Goldring GX200 Earphones £9.99 - play.com
Goldring GX200 Earphones £9.99 - play.com

Goldring GX200 Earphones £9.99 - play.com

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Very good earphones to get the best from your mp3. Normally between £30-£40. Ok they are pink, but they sound awesome and they are less than a tenner delivered.


I have these.

They offer great sound insulation ifr you use the foam inputs but they are more expensive than the headphones to replace and find the other fittings useless.

Great bass as well.

Only thing is I have had 2 pairs and on both the silver clip on the ear has fallen off within a week. I just glued it back on but could be annoying

Kinda hot. I had a blue pair and while the sound quality was great, the build quality was not. One ear-piece just fell off from the cable after a couple months of use. I returned it and got a pair of CX500s instead. They don't sound as good and the sound isolation isn't as good either but the build quality is tons better. Basically, just be careful with these cos they're stupidly fragile.

great price, i use mine for the gym, i found the tips they supply fall out your ear if you're on the treadmill. didn't want to try the foam ones as it would be like a sponge for sweat, but i found that 3 flange tips keep them in my ear. they are a lot more comfortable than the tips supplied.
the ones i use are pjbox.co.uk/Ety…htm

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I use these on a treadmill and for road running. I found if you pull down the silver gx200 tag and put the wire over your head, then tighten the wire (loosly) so it fits round your neck. The wire is then supported, doesn't bounce and the earphones stay in place a treat.

Not very well reviewed. However, that is at £50 so at this price they are a bargain.


These do sound really good with the foam buds, but the build quality is very poor as others have mentioned. I was very careful with mine and after a couple of months of use, the sound stopped coming out of the left speaker. I noticed a few others seemed to have this problem too. I paid £14.99 for mine, so the price is good, but I wouldn't buy another pair as I don't think they're reliable.

worth a tenner delivered though!!

I've had a pair for a year and a half and definitely have not looked after them - still going strong.

in fact - I'm gonna buy another back up pair
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