GOODMANS G-SHOT 8041Z - Save 30%!! Quidco 2%

GOODMANS G-SHOT 8041Z - Save 30%!! Quidco 2%

Found 13th Feb 2008
Be nice to me as this is my first post but love this site!

Just ordered myself a new camera from this site as it was 30% off from £89.99 down to £59.99 - ideal price in time for the easter and summer holidays!!

I am also a new customer and it states on the home page that if you click on the first time link near the top of the page on the right, you are also entitled to another £15 off on a £30 or over spend - even more of a bargain!!

*2.4INS LCD * Easy to use, stylish and compact
* Anti-red eye flash
* Self-timer
* Record movie clips
* Memory: 32mb built in and compatible with SD card for expansion
* Supplied with: Batteries, Wrist Strap, Cables and User Manual
* Dimensions: Ht: 60 W: 89 D: 28mm


dont see this deal on site

Welcome to the Madhouse portion, unfortunately, I don't see this as a particularly good deal. I would personally only consider getting a digital camera from a well established brand (Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony etc.) as they tend to have much better lenses. The Goodmans, although admittedly cheap (with the extra £15 off) will simply not be as good as a camera from one of the mentioned brands. You are much better off getting an old model camera from one of these companies with a smaller number of megapixels (even 4 or 5) as this would give far superior results. I'm not going to vote cold as I think it's unfair to on somebodies first post, but I fear that some others will not be so considerate.

Edit: Actually, I can't see it on the site either!

This is on Empire Stores, not Empire Direct. ]Click here.

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Easy mistake to make, at least somebody found it for you!

Maybe a Mod could change your OP so it points to the right place.

Sorry mate but better cameras to be had :cry:

still price very cheap but dont know about the quality

I bought this camera and it was very plastic and looked like a toy camera- it was very hard to use and it was incredibly flimsy. I found it hard to sell for £30 on e-bay. I would certainly not recommend it. It is very small also....
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