Goodfellas Friday Fever pizzas £2 @ Asda

Goodfellas Friday Fever pizzas £2 @ Asda

Found 1st Mar 2010
These or Huge! and delicious! absolutley packed with toppings. Better than many a takeaway pizza I've had! offer Includes fajita chicken, pepperoni, and cheese supreme. A different animal to the other (smaller) goofellas pizzas.. excellent quality!


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am starvin just looking at them lol

Nom. If only I had a freezer :oops:

Are these deep pan or thin crust?

Really don't like GoodFella's pizza's if going to Asda I think Chicago Town and Asda's DIY are better.


Are these deep pan or thin crust?

It's a thin, bread-like crust, like the pizza shops Mmm!
Shame they haven't got the Meteor ones on this offer! still the chicken fajita is pretty scrummy too!

I picked up some of these this morning

I love these pizza's, havent seen those for quite some time in sainsbury's or tesco I thought they have stopped doing those. should pickup some tomorrow
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