Goodmans Rocka DAB Radio £49.99 free delivery @ Goodmans

Goodmans Rocka DAB Radio £49.99 free delivery @ Goodmans

Found 17th Jul 2015
Picked up one of these in the week direct from Goodmans, so thought I'd share. I haven't seen this model in any other shops.

I found it really easy to use, but what was most impressive overall is the sound quality. My opinion is that it has a far better sound than anything else this size or price, which is why I think it's worth highlighting it here on this site.

The price of £49.99 also included free P&P.
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But it is £39.34 on Amazon which shops did you look in?
Oh look you joined today and posted a self promo deal. Mods will delete in the morning
Yeah, you can tell from the description alone that this is a self-promo. GTFO.
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