Goldring DR150 Dynamic High Fidelity Stereo Headphones - £29.99 @ Play
Goldring DR150 Dynamic High Fidelity Stereo Headphones - £29.99 @ Play

Goldring DR150 Dynamic High Fidelity Stereo Headphones - £29.99 @ Play

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A very well reviewed pair of headphones that sell for up to £74.95.

Top of the range model, the highly acclaimed Goldring DR150 exploits both state of the art driver design and advanced cable technology, to produce stereo headphones which represent an unequalled combination of luxury, affordability and sonic performance.

The dynamic open back system provides superior audio staging and imaging, and the high-quality head and circumaural ear cushions provide luxury feel and ultra-comfort, making the Goldring DR150 headphones perfect for listening over extended periods.

"...bass is well-controlled, and the top end is pleasingly eager...Dynamic sound and nice to wear"
What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

"Excellent build and fine sound"
Hi-Fi World.

* Dynamic open back system for superior sound staging and imaging
* High quality headband and circumaural ear cushions provide luxury feel and ultracomfort for extended listening periods
* QED designed detachable 3m cable featuring 99.999% pure silver plated oxygen free signal conductors with gold plated plugs to ensure every nuance of sound quality is maintained from source to headphone
* Reference 40mm drivers with neodymium magnet and titanium film diaphragms for optimum sensitivity and extended frequency response
* Gold plated 3.5mm to 6.5mm (1/4 inch Jack) adapter plug supplied


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And a bigger picture.


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And here's a link to a direct comparison review between these and the much more expensive (£199!!) Sennheiser HD650's


Great price for an excellent set of cans. Had these for over a year now and I love them. Paid £65 for them so this really is a cracking price!

Have been after a decent pair of headphones for listening to music and DVDs at home, and had been considering the Sennheiser HD555 at double this price, or the HD650 at about three times the price, so I figured these were worth a punt, based on the reviews.

Nice find, thanks!

Aarrgh.. Bought a pair of these last month for £45 after much research. They were a bargain at that price so this is super hot!

Cowbutt - I was considering the same phones as you but went for these instead. If you don't like them you can probably get your money back on Ebay so it's a no-brainer to try them out.

jbp - Yup, I figured I could probably sell them second hand and get my money back at this price, if I really hate them. The reviews suggest I won't, even down to the types of music they're most suitable for (well, except the R&B and pop!), compared with the Sennheisers. :-)


hi im on the verge of purchasing these headphones but my reason for these would to be for my ipod on long journeys (coaches, aeroplanes, etc) would these be ok for that, thanks for anyhelp!!!!

luke_1983uk: They'll work, but...

The open back design will probably result in a fair amount of sound leakage and annoyance from fellow passengers. Also, larger headphones tend to require more powerful amplifiers to drive effectively, so you might want an additional headphone amplifier when using them with a portable device such as an iPod.

I'd look at in-ear types (Sennheiser's CX or MX ranges - I use the MX55 Street with my iRiver) or maybe another in-ear type with noise canceling if you fly lots.


thanks for that!

i did have some bose on ear headphones and loved them to bits but they broke in my luggage =( i was gutted! i have some in ear headphones and find them really uncomfortable! but never mind the search goes on, these would have been perfect if not for the sound leakage =(

thanks alot for your help though

The sound leaking is not a problem at all. There is some as with all open back headphones but when they sound like you have a pair of £3,000 speakers strapped to your head you won't worry at all. They are brilliant.

studiosafe: You or Luke might not 'worry at all' about the sound leakage, but his fellow passengers on 'long journeys' might well have a different opinion (and might even take matters into their own hands in order to make the user aware of the problem).

My pair turned up today and I'm very happy with them; very comfortable, good kick and detail. I can see what the reviews mean about 'slight sibilance', but they also say that'll fade after burning them in a bit. The sound leakage does seem to be pretty significant compared with in-ear headphones, as expected from an open back design.

Thanks, TylerDurden!

up to £55.79 now

Damn I just found this thread and read everything to see they are back up to £55.79. I've flagged the thread as it should be expired now.

Bad times.
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