Gomorrah Blu Ray Only £8.07 @ CDWOW

Gomorrah Blu Ray Only £8.07 @ CDWOW

Found 15th Apr 2009
Next best £14.93 at The Hut

Not 100% sure if in stock. Doesn't state.

Matteo Garrone's GOMORRAH is a dense, sprawling expose of the corruption plaguing the communities of Naples and Caserta in modern-day Italy. The all-powerful Camorra syndicate influences the lives of even the most innocent citizens. In a manner similar to THE WIRE, Garrone tells his story from many different angles, resulting in a complex narrative that often feels novelistic. In many cases, the revolving stories never overlap or intersect. While that may be jarring to those viewers who are used to having their strings tied neatly for them by a film's conclusion, Garrone's decision results in an experience that feels much more honest and true. We witness the syndicate's impact from the top down and from the inside out, following a cavalcade of characters who are all trying in their own ways to escape the deadly world in which they live.

Based on the book by Roberto Saviano, Garrone's crime epic is a powerful indictment of the corruption that is running rampant in Italy. His decision to present such a wide spectrum of characters enables him to show just how deeply everyone is impacted by this terrifying, unchecked display of criminal power. Cinematically, he employs a dizzying array of styles in order to further establish the frighteningly ungoverned atmosphere that pervades this community. GOMORRAH succeeds as both visceral entertainment and thoughtful social commentary.


wow! cheap blu ray @ cdwow! amazing i'll have to look to see if there is any more :whistling:

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Someone listed alot earlier. Thought i'd mention Gomorrah seperately as its a less popular film. Doesn't seem to be getting the best reception though!

yeah i was being sarcastic..apologies, just don't think we need a thread for every blu ray film


Hot from me. There are a lot of CD Wow deals knocking around today. I'm not sure if they are misprices/errors yet. Only time will tell. But this one, at least, doesn't need to be added to the basket to buy at this price. This suggests that if the other "add to basket to buy at this price" CD Wow deals turn out to be misprices this one may well not be. And this is a great price for, although a little known film, an excellent film

Read the book, its very good and yet very bad at the same time - some of the prose is lovely but the story/timeline etc is very disjointed buts it a very interesting book all the same. Not seen the film yet but have picked it up to watch.
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