Goodfellas - Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pizza - 75p @ Tesco instore

Goodfellas - Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pizza - 75p @ Tesco instore

LocalFound 29th Jan 2016
Popped into Tesco in Feltham just now and they had loads of these for 75p. No special sticker or anything saying it was a reduction. No idea if it's national or not, still listed on special offer for £2 on the website as DealScouter posted yesterday…550 .

P.S. Never had one, so don't know if they're any good or not.
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It's vile save your 75p
£2 in mine today
£2 in mine too

It's vile save your 75p

​How so
This review makes the chocolate one sound quite appealing.…as/
chocolate.....good, fudge brownie........good,
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Still £2 in risca
These are absolutely wrank, Wouldn't pay £0.05 for one.
for 75p it's defo worth a try but store specific deal
Looks great on the box, inside.... not so much. Taste awful wouldn't waste the 75p.
Hideous and I'm a guy who loves chocolate, desserts and pizzas. This thing is disgusting.

​How so

By not buying it.
Does it have 75p worth of chocolate on it. Scrape it off. Lol
Surely people should be voting this cold, to save people from themselves!?
Ugh disgusting.
Hmmm. Think I'll pass.
About all it's worth tbh
These aren't great, really sickly and stodgy, and generally bad.
I haven't tasted it so can't comment. However, whilst travelling I visited a chocolate pizza cafe in Sydney near The Rocks. It was amazing. The idea isn't a bad one, it just may be that the execution was bad.
Its 75p for a good reason
sounds disgusting!.

Do people actually buy this?
Agree with the others it's awful even my children won't eat this.
ONLINE Gdfela's Swtfla Chocolate Fudge Brownie SAVE £1.00 Was £3.00 Now £2.00 ENDS 7TH MARCH
We bought this last night to try and paid £2!!! Wouldn't buy it again, wish I'd picked up the cheesecake that was next to it instead, I feel gypped.
What kind of witchcraft is this??
Deep fried?
Not sure, but good price to tried out!! have some heat
Eating a whole one of these may in fact kill you

Each pizza (oven cooked) contains:

Energy 1344 kcal 68.0%

Fat 54g 78.0%

Saturates 24.0g 120.0%

Sugars 68.0g 76.0%

Salt 4.0g 66.0%
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Boke. Trust me it's pure dung

hah, i like that... now for some cheap likes...

Eating a whole one of these may in fact kill you ;)Each pizza (oven … Eating a whole one of these may in fact kill you ;)Each pizza (oven cooked) contains:Energy 1344 kcal 68.0%Fat 54g 78.0%Saturates 24.0g 120.0%Sugars 68.0g 76.0%Salt 4.0g 66.0%

ok for a snack

ok for a snack

Yeah I like incorporating a couple of these into my daily routine.

It's vile save your 75p

I agree actually. Smelt amazing, looked ok, tested pretty poor.
So does it still have cheese on ?
Stop the world, I'm getting off!
Don't know where 75p comes from!!...was £2 at both the local Tesco's today.
Wouldn't this be like Nutella on today? Which is delicious BTW...
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