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Posted 3 December 2022

Google Chromecast with Google TV (HD) £24 at Amazon

£24£24.994% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Decent price here, same price at BT. Return policy up to 31st January.

  • Your home screen displays movies and TV shows from all your services in one place.
  • Get personal suggestions based on your subscriptions, viewing habits and content that you own.
  • Create a children’s profile to access fun movies and shows for the family. Set parental content controls to limit watching time and set a bedtime.
  • Press the Google Assistant button on the remote and ask to find shows – or search by mood, genre or actress. Play music and get answers.
  • Just plug Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port, connect to Wi-Fi and start streaming.
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    Again, as per the previous Chromecast 4k thread, avoid all Chromecasts like the plague.

    They're absymal from top to bottom, so underpowered that they fail to run video streams correctly without stutters. They're so slow navigating the menus with constant frame drops, and switching between apps takes an age.

    Get a Fire TV stick, they're just significanlty better all round. Swapped my CCwGTV 4k for a Fire TV 4k Max and it's leagues ahead. Everything is quick and responsive, streams all work flawlessly, and ALL of the catch up TV apps work beautifully. The likes of iPlayer work better than my old Apple TV 4k.

    Chromecasts don't show iPlayer, Netflix, or any other show correctly either unless you manually change the display settings to 50hz every time. In fact as far as I can tell, the Chromecast won't even do 4k HDR properly for iPlayer.

    Similarly, all IPTV apps work brilliantly on the Fire TV. The chromecast couldn't handle the app, let alone the streams. I use TiviMate, and it's unbelievably quick on the Fire TV, where as the Chromecast struggled just moving around the menus.

    As a side note, this Chromecast HD is even more underpowered than the 4k model. All I can say is if you give these things a go, at least there are plenty of 80% eBay seller fee weekends. (edited)
    You either have a dislike for Google or got a defective unit.

    Everything you say is completely untrue in my experience.

    I run IPTV, Netflix, Disney+ and Plex on mine and everything works just grand.
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    Download SmartTube Next and thank me later.
    What's smart tube
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    I bought one just because of the low price. For me this was the cheapest way to watch Australian tv (installed nordvpn and all Australian streaming apps). It does the job, but the user interface is sooooo bad. And it’s slow. It requires a testart every couple of days. My 5yo Apple TV feels 5 years ahead.
    Give this a whirl and go into settings and trim to just the apps bar. (and change so home calls are intercepted). I have the 4k version of th Chromecast with Google TV and it's fast enough before but super quick with this (no ads and suggested content etc). It might improve this HD version, it's free and paid for features are very minimal.

    Projectivy Launcher


    48920523_1.jpg (edited)
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    Can you sideload apps ?
    Yes using downloader. Your mileage may vary on what you're trying to sideload. So Google is your friend and do your background before committing if you're trying to sideload and use something specific.

    play.google.com/sto…der (edited)
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    Definitely no BBC iPlayer and Disney plus app keeps sticking.. unimpressed with mine
    There's iPlayer but it's tragic. The built in app for my 5 year old Samsung TV is better.
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    So since I still have the chromecast ultra from the Stadia deal, can it work like this version? Moreover, if I don't want to use the Stadia controller do I have alternatives to use as controller?
    No Chromecast Ultra is just a Chromecast - no Android TV interface (or any interface as such).

    You don't need a controller with a Chromecast - you're using it purely as a streaming device. Your phone/tablet is your interface/controller.
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    Time to upgrade some of my V1 Chromecast.
    So I just upgraded my v1/v2 chrome cast , for to say I’m not that impressed . I feel like the google tv is become less Intuitive with google assistant. Before with v1 it would recognise my wife’s and my voice and switch between Netflix profiles now it just gets confused .

    There are some other oddities I have found but trying to fluent solutions for on the web
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    Great deal OP sure the same price in Argos
    Quite in a few places is £0.99 more, but the advantage is you can get it straight away, while from Amazon it may take a while. Anyway, if you add the postage on the Argos one, it will cost much more. Google, John Lewis, perhaps Currys too have this for £24.99.
    I think at £24 you can only get it from Amazon and BT. (edited)
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    Worth checking if you have any Google Store credit too, as it expires (obviously getting it slightly more expensive @ £25).

    I got a few refunds from Google Stadia recently making this basically free. (edited)
    At Google this is £24.99, so if you have credit, better get it from there.
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    What apps are available? Anyone have an idea?

    Would it have paramount + etc ?
    Anything on the android TV store as far as I know incl .paramount + android.com/tv/. IMO android TV is the best implementation of a TV os.I won't go into it but if you look on the internet / reddit at stremio and service provider like real debris you can get a lot put of this product. I'd also recommended smart tube instead of the YouTube app as it skips sponsors and adverts (edited)
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    Anyone know if this powers on the tv USB without the need to plug into mains?
    You'll need to use a plug or extension lead with USB slots. TV USB is not powerful enough.
  12. Avatar
    Good device with horrible remote control. Had to return it.
    Ah I quite like the remote. Especially now I've linked it to my TV so don't really need the big clunky original
  13. Avatar
    Is this only hd not the ultra?
    I believe so, the hd one is the cheaper one which is all I could stretch to
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    Excellent spot! Heat added 🔥
  15. Avatar
    Great deal for the HD model. Will have to get this for the bedroom!
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    The Anker or URGreen small 20watt plugs work great with these for anyone who doesn't have the horizontal space for the massive Google Pixel charging brick!
    Can't they just be plugged into the USB port on the TV itself? No plug needed
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    Ive had the 4k version since release and still cant believe theres no All4 app on it !
    That's kind of weird. I must have had some kind of Google app on my Android device. And it updated itself to Google TV, and in there I can search for say Friday Night Dinner and launch All 4. Aren't the TV devices just android with Google TV front-end?
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    Odd how there's no Chrome but have settled for TV Bro which is a nice open source browser.

    I can confirm PIA VPN works fine.
    You can sideload Chrome but you will need Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (or possibly an alternative controller - I've only used keyboard and mouse myself though) to be able to use it.
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    Will die a Stadia's death. Firestick all the way for me.
    Weird comment, you must not understand it. Chromecast's still work from nearly 10 years ago, why would this die?!
  20. Avatar
    Oos now
    Not anymore!
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    Without stadia, Chromecast seems a waste
    Chromecast existed for years before Stadia. I use mine for absolutely everything including Stadia
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    Was just trying to get a good table specification comparison between all the Chromecast devices. It's a bit lacking on the Google site. Doesn't show Ram and what not. But did notice these newer TV units use Wireless ac. That could be a limitation for those old ancient routers.
    The newer Chromecasts support 802.11ac but they are still backwards compatible with b/g/n so nothing to worry about. They will work with older routers just fine.
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    I picked up a cheap 50 inch non smart plasma on eBay and then bought one of these to plug in to it and I have to say I've been really impressed with it. Loads of great apps and I've just set up the handy little remote to use on the TV controls and it all works brilliantly.

    Just hope the iPlayer app gets added soon
    I've literally just downloaded the BBC app now
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    Delivery January 10th?
    Yep, that's why for £0.99 extra, may worth buying from other sellers. Or from BT for the same price.
    However, my own experience, lots of my Amazon purchases with long waiting time reached my address within 2-3 days after I've placed the order. (edited)
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    Does anyone know can zwift be sidedloaded to one of these?

  26. Avatar
    What's the cheapest country that does Netflix please?
  27. Avatar
    Does this mirror mobile screen?
  28. Avatar
    So is this basically like an old Chromecast but with a remote and a new UI?

    What makes it better than a Roku?
    At the moment, the price makes it better. I guess is down to individual preference. Personally, I've always liked Roku. (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Does it support 4k?

    Can I still cast things to it? Like Google photos or VLC. The one thing I find my fire TV unable to do
    Really? Does it support 4k? Omg
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    I got this as a backup with Black Friday - it was £24 delivered then and I had a £5 credit from Amazon due to creating a Wishlist! Also .... My Amazon Account has a ton of the Monese GCs (20% off) on it, so this actually cost me £15 delivered! 😁
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    Thinking of getting this for my 87 year old dad. Can anyone tell me how intuitive the menu system using the remote is?
    And also is this a marked improvement over a ~5year? old chromecast and similar age firestick I have lying in a draw somewhere.

    Edit: Just read through the comments and guess that this is not the best for reliability or simplicity. So the question is Roku or Firestick and has anyone seen any good offers?
    Cheers (edited)
    For simplicity, I will say go with Roku.
  32. Avatar
    But will it run Kodi...
  33. Avatar
    Can you
    Get Xbox gamepass on this ?
  34. Avatar
    Is the Chromecast that came with Stadia useless now or can it be used for anything?
    Yeah that's still good, just no remote for it or voice control
  35. Avatar
    Lovely! Had £7 picking up from hub but 10 Jan arrival unfortunately
    I'm sure you'll have this way before Christmas!
  36. Avatar
    Sorry if I'm being a little bit stupid here but can someone tell me if the Google TV on this is any different to the implementation built into a TV for example on a Sony? I don't understand the absence of All4 and the issues with iPlayer, both of which are present and working perfectly on the Sony TV
    This is for people who don't have a smart TV. Also, the apps on TV are slow, TV OS is slow, not responsive sometimes, some older smart TVs do not have certain apps (in my case, Disney+ is missing from the TV in the spare room), so people prefer using this. You can add other apps too. Personally, I'm happy with the apps on my TV, but some people prefer using this, Roku or Fire Stick. (edited)
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    Take a wander down to CEX the chromecast ultra's are getting lobbed in the bin, everyone who bought 1 as part of the stadia deal is getting a full refund
    Cants the ultras be used on their own? 
  38. Avatar
    They don’t a accept new cards…?
  39. Avatar
    Back in stock (edited)
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