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Posted 29 November 2022

Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) - Wireless Video Doorbell - £115.57 @ Amazon

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Decent price on this.

About this item
  • Know if a person is at your door; The Nest Doorbell can tell the difference between people, parcels and vehicles, and alert you when someone’s there
  • Check in at any time; Know what's happening at your door 24/7; Check your doorbell camera from anywhere using the Google Home app and get alerts about important activity, like a visitor or delivery
  • Go back in time; See what you missed with 3 hours of event video history, using the Google Home app; The Nest Doorbell (battery) does not record 24/7 video history, even with the optional wired installation
  • Designed for almost any door; The Nest Doorbell is wireless and battery-powered, which means that it works with almost any door, whether you live in a house or a flat
  • Expected battery life; Battery life will depend on factors including activity, temperature, and camera settings that you select; You can extend the battery life of your camera by adjusting video quality, length of video clips, time between recorded events, and using activity zones to monitor specific areas
  • Install it yourself; Because it’s a battery-powered doorbell, installation is painless; If you prefer wired installation, you can connect it to your existing doorbell wires with the included wire connector
  • Talk to who’s there, from anywhere; Talk and listen to visitors at your door, even if you’re away; Just use the Google Home app to say that you’ll be right there or to ask a delivery person to leave your parcel

Included Components‎
1 Nest Doorbell, 1 base plate, Release tool, 2 wall anchors, 2 wall screws, Wire connector, 20 degree wedge, 2 spacers, 2 wedge screws, 1 charge cable (0.9 metres), Quick start guide, Safety & warranty document

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  1. Avatar
    Top piece of equipment. No subscription required for 3hrs worth of recording either.
    Just to clarify for others that might be thinking of buying this, the 3 hours worth of recording only means the last three hours of the day. You do not have access to those three hours once they have elapsed i.e. at 4pm, you will lose access to the recordings that happened before 12:59pm
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    Also be aware that the Google Nest bell will only work with your Google Home product reliably if they are on the same WiFi frequency (2.4GHz or 5GHz) - there no way on either device to steer them to a frequency so you may be in the lap if the gods as to which they connect to (unless your router allows you different names/passwords per frequency or other similar capability). Mine went back 
    Incorrect on the 5GHz. This doorbell only does 2.4GHz in the UK.
  3. Avatar
    camera door bells are the most useless bit of tech since smart watches or Alexa
    So, very useful then?
  4. Avatar
    I'm so annoyed the 2nd gen wired doorbell is only a North America product.
    If you can get one here would it work?
  5. Avatar
    Every doorbell deal seems to throw up issues with everything on the market:
    - Google - only 3 hours of recording history for free, battery
    - Eufy - privacy
    - Ring - subscription required

    Is there actually a decent product on the market?
    Wired google
  6. Avatar
    Its a FIVER a month for a month's worth of recordings.


    This also covers multiple cameras. Have a doorbell and a floodlight cam. Covers both for FIVE POUNDS a month.
    how much is it?
  7. Avatar
    Do not buy a battery Nest Doorbell. They say it lasts 3 months, it does not. Maybe 2-3 weeks at best. They say you can change the zones and wake sensitivity to extend the battery, etc, you can, but it doesn't make a significant difference.

    It's a great product but do it right and get the wired one fitted properly!
  8. Avatar
    For battery life, it'll depend on your settings & zones that you setup. Also weather plays a part too. Mine will generally last around 2 months, again depending on traffic to the door.

    For me my main gripe is the delay from someone pushing the doorbell, to the announcement on my nest speaker. Most of the time I've answered the door & then it'll say someone is at the door!
  9. Avatar
    It's now even cheaper at £100.63
    Was just about to post this! Cracking price
  10. Avatar
    Does anyone know if there’s a doorbell that automatically shows up on a nest hub (or equivalent) when it’s pressed? Looking to purchase a eufy to replace this doorbell, mainly because the nest doorbell only gives the past 3 hours of history
    Don't get eufy they have horrendous privacy concerns
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  12. Avatar
    I will wait for Reolink 🙏
  13. Avatar
    Ooooooooooohhhhhh myyyyyy dealage
  14. Avatar
    Just installed the one I got on the Currys £75 offer/error ... Initial impressions are positive
  15. Avatar
    Still £100!
    Not allowed to unexpire it. Elitest admins at work.