 controller:thumbsup:
great find, well done
Have signed up too.
Hopefully I can use it to pay for my Marshall ward PS3 deal and get an extra £41 off:)
I dunno why people are voting me cold.... i mean its free money.. come on people!!!!!!!!!!!
I need a credit search to be worth at least £100 for ti to be worthwhile, there are more profitable things to do with a search
A credit search.. you don't pay for it.. the company does all that.
This has been around for a while and the cashback has differed. I applied for one beginning of the year via Quidco, received my £41 after about 4 weeks and I haven't actually used the card yet!

Shortly after I also did the Free Experian Credit Report months trial to monitor my credit rating via Quidco which also pays you £6.50!
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