Goodfellas Delicia meditteranean vegetable pizza 340G (plus other varieties) @ £1 @ Asda

Goodfellas Delicia meditteranean vegetable pizza 340G (plus other varieties) @ £1 @ Asda

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All varieties of Goodfellas Delicia Pizzar are on offer for £1 both instore and online. Ordering online you need to be careful, because the price is one for £1 and 2 for £4! I think these normally sell for for around £2.40'ish.

They do taste quite nice - that's the meditteranean vege pizza.


These are quite good and at a pound you can't go wrong but I had one of ASDAs extra special roasted tomato and mozzarella pizza for the first time this week and I thought it was fantastic it was £3.98 but it is probably the best store bought pizza I have ever had and they do other varieties.…gif

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Delicia pizzas are very good.
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had one of these for dinner last night, lovely, one of the best frozen pizzas for sure

So can you only order 1 online to get it for this price?

Just had one, these are even cheaper than asdas own pizza which have gone up from 3 for £3 to 3 for £4

When this is finished i'll be goin the takeaway get a pizza, chips and a can for £1.99

I ordered one of these online but they substituted it for an Asda own brand :-(

These are very nice, the veggie one particularly so. The chicken one is a bit bland, can't say about the pepperoni, it's sitting in my freezer and haven't tried it yet. Can't complain at a pound at all.

Great price, love the pepperoni. Heat added :-) xx
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