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Good 2 Heat 4301 Microwave Potato Baker, Plastic, Red - £3.49 @ Amazon

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Perfect for creating delicious, fluffy baked potatoes every time, the microwave potato baker is a quick, hassle free way of baking potatoes, with the results tasting just like they came out of the oven. The potato baker can evenly bakes 4 x spuds at a time, so you can either cook one for yourself, or treat the whole family! When cooking has finished, the central handle allows you to remove the potatoes from the microwave safely, and the high quality material means you can use it again and again.

Box Contains
1 x Microwave Potato Baker
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    I'm not too sure why you'd need this. I cook potatoes like this back to back in the microwave on a plate and they turn out great. No issues getting the plate in or out to require a handle either.
    Must admit the plate sometimes gets a little hot, but just use a tea towel (the actual potatoes are going to vd hot anyway to pick up to finish off in the oven anyway).
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    Just wonsring what the benefit of using this and putting them on a plate?
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    The reviews says it all
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    The reviews appear good but how many of those have compared it to just using a plate
    or as I do , in another microwaveable container?
    The point is the potatoes still steam and soften inside after cooking so leaving them for a few minutes after
    cooking can ensure they are soft.
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    add some plastic to your food. seems like a great idea