Goodmans GDSB02BT20 20W 2.0 37" Soundbar With Bluetooth £20 delivered on Tesco / eBay (damaged box)

Goodmans GDSB02BT20 20W 2.0 37" Soundbar With Bluetooth £20 delivered on Tesco / eBay (damaged box)

Found 31st Jul 2016
Reviews look okay. Would be good to put in kids room.

Sold by Tesco on eBay.
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Bargain. Ordered. Thanks OP.
Sound bar in my kids room? ..... nope nope nope oO
I have a Goodmans soundbar. It is RUUUBBBBIIIISSSSHH.
20W will improve sound quality! I don't think so
Had this took it back was crap
Its £20, and its worth £20. Not a patch on my Sony soundbar but its also a 15th of the price.
Perfectly fine for a kids room, garage, anywhere you want reasonable sound without worrying about spending money.

Had this took it back was crap

Crap is an overstatement quite frankly, the sound isn't great no but it's a £20 bluetooth 20w soundbar. I have this exact model (took the first one back because one of the Tesco employees had broken the AUX cables in the socket).

As for a proper review, sounds is alright for what it is and well, it'll be louder than your TV speakers.

I mean, it's £20. What were you expecting, BOSE?
i have one for over a year now sound not bad but what you expect for £20,but i use it to bluetooth music from my laptop to it or iphone and sometimes ipads as well and it is louder and clear quality.i got it to play the sound from my devices rather than tv and got to say i am impressed by it and i have had it a year now and no problems what so ever,highly recommend it personally and i paid £24 delivered from tesco last year.
Sound is better from my TV speakers. One of the few items I've ever returned.

Had this took it back was crap

yes same here the 20w one is terrible not even as good as the tv speakers , but I have the 80w goodmans one with extra base speaker and that not bad
Been using mine for a year and a half almost now and works very well. I use the Bluetooth via my phone to play DJ sets.

Sound wise perfect for any room I would say had it on with a few friends around and couldn't fault it. However if your planning a underground rave then it might not be suitable .
it's 20 quid, and not worth it. horrible tinny noise that wouldn't be an improvement over TV speakers.
Horrible tinny noises come from it. Awful
Got a goodmans 45w one for £40 from B & M Bargains, Absolute rubbish my mobile phone is louder, returned for a refund.
I had one of these, i paid £40 for it about 18 months ago, it turned out to be rather rubbish, i ended up selling it for a tenner, its really long, quite bulky and the sound quality isn't really much better than what most TVs sound like fully volumised, granted if you put it in the garage/shed then yeah it may be a worthwhile investment but if you're wanting to use it as a "TV" sound bar i'd really look for something a bit more expensive as it will be a lot better, voted hot because the price is half what i paid, but remember you really are getting what you pay for...
Well I've had this for a few days. For £20 it's decent value, I'm using it as a bluetooth speaker only. Sound quality is fine. Is it as good as a BOSE bluetooth speaker? No, not even close. But then it's £20, not £120. Overall I'm happy with this purchase.
Same price in store and at tesco direct now.
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