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Google Pixel 3A 64GB | 1GB Data On ID Mobile | £9.99 Upfront & £15.99pm @ ID Via Uswitch
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Google Pixel 3A 64GB | 1GB Data On ID Mobile | £9.99 Upfront & £15.99pm @ ID Via Uswitch

£393.75£59934%uSwitch Deals
Posted 6th Jul
If you are a low user, and want one of the best cameras on a smartphone currently available, then this may be ideal for you!

Getting the full package including the code for £393.
3258335.jpgThis package on the ID website is only 500mb data, so if you can live with that, then you csn get a further possible £10 topcashback

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Not voting on this ...Best camera is unfortunately where it stops with this phone... easily the worst screen I've ever used in daylight..you need to ramp to full brightness to even see the screen....considering the Pixel 3A XL was £469, it's embarassing - it's the most over hyped phoned out there and don't even get me started on the bezel size, low ram and 64GB storage ...anyway rant over, off to collect my View 20
This seems to be the best way of getting a new Pixel 3a if you don't use much data. If you would otherwise be on a £5 SIM only deal (reasonable for £1GB of data) the cost of this phone is effectively 393.75 − 5 × 24 = £273.75 - much cheaper than buying SIM free (so a great deal) but still arguably expensive for the specs.

Personally I'm waiting for a decent price drop on the OG Pixel 3, hopefully when the Pixel 4 is released later this year.
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