Gone With The Wind (Special Edition 4 DVD Box Set) - £4.97 @ Amazon
Gone With The Wind (Special Edition 4 DVD Box Set) - £4.97 @ Amazon

Gone With The Wind (Special Edition 4 DVD Box Set) - £4.97 @ Amazon

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Gone With The Wind (Special Edition 4 DVD Box Set) - £4.97 @ Amazon

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Amazon.co.uk Review: First off, if you're a GwtW fanatic, you must buy this four-disc collection. But then again, you probably don't need to read this to make that decision. For the rest of us, know that the kitchen-sink approach has been established here with two full discs of extras. The film's restoration under Warner's brilliant Ultra-Resolution process is the major contribution to the set. However, the bare-bones version released years ago isn't bad and the film still doesn't pop off the screen as do films from the headier days of Technicolor (like the earlier Ultra-Resolution DVD release of Meet Me in St. Louis). That said, the set is worthy of the most popular movie ever made. Rudy Behlmer's feature-length commentary is dry but an exhaustive reference guide to the entire history of the film. Need more? There's the excellent full-length documentary The Making of a Legend (1989) narrated by Christopher Plummer, plus two hour-long older biographies on the two main stars. There are many new vignettes on the rest of the cast, all narrated by Plummer (a nice touch to tie everything together). The new 30-minute interview/reminisce with Oliva de Havilland will be interesting to older fans, but tiresome for the younger set. The usual sort of trailers and premiere footage is here along with a curious short ("The Old South", directed by Fred Zinnemann) that was produced to help introduce the world to the history of the South.


Nice to see this back at such a low price, just in time for a Christmas pressie ;-) Thanks edi

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Nothing but http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/G/02/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-5-0.gif rating @ Amazon reviews ...

http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/G/02/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-5-0.gifTop 10 films ever made, 2 Aug 2005

The American Film Institute recently rated this film #4 in the 100 best american films ever made and I have to say that its certainly in my top 10. I'm 25 and this film has always been one of those that your mum goes on about, how wonderful Vivien Leigh is as Scartlett O'Hara, how gorgeous Clark Gable is as Rhett Butler. It's all so true though! This is nearly 4 hours long but keeps you gripped the whole time - so much happens, and so much time passes, that you are drawn in, and for that short time, become part of Scarlett's life as she longs for Ashley Wilkes (wonderfully played by Leslie Howard) but marries three other men, the last being Rhett. We the audience can see how perfect the two are for each other, but Scarlett just won't see it - not until it's too late anyway ( or at least 'tomorrow is another day'). Get your hankies out now!


A great price for a golden oldie!

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Wanted to by my mom a nice christmas gift, £12.97 now


Sugar still £12.97

This has come back down to £5.97 + delivery

Thanks for the pointer aphd163
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