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Google Pixel 3A 64GB Unlocked. Used Good Condition £69 @ Nextdaymobiles ebay

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Good price for a light user or back-up phone. Potentially ideal for a holiday /festival phone as a cheap option that can still take great photos.

27 available at time of posting. White only for this price.

Full specs as below:

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    runs CalyxOS without issue, lockable bootloader, secure and Android 13.
    CalyxOS is specialist meaning it is meant to be cater for privacy aware users, so it has restrictions >

    Most people will want and require Google Play Services so make sure to use microG >


    Also install F-Droid and then you can installed Vanced Manager and get YouTube


    If the above isn't what you want then use LineageOS and you just want everything to work like a normal Android phone >

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    Just given my eldest son my wife's old Pixel 3a Clearly White as his first Pixel phone to replace an abortive attempt at an iPhone 6S with shocking battery drain/life/inaccurate battery percentage that couldn't be relied upon. It still has 92% battery health according to Accubattery too as it was a warranty replacement that only had just over a year of usage until now.

    £69 for a phone with Android 12.1 and that arguably takes better photos than the Pixel 6a in lower light as that seems to get grainy under those conditions.

    And a 3.5mm headphone jack too.

    I'm surprised if 6a takes worse photos, as it's the same sensor, I believe. (edited)
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    Awesome phone
    3000mAh battery when new
    But after 3 years- difficult to say its capacity
    Still thinking if I should get it or not
    Battery is always the risk with a used phone (even a newer used phone if it's been poorly looked after). Worth the risk though at this price? Can always return? (edited)
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    Yeah that seller seem to have all the pixels including the original. Pixel5 at 160...

    Between the 3a and the 3, would go for the 3 at same price...

    Stick Android lineage OS, boom nice little daily runner for a non power user. (edited)
    How easy is it to install android lineage os for a newbie? Definitely thinking of getting this for my daughter
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    Pixel 3 Just Black 64GB also available in Good Condition for £69. 5 available. £75 in Clearly White 64GB, 9 available.
    Another bargain. I have been watching this seller and I think he has been clearing some stock. He's had some good prices - particularly on pixels - but I often find that when he has sold the quantity he wants to then he will put the prices back up.

    @p3108 You should list that as its own deal? Definitely worth it. (edited)
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    Great phone, excellent camera and you get free unlimited Google photo storage with this (not offered on Pixel 6 upwards).
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    Using a 3a right now. Keep wondering whether to replace it as the battery isn't great these days but it does everything I need it to pretty well so I keep putting off the inevitable upgrade
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    Can always trade it in at CEX if not happy with phone WeBuy for cash £68.00
    WeBuy for voucher £85.00
    Either the cex prices has gone down after read your comment or you are grading it as grade b. I think it's more of grade c (edited)
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    Great deal! I'm still using my old 3 xl as main phone and not looking for a replacement yet.
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    Wow, bargain
    Thank you Sir!
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    Hot for me, the Pixel this is much better then Android Go.
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    Ordered for my son , thanks op. He's going to try Ubuntu Touch on this.
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    Ordered. Hopefully the condition is good as advertised. Thanks OP
    My pleasure. I think this one is from a good seller. From what I've read it seems if you aren't happy you can easily get a refund or they'll send you a replacement.
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    Thanks! Ordered one. Will make my goddaughter happy as first phone.
    My pleasure. I hope you get a good one that she can enjoy!
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    Phone nearly 4 years old so battery probably well past its best.
    Always a possibility but you can return. As per ebay's terms for 'good - refurbished' battery should have a minimum of 80% of its original capacity so you would have every right to expect at least that.
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    white now oos. black available for £6 more
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    Deal is over, they have raised the price of both the 6 and the 6a
    This is a deal for a Pixel 3A though.
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    Thanks @hecatae . I think the seller has done very nicely out of HUKD today - there were 27 left this morning!
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