Goodfellas Stonebaked Thin Pizza's - £1.25 ... Morrisons

Goodfellas Stonebaked Thin Pizza's - £1.25 ... Morrisons

Found 14th Aug 2012
Margherita ... Pepperoni ... Barbeque ... Ham & Pineapple ... Chargrilled Vegetables ... Roast Chicken all available at this price.

Stonebaked Thin Pizza
When they said the best things in life are worth waiting for,
they were obviously talking about our pizza bases. Not only do we
rest the dough for at least two hours, we also carefully stretch the
bases and bake them over Italian stones. This way you get the
perfectly thin, light and crispy base you love, and we get no
earache from thin-crust aficionados.
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These aren't bad for frozen
In before someone makes a comment about it being cheaper to make your own pizza...
Ends this weekend, been on a month.
These are the best frozen ones around.
One of the best frozen pizza and decent value.
HOWEVER 25p more than offers 6 months ago !
I'm a right snob when it comes to pizza, going so far as buying a £30 bag of flour, and breaking my oven while trying to replicate a wood fired-oven. But for frozen, these are by far the tastiest around.
these are without doubt the best frozen pizzas and taste better than any 'fresh' ones I've tried too
oooh bbq pizza here i come
These are our faves too, but we live in a Morrisons desert here - half an hours drive means this would not be a bargain anymore
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