Good site listing free Kindle Books

Good site listing free Kindle Books

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This is a great site that you can check for new free books on Amazon.

You can set it to email you as well

I have found quite a few good ones. Keep checking as some of them are only free for a short time.


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Thanks OP - very useful.

nothing new... this site have been mentioned 100 times in past 2-3 years... first time ever I've got it from Boz

Thanks OP - this was new to me and exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for!

Oh dear! Now we'll get ever more Kindle books cluttering up this list by ever more people who haven't even read the books they list here as a 'deal'.


thanks from me I hadn't heard about this site and personally I have no problem with kindle deals being posted on here.
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Definitely a good site... It can also act like CamelCamelCamel but for the eBooks.. So you can set up price alerts for your favourite authors or for just certain books, and they email you once it drops in price

Nice one. HEAT!!

Doesn't seem that good to be honest - I sorted by rating and it only gives you the top 20. Am I missing something?

ignore the moaners. .I saw this first time. . Thanks heat added

New to me. Cheers op. Heat

Looks ok, so heat added.

Bit disappointed for myself, though, as under 'romance' it only gave me 5 books - am I doing something wrong? (yes, yes, in reading romance novels, ok, very funny)
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