Gone Girl Bluray £6.74 (prime) £8.23 (non prime) @ Amazon

Gone Girl Bluray £6.74 (prime) £8.23 (non prime) @ Amazon

Found 3rd May 2015
Gone Girl on Bluray from Amazon for £6.74. free delivery over £20.

free delivery over £20
- thomas58
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Pretty good price! Was cheaper at Tesco Direct a couple of days ago, but still, great ifyou have Prime..
Free delivery over £20 now. Good price though
Film any good?

Film any good?

well worth watching as rental but wouldn't buy it. I liked it

Film any good?

good movie I'd suggest you read the book before you watch the movie! the crappy ending of the movie will make more sense!
really really good movie
Price, good.
Film, poor.
Good film, enjoyed it more than I expected - it's also £4.99 on iTunes if you're not bothered about a disk or hate waiting for delivery!
This film is incredible. Great price.
the film was OK but I'd read the book first and it ruined it for me.

Like having the non prime price in the title of the deal as well... Perhaps something that should be done from now on with Amazon deals!?
As ever the book is better than the film.
If you want free delivery, try pre-ordering a computer game. This takes you over the £20 but they can't despatch the game because it's not out yet. Then once Gone girl has been despatched just cancel the game pre-order.
Watched the film last night. You could drive a dump trunk through the plot holes...
£4.99 on iTunes HD downs at the moment.
I know some prefer to have a physical copy, but thought I would make you all aware in case some are not particularly bothered about the physical copy.
Rosamund Pike :-)
The book is a better investment of your time!
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