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Posted 14 January 2023

Google Nest Protect, Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, (Wired or Battery) with 2 years guarantee and Free delivery @ John Lewis & Partners

£79£94.9917% off
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Battery Version 

Google Nest Protect, Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, (Wired or Battery) with 2 years guarantee @ John Lewis & Partners

Top features:

- Reactive monitoring helps to keep your home safe

- Smartphone alerts let you know what's going on

- No more annoying alarms

Reactive monitoring

Your safety matters. That's why the Nest Protect Second Generation Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the first smoke alarm that can detect any type of fire.

The Split-Spectrum Sensor inside the alarm analyses two different light wavelengths to recognise both slow- and fast-burning fires.

This smoke and CO2 alarm tests itself constantly, so you won't need to worry. You can see it's working at a glance – it provides a green glow when all of your Nest Protect alarms have tested themselves.

Smartphone alerts

You should always be in the know, so the Nest Protect has a Heads-Up early warning function. It sends you a message in the app if it detects smoke, or if carbon monoxide levels are rising, so you can take action.

The alarm has yellow lighting when it detects danger, and speaks with a human voice to let you know what's going on. If you have more than one Nest Protect, they will all speak at once.

No more annoying alarms

Fed up with steam in the kitchen setting off your smoke detector? The Nest Protect Alarm knows the difference between steam and an emergency situation, so you can expect fewer false alarms.

If you've burnt the toast and set off the alarm, you can use the app to silence the alarm – there'll be no more wafting a tea towel at your smoke detector.
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  1. Avatar
    Can anyone explain how this has a use as a “smart” device? Not a sarcastic comment just genuinely interested.
    All alerts come through your phone including pre-alerts. So when you burn the toast you can cancel the alarm from your phone and not have to shake a tea towel at your smoke detector for a few mins.

    And it self tests itself and alerts you to any issues.

    My favourite feature though is probably the night light.
  2. Avatar
    Use “MYTREAT” for 10% off as I have just done.
    Doesn't seem to work for me
  3. Avatar
    THANK YOU for this, been looking for a good price on these for a while, £79 + mytreat discount plus some old gift cards I had laying around… this is amazing deal. Thank you OP!
  4. Avatar
    Just as an FYI, I picked up two of these from JL today and they were dated Oct 22. Very happy with price and getting recently manufactured devices.
  5. Avatar
    Great price. Heated and Ordered. Thanks Op.
  6. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks
  7. Avatar
    This is an excellent price
  8. Avatar
    Not complying with Scottish Law and expect other nations to follow.

    But as standalone devices great idea being linked and alert on phone
    Heat added for that alone (edited)
  9. Avatar
    No just smoke and carbon monoxide.
  10. Avatar
    ‘This smoke and CO2 alarm tests itself constantly‘

    I hope this is a typo and they aren’t actually detecting carbon dioxide by mistake lol
  11. Avatar
    Great price on these! But I need 3 and I'm still not convinced I'm ready to splash out
    I’d like two - one for downstairs and one for upstairs - but just ordering one for now to see how I get on with it.
    Hopefully then add a second the next time they’re reduced in price.
  12. Avatar
    I'm amazed ring doesn't doesn't do onebof these, seems like an obvious thing for them to do
    I think they eventually will. They've recently release a dashcam in the US called Ring Car Cam.
  13. Avatar
    Not good for Scotland? I think we have to use interconnected fire and carbon monoxide alarms since last year. I think it is still not enforced yet because of lack of awareness due to the pandemic and the demand.
    these would check the interconnected requirement because they are linked wirelessly but you need a heat alarm in the kitchen as well that is interconnected, these are not heat alarms and they don't sell one so they aren't suitable for Scotlands new requirements
  14. Avatar
    Same price on Amazon. I believe it dropped in price yesterday.
  15. Avatar
    I have had these for 3 years and I wouldn't recommend them. They are way too sensitive.

    Running hot water in the sink in my ensuite sets it off and it's two rooms away or boiling water in the kitchen, running a bath... They're a nightmare.

    There is an option called Steam Check which is supposed to minimise false alarms, but doesn't seem to do anything.
  16. Avatar
    Careful if you’re in Scotland, these do not meet the criteria for the new fire safety regs. 
  17. Avatar
    Collected mine from JL Leeds today.
    The easiest thing I’ve ever installed, and I’m useless at DIY. Literally just took my old smoke alarm plate off, replaced it with this one, screwed in 4 screws and clicked the Nest into position.
    Setup in the Nest app was straightforward, no complaints there, but…

    You can’t add it to Google Home! I have every other smart device I own in there - Hive, Govee, TP Link, but I can’t add something that Google themselves produce. Very odd.

    Manufacture date was Aug 2022, so hoping I get 9 years and 7 months monitoring out of it. Also looks a lot more swish than my previous boring smoke alarm, and I’ll see if the night light kicks in later.
    You can’t add it to Google Home! I have every other smart device I own in there - Hive, Govee, TP Link, but I can’t add something that Google themselves produce. Very odd.
    According to Google, need this setup with Nest app first and then will link in Home app automatically. support.google.com/goo…-GB
  18. Avatar
    Just wired now, battery is back at full price (edited)
  19. Avatar
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