Goodnight Sweetheart - Series 1 - 6 £15.85 delivered using code @ Zavvi

Goodnight Sweetheart - Series 1 - 6 £15.85 delivered using code @ Zavvi

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Meet Mr Gary Sparrow, just an ordinary bloke with an extraordinary life; almost a devoted and attentive husband, and a sometimes loyal and dependable best friend. By day a very bored and uninspired TV repairman, and, by night, an accidental time traveller extraordinaire. Among the anonymous streets of Whitechapel you will find a strange alley called Duckett's Passage. It looks to you and I like any other alleyway, but for Gary Sparrow it leads to a war torn London, to barrage balloons and the Blitz, and, in particular, to a little pub called The Royal Oak, to a lonely barmaid called Phoebe...

Special Features:

Episode Commentaries from Series Creators Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran and Writers Gary Lawson and John Phelps.Six Exclusive Interviews with Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran, Christopher Ettridge, Dervla Kirwan, Emma Amos, David Benson and Elizabeth Carling.


That's smoking!!!!! H+R added.

its really unfunny though !!

Not worth £15. Maybe £10.

Average TV show that really jumped the shark at the end of season 3 when the two female leads left.

Classic series and well worth a watch. Thanks

Good price for a mediocre show

I quite liked this,That bird from the past was hot...the thinner one


its really unfunny though !!

It was a weird series - almost not a comedy at all, though it was promoted as such. I don't think they really knew whether it was a time travel drama (which was let down a lot by focus on poor 'comedy') or a comedy (which had few laughs and seemed quite serious most of the time). As such it was inconsistent at both.

Interesting experiment though. Weird choice for Nicholas Lyndhurst too.

Great price.
Never regarded it as a comedy.Just an enjoyable series.
Heat added

dreadful,..dreadful sitcom.....the thought of sitting through 6 lonng laugh free series of it has just aged me by about 3 years. cold

I think if it ever had a problem, it was that we were supposed to sympathise with the lead, a guy who took precisely no convincing to cheat on his wife for multiple years.
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