Golla Camera / Smartphone bags £1 @ Poundworld

Golla Camera / Smartphone bags £1 @ Poundworld

LocalFound 14th Jul 2017
Saw a number of different Golla bags in Poundworld. I have seen these on Amazon for £6-£7

They fit small digital cameras and some mobile phones.

Pictured above.

This was in the Hounslow branch
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    Been around there a while and great quality, the problem is they don't fit modern mobile phones or devices really. I guess that's why Poundland have them.
    I found these in a specific Poundland.
    The black one with G is the toughest and the grey one(undisplayed) is slight bigger but the ugliest. Both have cords to hang around neck and flips over to cover top.
    I think the yellow doesnt and zip keeps getting stuck.
    THE dark one with flower has no cover over top with velcro and is IMO least protective of all.
    I use them on Alcatel Pixi3(3.5), Pixi3(4), Vodafone Smart First 7, Alcatel Pixi4(4), Moto E2 2015 might fit the grey I spoke off.
    But boy they are all quite ugly cases.
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    The OP says Poundworld, then the first comment says Poundland. I'e seen them in Poundland myself, so are they in both?

    (I agree - they are quite ugly or flowery, and probably not big enough to fit most modern mobiles)
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