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Goodmans Rocka DAB Radio £49.99 free delivery @ Goodmans
Posted 17th Jul 2015Posted 17th Jul 2015
Goodmans Rocka DAB Radio £49.99 free delivery @ Goodmans£49.99
Picked up one of these in the week direct from Goodmans, so thought I'd share. I haven't seen this model in any other shops. I found it really easy to use, but what was most impre… Read more
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Yeah, you can tell from the description alone that this is a self-promo. GTFO.


Oh look you joined today and posted a self promo deal. Mods will delete in the morning


But it is £39.34 on Amazon which shops did you look in?


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Goodmans 32 inch HD TV with DVD £209.99
-44° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2013Posted 26th Dec 2013
Goodmans 32 inch HD TV with DVD £209.99£209.99
Pretty cheap 32 inch HD TV with a built in DVD on the internet so far. If anyone Sees a better brand cheaper that is not Logik or JVC please post! But so far this is the best I can… Read more

Mine is fine - only cost £99.00 brand new too!


JVC don't make TV's for the Euro market anymore so any JVC TV's you see are cheapo ones with JVC's name stuck on them...they sold the rights to their name a while back (to Comet, before they went bust) so sadly a JVC LCD tv is probably no better built than this Goodmans.


Heat for being British made (Probably not the best quality though) oO


Jvc is not in the same category as lowly goodman


Is Goodmans really better than JVC? Lol

Goodmans 32” HD Ready LED TV with DVD Player - £229.99 @ Goodmas
-67° Expired
Posted 8th Nov 2013Posted 8th Nov 2013
Goodmans 32” HD Ready LED TV with DVD Player - £229.99 @ Goodmas£229.99
32” HD Ready LED TV with DVD Player
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Goodmans Digital TV Recorder 500GB factory-reconditioned £79.99 @ Goodmans
Posted 7th Oct 2013Posted 7th Oct 2013
Goodmans Digital TV Recorder 500GB factory-reconditioned £79.99 @ Goodmans£79.99
This Digital TV Recorder is equipped with a 500GB hard drive allowing you to record all your favourite programmes for later enjoyment. With twin tuners, you can watch one channel w… Read more
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Doesn't actually seem to be available.

HEADS-UP: Twin Screen 7" Widescreen In Car DVD Player with Games - £99.99 (Available soon)
-65° Expired
Posted 17th Jun 2008Posted 17th Jun 2008
HEADS-UP: Twin Screen 7" Widescreen In Car DVD Player with Games - £99.99 (Available soon)£99.99
Available soon Save £40! Oh joy - a long car journey with 2 children looms. At least with their own DVD, CD and arcade games machine you have a fighting chance of making it as far… Read more

cold deal IMHO as expensive


The Argos one can be made multiregion too,


They have got a dose of WOT ;-)


What does 'wot dose' mean? :?


You can just plug any of those 50 in 1 games machines to DVD player , they are only about £6 to buy off the market The Argos one is a far better deal as you get 2 dvd players and its only £75

Goodmans Direct  32" Real Flat TV Stand £9.99 Delivered Back in Stock
52° Expired
Posted 16th Jun 2008Posted 16th Jun 2008
Goodmans Direct 32" Real Flat TV Stand £9.99 Delivered Back in Stock£9.99
Back in Stock For some reason this was expired but it is in stock and still available. Two other stands available for the same price too… Read more

Heat added - good price


I have one of this ,and it's rubbish


well, it looks like the stand my old 32" CRT used to live on, which i currently have my 32" samsung lcd sat upon quite happily. the stand has been sold along with the old tv, so i ordered one of these the other day as a cheap replacement. should be with me tomorrow or weds...


But the stand is for a specific Goodmans TV's old CRT's not maybe of no use to anybody buying LCD's etc


Two other stands available for the same price too

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Goodmans Direct 32" Real Flat TV Stand £9.99 Delivered
80° Expired
Posted 14th Jun 2008Posted 14th Jun 2008
Goodmans Direct 32" Real Flat TV Stand £9.99 Delivered£9.99
This sturdy TV stand is designed for use exclusively with Goodmans 32" Real Flat TVs. Designed for simple construction assembly is both quick and easy. Features * Features … Read more

This is still available it has not expired


Why has this been expired just checked and it is still in stock as well as the other two,


i was just about to give you that one. it is the same. Code GSTV9Y4 for the 32" or GSTV8Y4 for the 28"


This one (click) seems to be in stock though. Haven't spotted a difference between the OP one and this one yet..


Its out of stock now.

Goodmans Twin Tuner Digital Box £24.99 Delivered
46° Expired
Posted 15th May 2008Posted 15th May 2008
Goodmans Twin Tuner Digital Box £24.99 Delivered£24.99
* Features * Access all FREEVIEW digital TV channels & radio stations * Twin digital tuners * 2 x RF loop through * Easy one-touch auto set up and tune * Fu… Read more

Totally agree.


It is unusual; it has two SCART outputs so you can run two TVs simultaneously. On a more practical note you could record one output to a DVD/VCR whilst watching the other. Too much hassle for my tastes but if you’re skint it could be good value.


Twin Tuners without a Hard Drive is a funny feature! Good price though - nearly tempted.


I'm the first one to say that Goodmans electronics are pap... but at this price, it's certainly worth a punt VOTED HOT!!!

Goodmans Freeview 80GB HDD Recorder £49.00
56° Expired
Posted 6th May 2008Posted 6th May 2008
Goodmans Freeview 80GB HDD Recorder £49.00£49
Save £30 now on the last of this stock Digital TV Recorders are the future and being easy to use theyll transform your viewing. This unit lets you pause or record and watch what yo… Read more



Back in stock


Looks like it's gone out of stock


Available Soon, whatever that means.


yes but this is new and not reconditioned as these two are and the Big pockets one has only a 3 month warranty.

32"  HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV with HDMI and Twin Scarts £299 plus Free upscaling digital set top box and HDMI lead (while stocks last)
169° Expired
Posted 16th Mar 2008Posted 16th Mar 2008
32" HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV with HDMI and Twin Scarts £299 plus Free upscaling digital set top box and HDMI lead (while stocks last)£299
Features * Features * State-Of-The-Art 32" Widescreen LCD TV * 2 x 10W RMS power output * 1 x HDMI input * Nicam digital stereo sound * 99 Station, auto pr… Read more
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You might want to look here if you are thinking of buying the ebuyer one, some very mixed reviews


Just checked on the ebuyer and it says 1500:1 ratio, but the description on the manual it say 800:1, if I was to buy the ebuyer one, how do you check for ratio? link here


Can someone unexpire this as it is still available


Just checked the User Manual and there is NO HEADPHONE SOCKET. Power consumption 190 Watts and 5 Watts in standby.


The ebuyer one is better as the higher the contrast ratio the better. Although if u want a cheap tv then this may be good value. Edit- I think the Vistron Tv posted a few days ago is not as good as this as it has a 500:1 contrast ratio so this deal is HOT.

Personal CD Player with Radio (DAB) - £19.99
258° Expired
Posted 13th Feb 2008Posted 13th Feb 2008
Personal CD Player with Radio (DAB) - £19.99£19.99
I havent seen this posted already - but for this price looks a great deal..... End of Season Sale - Original price £79.99 - Sale price was £39.99 DAB Radio gives improved receptio… Read more
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Received mine yesterday as stated on the order. :thumbsup: nice piece of kit for the price... You need two sockets though to run it from mains... one for unit and one for speakers.


link seems to be working again..


Still not available - Is this offer now dead?


site (or rather that specific link) dead now -- like their error handling too ;-)


garbage456 - before you attack people I suggest you acquire an understanding of the concept of new and outdated technology :(

Goodmans 7" Widescreen Portable DVD Player (with DVD pack & Car Kit ) - £39.99 del. !
167° Expired
Posted 11th Feb 2008Posted 11th Feb 2008
Goodmans 7" Widescreen Portable DVD Player (with DVD pack & Car Kit ) - £39.99 del. !£39.99
7" Portable DVD player with In-Car Kit for less than £40! Plays DVD/ CD/ Kodak picture CD Dolby 2 channel down-mixed audio output 7" widescreen active-matrix TFT screen Chapter sk… Read more
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Ordered one straight away which arived but was dead, waited a week for a replacement which was not quite dead but on it's last legs. I'm returning it now for a full refund. Advice is don't bother go for a quality make instead I believe Philips do one that can play Divx


Yes it appears to be back in stock & still @ £39.99 :thumbsup:


This now seems to be available to order again at £39.99. :-D


I put an order in for this, but now I can't log-in to check up... It recognises my email...sends out a new password, but even that doesn't let me log-in. Am I being screwed? actually quite Handy, as I don' even want the thing no more...


It was confirmed to me that the GCE5009DVD doesn't come with a battery as it is designed to be used using the car power supply. The two DVD players do seem to use the same battery pack though. Hopefully they will make the website a bit clearer and give you an option to buy the battery at the same time of ordering.

7" Widescreen Game and Play Portable & In-Car DVD Player/ Games Console £50
57° Expired
Posted 10th Feb 2008Posted 10th Feb 2008
7" Widescreen Game and Play Portable & In-Car DVD Player/ Games Console £50£49.99
Perfect for those long journeys, this Portable DVD / CD Player is supplied with 18 fun arcade games, car kit and hand controller. Also equipped to play Picture CDs the GCE5009DVD i… Read more

It was posted ]here but it was a one day only Monday Madness dea but it seems to be available againl. ]Here is a direct link to the product page in case the link in the original post stops working


Where do u find the £40 player, cant find it anywhere on the site?


I've had it confirmed that this is not supplied with a battery as it's designed for car use using the cigarette lighter! The £40 non game version looks like it will serve you better - however it's no longer available at the moment.


Yes, I was wondering it it is one of those which playes the NES ROMS. If so there is a huge range of wonderful games you can use on this. However the downloadableinstruction manual is very vague as to what the games are and if others can be added buy playing them from the CD and looking at other sites it does seem that this comes without a battery which defeats the object. I called Goodmans but the person i spoke too seemed pretty clueless about the player but said it should have an internal battery which charges up every time it's plugged in to the mains but everything else I've read seems to suggest that you have to buy an external battery pack. Oh I wish these companies could have dedicated custmomer care centres in the UK who know exactly what is what. I think the £40 is the better buy so I think I will cancel my original order and get that instead.


I had a similar one that also played Nintendo games, It was great download them off the Internet, but them to a DVD and your away

Goodmans 5.1 Channel DVD Player with HDMI upscaling - £19.99 delivered !
210° Expired
Posted 6th Feb 2008Posted 6th Feb 2008
Goodmans 5.1 Channel DVD Player with HDMI upscaling - £19.99 delivered !£19.99
Goodmans GDVD151HDMI HDMI Equipped 5.1 Channel DVD Player End of Season Sale - HDMI DVD Player at an unbelievable bargain price Was £35.99. The perfect partner for your HD read… Read more
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If you read the instruction manual in the set up section it says SCART and HDMI cables are not included. I have to say I was wondering where the SCART lead was when it first arrived!


Hi Guys As Edi said please PM if your Scart lead is missing. Thank you Angela


I didn't get a scart lead with mine neither.........


Anyone bought and successfully made it multi region at all??


From Goodmans site :- Box Contains DVD SCART cable Remote control User Manual Batteries for Remote You should've received the scart.. Send a PM to GoodmansDirect :thumbsup:

Goodmans 135W 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Micro DVD System - £59.99 del. !
164° Expired
Posted 4th Feb 2008Posted 4th Feb 2008
Goodmans 135W 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Micro DVD System - £59.99 del. !£59.99
Monday madness price... £59.99 delivered This stylish separates system with brushed aluminum finish save you space with integrated DVD/ micro system technology and comes complete … Read more
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Will this work with my PS3?


Hi The unit does play MP3 but it is dependent on how the disc is created with variables such as file type, file size & formatting system. Angela


it does play mp3 files


Thanks Angela :) The manual says the system can play MP3 but looks like it cant..


****************************************************************************************************** Anybody Requiring A Manual Please Send Me A Pm With Your Address And I Will Have This Posted Immediately Thank You Angela ******************************************************************************************************

In-Car DVD Player with Twin 7" Widescreen Monitors
-44° Expired
Posted 30th Jan 2008Posted 30th Jan 2008
In-Car DVD Player with Twin 7" Widescreen Monitors£112.49
Get 25% off THIS WEEK ONLY Was £149.99 Features 2 x 7" widescreen TFT screens Designer slot load DVD player Plays DVD (inc / -R, / -RW), CD (inc CDR), JPEG
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High Power Designer In Car CD/ RDS Radio Head Unit
21° Expired
Posted 29th Jan 2008Posted 29th Jan 2008
High Power Designer In Car CD/ RDS Radio Head Unit£19.99
* Features * 4 x 20W RMS power output * 3 band MW/ FM/ LW RDS radio * 30 radio station presets * Auto/ manual station search * TA, TP traffic information system… Read more
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not everyone has got money to spend its a good deal for poorer people


Um. Looks cheap! Sorry but I wouldn't pay for that. Might be a good deal for someone else though. :p


[image missing]

In Dash CD/ 3 Band RDS Radio/ DVD Player with 6.2" TFT Screen
242° Expired
Posted 29th Jan 2008Posted 29th Jan 2008
In Dash CD/ 3 Band RDS Radio/ DVD Player with 6.2" TFT Screen£55.99
* Features * In Dash CD/ 3 Band RDS Radio/ DVD Player with 6.2" TFT Screen * 4 x 22W RMS power output * Sound split feature - provides DVD soundtrack via in the rear, r… Read more
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The screen connects to the back of the head unit, and you need to route a wire to the back. To be honest a flip down monitor mounted on the headlining would be better. RDS is a big bonus not often seen on cheaper units. The Aux input will be for a rear mounted camera, game station or iPod external video type player. The split audio feature is means the kids can watch a DVD in the back with headphones, and mum and dad can still listen to the radio. The screen looks like it has built in speakers, so it must have a headphone socket. I guess you have to run an audio and video cable to the back? I wonder if you can scroll through MP3 folders on the actual headunit...most of the cheaper units have this feature but only via the fiddly remote.


Says aux input but I'm guessing this is at the back? The pic isn't really big enough to see but doesn't look like it's at the front. Shame if so. I need one I can just plug my iPod into easily.


Looks good to me especially at this price. Wonder how long it would be before the screen gets broken though. Does the screen connect to the head unit via a cable then? Seems a bit dodgey as it could get wrapped around the gearstick etc:?


Yes screen appears to be separate. Thumbs up on detatchable front panel not found on many similar units too! It's only cheap so it's not going to be the best, but if you're not a complete sound quality nutter it should be a good bargain!


yeah it does not look asif it is.i think its seprate?

[Bargain] Goodmans In-Car iPOD Ready CD /MP3 /CDWMA with 3 Band RDS Radio (white) - £22.49 del. !!!!
774° Expired
Posted 28th Jan 2008Posted 28th Jan 2008
[Bargain] Goodmans In-Car iPOD Ready CD /MP3 /CDWMA with 3 Band RDS Radio (white) - £22.49 del. !!!!£22.49
Monday madness offer - just £22.49 delivered ! Edit: Offer extended until 2PM today.. PM GoodmansDirect if you cant find stock online. You can use your iPod safely with this stun… Read more
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Cheap mp3 players often have problems with some dvd media. You might have to find a brand that it likes. The mp3 player hifi I have in thehouse is like that.


Yeah to be honest I had noticed some stuttering on mine, but thought it was the CD as most of mine get thrown around the car :) TBH I mostly use it with my iPhone, and for that it can't be beaten, so i'm still pleased with it.


what a rip off this was ... the music stutters when the unit heats up which is just about 30 mins of play !! I have installed it correctly, plenty of airing to the unit. I know its only 22.49 but still disappointed as the sound is great but unit has to be left to cool after every 30-40 mins ... i guess thats goodmans for you !!


Woodface7 and golly fish, thanks for your replies. I've PM'd Angela and she has replied stating she will arrange collection and replacement, so nearly there!:thumbsup:


When I fitted mine, it was faulty, the display was completely lit up. I phoned the Customer Care Service department on 02392 391013 and they arranged a replacement to be delivered and the faulty one to be taken back. Got through straight away, no holding on the line (thanks to [url][/url] for the geographical number). Fitted the replacement and it works fine.

In Car Radio CD Player with DAB for 39.99 Delivered
-3° Expired
Posted 23rd Jan 2008Posted 23rd Jan 2008
In Car Radio CD Player with DAB for 39.99 Delivered£39.99
In-Car DAB Radio is both high-tech and excellent value. Compared to our standard head unit, the GCE7007DAB gives you the same RDS & CD Player features with the bonus of high po… Read more

The SHAME is to much for me. Can Someone help me and remove it :roll: Ok Last try. Is it worth just to say to your mates you have a in car dab radio:-D


If you are after a new car radio for £40 I would suggest instead nipping to your local Aldi as they probably still have the Tevion 5705 (from a weekly offer in mid December, but my local store still has them). I had one until I tried to install it as it has a design fault FOR MY CAR - which is that its main power supply (ISO A7 red) MUST be ignition switched (and it needs the regular ISO A4 yellow permanent to keep its presets charged). Unfortunately my car's wiring loom delivers permanent power and I'm used to using the radio even with ignition off. As MOST CARS have that ISO A7 red switched you should be fine and get - three band FM/LW/MW tho no DAB - CD and MP3 and WMA - Aux 3.5mm socket to feed from any MP3/iPod/Phone etc - USB to feed from a USB stick with MP3 or WMA etc - SD card (1GB max, FAT32 format) - and a remote control - and a USB and 3.5mm cable - and a hard carry case for face panel - and ISO connectors (subject to note above about an ignition SWITCHED main power supply) All with a 3yr warranty and an 01 helpline that picked up within a few minutes AND replied to emails, albeit telling me what I didnt want to hear - ie MUST BE ignition switched 12V+. It won't win HiFi awards I'm sure but tremendous value otherwise. If it hadn't flattened my battery in 2 days I'd have kept it! As it is I've had to spend £20 more to get FAR less but GUARANTEED to work with permanent A7 live :-D


Is a goodmans cd player worth £40? I definitely no think so...


In-car DAB needs its own dedicated ariel, which will typically be windscreen-mounted. Such an ariel would probably cost more than the price of this stereo. If you're not prepared to buy another ariel (or this won't even take one) then be prepared to be underwhelmed by the reception and availabilty of stations.


Worth a try I will throw it in the van :) Never liked the brand just fancied a play Why the cold all of sudden. Even if the dab is patchy is a car cd with fm as well as DAB a good deal for £39.99 i think so?