Goodness Gracious Me: Ultimate Collection: 4dvd only £5.99 delivered or less + Quidco @ HMV!!
Goodness Gracious Me: Ultimate Collection: 4dvd only £5.99 delivered or less + Quidco @ HMV!!

Goodness Gracious Me: Ultimate Collection: 4dvd only £5.99 delivered or less + Quidco @ HMV!!

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Award winning, irreverent comedy sketch show which focuses on some of the more idiosyncratic elements of Anglo-Asian community. The release includes such favourites as the Bhangra Boys and the more-English-than-the-English Kapoor family.
Meera Syal, Sanjeev Bhaskar and company give their comic takes on British and Asian society. As well as regular favourites such as the Kapoors (pronounced 'Cooper') and the Bhangramuffins, the series also features spoof TV programmes such as 'Channas Angels' and the 'Delhitubbies'.


'I'll have the blandest thing on the menu!'

Thanks! Just ordered a copy. Very cheap price.

Only seen 2 or 3 episodes, and that was many years ago, but what I saw was hillarious, so looking forward to watching them all!

Thank you! Just bought it.

Cheque please!

loll going out for an English!! - JAMASS!

hot just like a vindaloo!

ordered - cheers!!

Cheaper than buying the series individually, Complete Series 1 & 2 £32.99 + Complete Series 3 £15.99, so definatly a lot cheper just ordered it.

ordered it

and you know why it's such a bargain? - Indian!

DVD format invented in India!
Comedy - Indian - stolen from India by Ancient Greeks!
HMV - Indian company!

going to spend my rupees on this one!

Lol awesome find! Heat added

Pah, £5.99, you've got to be kidding! That is way too expensive!! My uncle can get me it cheaper

Kiss my chaddies!

cheque please!

Hot deal! Was looking to buy this recently.

Agreed, very hot deal - Thank you!

nice deal, I knew that.

Im the proud owner of this bbox set, and theres a few nice goodies thrown in too as extras! For anyone who enjoyed even a few episodes of the series, this is an absolute steal!


>> 'I'll have the blandest thing on the menu!'

and 1...4...73 plates of chips please :thumbsup: :-D

There comes a time in every mans life where he has to say those three little words, you're too fat! Cheque please.


May as well get it at this price, cheers

Too hot to miss! Cheers OP.

Now listed as one of HMV's deals of the week for this week.

Great deal. Heat added.


Top show, top price - hot!

I bought 3 copies of this for myself and friends for just under £8 each from amazon. This is an excellent deal for a groundbreaking series. Very hot!!

"And that thing you do with your hands.......very baaad!!"

Awesomely hot, buying

amazing deal, BUY NOW!

Hot! Got a student discount on it too! £5.39!

Great find! Checked it out on youtube and it looks hilarious! ordered one

Fantastically funny. I never even realised it was out on DVD! Thanks for this.

How do you get a student discount on this?
I tried inputting my Activated NUS Extra card number without any success...

Great find. Thanks!

Heat added. Great find. Thanks!

ordered mine, great series

hmv is indian
superman is indian
saving money is indian

£5.99??? I could've made it at home for nothing!! All i need is a small oberjine.......

When i was in my local HMV store earlier this afternoon,i noticed the price of this set was £13.....
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