Unfortunately, this deal has expired 30 May 2023.
Posted 10 May 2023

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 Tyres: 225/45 R17 (Free fitting ) + free £10 Halfords voucher - £86.39 each using code @ National Tyres

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£86.39 for one
£172.78 for two
£345.56 for four
Fitted and balanced for free, including free mobile fitting
The cheapest these have ever been fitted in a long time.
Goodyear tyres are available with 0% finance on National Tyres, making it £28.79 per month for four tyres 0% interest. Cracking deal!
National Tyres More details at
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  1. fanexgal's avatar
    i am desperately after 4 225/50R17 94 W tyres, do they not do sales on this size (edited)
    thedealsman's avatar
    thedealsman Author
    4 budget tyres for £248.36 with free fitting: national.co.uk/tyr…c1/
    Not bad for £62.09 for each fitted using code BLC-TY-10
  2. the_woltons's avatar
    This discount is only for holders of the Blue Light Card, you can get asked for the card when you go to get your tyres done, its also against the terms & conditions to post the discount code publicly!
    mailboxmessage's avatar
    Didn't see that.
    Oh well, qui vivra verra...
  3. hotbean's avatar
    I have been searching for good deal for a pair of 195/55R15 85h/v The best i found is Avon tyres with Halfords £75 per tyre after discount

    Appreciate if anyone could suggest a good deal.
    justmeeeeAsh's avatar
    I would recommend searching for Toyo
    My son’s Yaris had an unpopular tyre dimensions and the cheapest I could get from the like of half olds was an unknown Chinese brand for almost £100 fitted each
    I got four premium Toyo’s A rated delivered for around £300 and fully fitted from national tyres for £40

    Here you go

    ctyres.co.uk/sho…BwE (edited)
  4. dealhunter6k's avatar
    Halfords asked to see my BLC in December when I got new tyres.
  5. Canary0500's avatar
    Misleading title as it says 2 tyres.
    thedealsman's avatar
    thedealsman Author
    That’s the name of the tyre!
  6. NoNamesLeftWhy's avatar
    I have 4 of these on my car, my average mpg is horrendous compared to what it was. (edited)
  7. Bonedome123's avatar
    Mods should change the title slightly, as reading deal on my phone it reads as 2 tyres for £86:39!

    eg. ‘’2 Tyres: 225/45 R17 (Free fitting ) + free £10 Halfords voucher - £86.39 using code @ National Tyres’ (edited)
  8. Nellym's avatar
    For the tyre size in question this is a good deal. You can get these in bog standard 205 50 16's for a lot less that is true.

    I've used these EfficientGrip Performance 2's for a number of years now on different vehicles. I've been really impressed with them in terms of grip, road noise and wear. I always look out for them when in the market for tyres. (edited)
  9. GrantG182's avatar
    £123.99 for my R17's with a different profile
    mymymy's avatar
    I'm looking for 205/45/17 but nearest is 50 profile for me.
  10. bobbitchin's avatar
    Not getting that price at the checkout ..
    thedealsman's avatar
    thedealsman Author
    Are you putting in the code?

    50150582-zjLhH.jpg (edited)
  11. jai247's avatar
    Good deal
  12. KlaudiaO's avatar
    Thank you!!! Ordered and saved money
    thedealsman's avatar
    thedealsman Author
    Same! Got 4 myself, what about you?
  13. namGB's avatar
    What theses like against the eagle F1
    Figo_Rulz11's avatar
    Eagle F1 are like premium tyres however these are mid range/upper mid range
  14. EAH1's avatar
    Been using these tyres for years(performance 1), good tyres, although I still occasionally think my tyres are down as they have a soft side wall.
  15. mailboxmessage's avatar
    Back from National Tyres in Bexleyheath.
    Shocking service: dodgy front wheel alignment with muddy justification, battery check not carried, verbal feedback not matching written recommendations.
    And no phone call once the job was done, because, why bother?

    Never again. (edited)
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
  16. ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Thing is they'll probably 'forget' to balance your tyres afterwards.
    thedealsman's avatar
    thedealsman Author
    Haha for some garages probably! With national tyres each garage is so different, worth asking someone you know who has been to your local
  17. CyptoHippy's avatar
    Decent price for a good performance tryre
  18. mymymy's avatar
    My size isn't there
  19. liamf12's avatar
    Had the original versions of these once. Sidewalls were the softest I'd ever seen, and longevity was dismal.
    Hopefully these are better.
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Great tyres, longest lasting tyres I've had.
    On my second set now.
  20. kingscorpion1's avatar
    Is it ok to replace 235/45r17 with this one ??
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Not really, you'd lose the rim protection.
  21. Hummernuts's avatar
    My car uses 225/55 R17. I imagine that getting these would be ok?
    VoyP's avatar
    I've got that size and made me think. 225/55 R17 are usually expensive.
    Yes, will be ok, but wheel diameter will be a bit smaller - a bit less comfortable ride, speedo will be overreading a bit. (edited)
  22. jjmmww1's avatar
    Seems to work on any tyre the code so added it and will be going in later
  23. Harish_Gupta's avatar
    Still expensive....I paid £70 per tyre in December from Halfords...booked online and fitted next day...they do these discounts on Goodyear all the time.

    Including free extended tyre warranty which is normally £7.99 per tyre (edited)
    thedealsman's avatar
    thedealsman Author
    Are you sure you didn’t get 16”? Rare to see budget 17” for £70, never mind these.
    Talking about Halfords, it’s a shame you cannot stack BLC code, motoring club and employee gift cards for motoring products anymore. Now you can’t mix and match any.
  24. Harish_Gupta's avatar
    And I did not need any BLC
  25. mistermajika's avatar
    National Tyres asked to see my BLC when I used this code last year (I am a card holder). I suppose, much like the tyres, YMMV!

    (Although if someone were to 'report leaked code' in the BLC app, i'd imagine they'd tighten up the ID checks).
  26. Bonedome123's avatar
    I cant see where the £10 voucher is mentioned?
  27. c0nsumer's avatar
    Bargain, I bought 4 if these a few months ago from National (15%) off, that was about £490. In terms of performance, they are fantastic, grippy and quiet. Although one tyre got a nail through it which thankfully was repaired.
  28. mattistall's avatar
    Imo these are pretty good tyres. They were on several work cars I had, for example Kia Sportages, and they felt solid. Good stopping distances and I never felt like I'd lose it in corners, even with a big **** of a car.

    Also maybe it was just me, but they seemed to wear much slower than a lot of other tyres we had, and these were on hire cars so they got used and abused quickly. Most tyres got to 3mm after about 10-15k miles, these were on 4mm at at least 20k
  29. joannehobson's avatar
    Nearly £500 for 4 in my size
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Stop bragging
  30. Dark_Devil's avatar
    Hello, is this tyres suitable for any vehicle?
  31. LuBu's avatar
    Dunno too much about either since I've brought Michelin the last few times but imo the Bridgestone Turanza 6 look better and have a 15% off offer going on. Works out cheaper for more expensive tyres.
    thedealsman's avatar
    thedealsman Author
    Goodyear are better than Bridgestone by quite a bit id say
  32. BustyB293's avatar
    How do you get the £10 voucher ? Can’t see it
    thedealsman's avatar
    thedealsman Author
    It was automatically sent by email 1 hour after fitting for me
  33. cpt_face's avatar
    Got these fitted from national (kerbside) feel great low speed but as I went on motorway, soon as I got close to 60 whole car started shaking, increased with speed and disappears below 60. Is this national tyres responsibility? Thoughts?
    Horizon304's avatar
    Could be the balancing I suppose
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