Goodfellas Friday Fever Pizza 538g HALF PRICE Morrisons £1.49

Goodfellas Friday Fever Pizza 538g HALF PRICE Morrisons £1.49

Found 7th Jun 2009Made hot 8th Jun 2009
Great Big Meateor pizza with Pepperoni & Sausage & Bacon & Beef, on a spicy tomato sauce.

Weighes in at 538grams as well so plenty of pizza (and meat!) for your cash.

They also have a Cheese supreme from this range for the same price ( a touch lighter at 484g but still a substantial pizza).


thanks, voted hot

I am in love!

bought both flavours week ago, these are niiiice


Got to be worth a trek there, just never heard of this variety before :thumbsup:

bought 1 the other day was pretty poor tbh

meteor not as tasty as i hoped but for 1.49 is good
pepperoni takeaway one alot better imo (edit: chicago town ofc)

meateor was pretty poor, very disappointed

I was disappointed with the Chicken Fajita variety. Though at this price I would probably enjoy it a lot more. My fave frozen pizzas are the Chicago Town Takeaway range.

WHATTT are you guys nuts?

I have been a regular buyer of the Meateor for a few months now, when it was £3 and its one of the best pizzas ever...think the puree, well sexy!

You gotta try it if you havent already

Cheers, I'll pop into my local and pick up some of these. Voted hot!

Hasn't this been posted before as it's been this price for about 2 weeks now?

Love this, added in the 10% discount card from gf and her working there

Im filling my freezer

over 80grammes of fat in one pizza!! No thanks - voted hot for the deal but won't be buying!

Voted Hot! I love them Pizzas
Don't get me wrong, Chicago Town is the best ones, but recently their prices went up by 60p over all stores. £3.something vs £1.49

Had a Meateor one on Friday. Very nice but very filling.

1600 cal per pizza!!!!




1600 cal per pizza!!!!wow

As long as you go for a walk (a very long walk), you'll soon burn them cals off :thumbsup:
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