Goodfellas Italiano Pizzas: £1.25 @ Asda

Goodfellas Italiano Pizzas: £1.25 @ Asda

Found 4th Jan
Rollback to £1.25 instead of £3.00
Margherita or pepperoni
Large pizzas, never seen cheaper than £2 before!!
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Tiptop price for size
Really good pizzas , Have some heat for spotting them at this price
I think it’s the deep pan ones on offer
clare_julien5 m ago

I think it’s the deep pan ones on offer

its these ones

and the deep pan
Gutted. Was at Asda today and never though to look at pizzas. Definitely worth stocking up on at this price. Delicious pizzas
brilly3 h, 6 m ago

its these onesand the deep pan

I can only see deep pan on my asda online groceries but maybe it's geographic. Still great price
If this includes the Diavolo pizza, then hot!
Not bad but nothing beats Icelands Hot Dog stuffed crust pizza range for £2 each.
These are lovely and a bargain at that price I'm doing my online shop later so thanks for posting this xx
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