Goldfrapp - Head First CD £5.99 delivered @ Play

Goldfrapp - Head First CD £5.99 delivered @ Play

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Found 1st Jun 2010
Good price for Alisons new album. Amazon (no way!!!!) have pricematched but elsewhere this is between £8 and £13

After a two-year break, award-winning electro trendsetters Goldfrapp return to their synthpop roots with their brilliant new album, Head First. The perfect showcase for the unique vocal range of lead singer Alison Goldrapp and studio genius Will Gregory, the fifth album from the London duo is arguably their most exciting record to date.

1. Rocket
2. Believer
3. Alive
4. Dreaming
5. Head First
6. Hunt
7. Shiny and Warm
8. I Wanna Life
9. Voicething


Love Goldfrapp.

Hot :thumbsup:

Love Goldfrapp, hate this album. Terrible.

Its such a shame she bats for the wrong side :?

Heat added mr wedge


Love Goldfrapp, hate this album. Terrible.

I've bought this since my initial comment, and although I don't hink the album is crap, I will say there isn't a single stand out tune on the whole album. Well below their usual standards :-(

To be honest their albums have gone progressively down hill since the first one.

Felt Mountain is definitely the one to go for if you don't own any Goldfrapp at all since that is where their heart is I think. I've seen them live a few times and she puts a lot more effort into Utopia than the likes of ooh la la and clowns.

Looks like she has run out of ideas. This one is too "pop".

Earlier CD's were more progressive rock.
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