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Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell (Grade A Open Box) - £79.96 delivered with code @ eBay / red-rock-uk

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Official Grade A Google Open Box product in as new condition although there may be very minor blemishes or slight signs of previous use. All of the products come in original Google retail packaging complete with all original accessories and full 12 month warranty.

Google Nest Hello HD Video 24/7 Streaming Two-Way Communication Ring Doorbell
  • HD video streaming during both day and night
  • See and record who comes to your door with live video
  • Receive notifications on your phone
  • Motion and sound alerts when visitors are detected
  • 160 degree view and night vision
  • Two-way communication to interact with your visitors
  • Quiet time to keep things peaceful in your home
  • Compatible with Google Home devices and Amazon Alexa
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    From my research, this is v1 and needs 12-24V powered. So will need to factor in additional cost of power supply and from same seller it's £20. Plus, recording & alerts will need subscription. V2 (battery version) contrary I think little bit extra cost but recording on local storage and alerts without subscription.
    The battery one doesn’t have storage either. All of the Google bells (and cameras) give you measly 3hrs of captured events (short video clips) of detected event. That is if the camera is smart enough to capture it. For example my garden camera only detects an animal (my dog) when it’s light outside, at night it often won’t detect an event. On the other hand it will often detect rain or snow as “motion” event.

    What I’m getting at is that the events are pretty useless, combine it with only 3hr of history on the free “plan”, it’s just worthless.
    With either doorbell prepare to pay the basic subscription to enable 30 days history of the events, or go straight for the top plan and enable 24/7 recording that is best when events fail to be recognised, then you can check manually if something happened - that is 10 days of storage.

    Also, 24/7 recording isn’t available on the battery doorbell. Personally I think this older doorbell is vastly superior to the battery one, in a recent video from MKBHD on YouTube he mentions his battery doorbell lasts only 3 weeks between charges. And his wasn’t place on a busy street.
    For me that’d be too much faff. Just get the doorbell from this deal, replace your current doorbell button (which might already be powered) or stick a doorbell transformer on, reusing the cables to the doorbell button and you’re set. (edited)
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    What’s better this or the RING??
    Having had both I much prefer the NEST as it’s always on and therefore doesn’t ’miss’ the vital 1st part of any activity, image quality is also better.
    Yes it needs a transformer, search Amazon for ones with literally 1000’s of reviews for around £18.
    Subscription covers whole home and all NEST devices so more cost effective if you have cameras, which are fab by the way
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    For those that don't have enough voltage and need an additional transformer (think that is most of the UK as our standard is a lower output) I used these:

    Wylex NH IP40 2-Module Unpopulated DIN Enclosure | Consumer Units | Screwfix.com
    British General Fortress 8-24V AC 8VA Bell Transformer Module | Doorbell Transformers | Screwfix.com

    It's important to note you will probably need a new chime too and I used this:

    Friedland D126 Mechanical Doorbell Festival 1 : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools
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    Thanks for sharing, nice find and first deal @mr-c
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    Do these have any free, local storage option?
    With the free tier, you can see 3 hours of history, which you then have to download to your device to keep longer. I believe the paid for tier increases that to 24 hours, but also throws in things like facial recognition so it can announce who is at the door.
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    What’s the best one without a subscription? I need one for my moms house to keep an eye on unwanted sales persons, door to door charity pests etc
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    Was tempted to get this until I saw how easy they are to steal..