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Google Pixel 5 5G 128GB 6GB Mobile Phone - Refurbished Very Good - £219 / Pristine - £249 / Like New - £269 Delivered @ The Big Phone Store

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Still one of the best budget devices you can buy for the money, there are a couple of good condition there for £209 as well, in both colours, most stock is in black and very good, these devices come with a 12 month warranty, and USB C Cable.

What happens when you bring together the ultimate Google phone and the speed of 5G? * You get Pixel 5. The super fast, super helpful Google phone. *Requires a 5G data plan (sold separately). Android version updates for at least three years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US. See g. Co/pixel/updates for details.

A step ahead of trouble. This is the first 5G phone to receive the most rigorous smartphone security certification at launch*. Pixel's hardware and software work together to keep everything from your texts to your pics secure on your phone.

Get the shot without the flash. From low-light portraits to nighttime landscapes, capture all the details without the flash. Night Sight lets you take vibrant photos with rich colour, even in the dark.

A battery that lasts all day. * Pixel's Adaptive Battery learns your favourite apps and reduces power to the ones that you rarely use. This limits background battery usage and helps your phone to last longer.

Superhero-level security chip. The custom-made Titan M chip helps to secure the operating system and sensitive data, such as passwords.

What's included?
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Genuine Charging Cable
  • Sim Removal Tool (if applicable)
  • Free Delivery for all items over £30*
  • 80% or Higher Minimum Battery Level
  • Supplied in Environmentally Friendly Box
  • 150g-250g of E-Waste Prevented

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  1. Avatar
    Bought, thank you!

    FYI active discount codes:

    TBPS150 for £5 off £150
    TBPS250 for £10 off £250 (if buying the 'Like New') option
    Needs adding to the description
  2. Avatar
    Last good Pixel
    Edit. Just wanted to show what this phone is capable of in good skies with astronomy mode.

    Took this in Australia outback back in June. Astro mode on a little tripod

    48311556-tw4MG.jpg (edited)
    My Pixel 6 is fantastic - may have had issues at launch, but most of those have been resolved.
  3. Avatar
    any deals on Pixel 6? (non pro) - no contract
  4. Avatar
    Would I see much of an upgrade from a p30 Pro? Especially if I don't think the camera is good on the p30?
    Camera on this is excellent due to google software, the specs are bot impressive but beat the hell out of everything else at this price, this was a "flagship" phone released 2 years ago. The camera software is continuously updated and when it comes to point and shoot, rarely goes wrong. The portrait mode is amazing for close ups, the zoom gets blurry past 2x.
  5. Avatar
    Got for £224 with code and getting £20 off for signing up to 0% PayPal credit 🏻
    TBPS150 for £5 off £150
    TBPS250 for £10 off £250 (if buying the 'Like New') option (edited)
  6. Avatar
    The 5.85-6" is the perfect screen size. Not too small/big. Software support until Oct 2023. Wish they had 4-5 years of updates like samsung/apple (edited)
  7. Avatar
    I've had this phone since release, love it, never use a cover to protect, probably dropped it 20 times, no marks. Hasn't slowed down, battery like 90%, well worth it.
    hows SoT?
  8. Avatar
    For someone who wants a good spec phone, but without spending big money, these deals are super ♨️
  9. Avatar
    Didn't know I wanted a pixel 5 until I saw this deal. Great price. Was happy with my 3a XL but not sure now. Still undecided whether I'd miss the headphone tooooo much but need to make the jump at some point
    I was on pixel 2 for ages before getting the 5. Thought I would miss notification led and headphone jack but I really don't. I have my adaptor if I need 3.5 and also use my smart watch for notifications.

    This phone I love it. Single handed use, amazing camera , awesome reliable 100% finger print at the back. Best thing is the battery I usually end the day with abou 40% that's with moderate use.
  10. Avatar
    This or the Pixel 4 XL?
    Choose the 4XL for superior performance, a larger display and a telephoto secondary camera. Choose the 5 for superior battery life, a more compact phone and an ultra-wide secondary camera, as well as 5G. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    I am getting a 404 error on that Get Deal link? On the HUKD app (Android).
  12. Avatar
    The Pixel 5 is the best phone i've ever owned.
    I shunned the PIxel 6 as it wasn't for me.
    I'm hoping the Pixel 7 will be a similar size & weight.
    Doesn't look that way. Looking at going for an iPhone 13 mini as it seems about the only decent smart phone under 6 inches you can buy now
  13. Avatar
    My "very good" pixel 5 arrived today with screen burn sadly.
    Hope my pristine one is ok
  14. Avatar
    Bring back the Nexus series
  15. Avatar
    Must resist till 7 launch
    I don't think Google will still be doing 150g phones. It is all about 250g bricks now
  16. Avatar
    The perfect design and form factor. The symmetrical bezels all around .

    I've said it many times. Google, release this with a tensor and it'll sell like hotcakes (one can dream)
  17. Avatar
    This phone is the last great compact premium, if you want a small form factor strong daily driver, it's amazing, the camera is top, it's very sturdy and light. A very satisfied user.
  18. Avatar
    Hope the next Pixel will come in a compact factor and will be at least as decent as this one. Still regret going for S21 instead of Pixel 5, but at the time, both were £600-700 and clearly S21 looked more premium and up to date. Voted hot!
    There's rumours that a pixel mini will be coming. Let's wait and see...
  19. Avatar
    Best Google phone to date
  20. Avatar
    The only phone i have had for 2 years. Speedy, great battery life, great camera, perfect size. Still dont see the need to upgrade.
    My 4 XL the same. Amazing phone but support is ending which is disappointing

    You're lucky you still have a year lol (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Only one more year of software/security updates for the Pixel 5 = until Oct 2023

    (I had a Pixel 3 which was still fine after 3years apart from slightly degraded battery but ALAS Google stopped updates so upgraded, otherwise would've kept my Pixel 3)

    EU will enforce at least 5 years of security updates for new handsets, hopefully UK will follow (actually, no hopefully Britain will lead and introduce that asap haha) (edited)
    EU will enforce at least 5 years of security updates for new handsets, hopefully UK will follow

    Highly unlikely with the current government I feel. It'll be seen as "red tape" like all the other EU consumer/worker/environmental protections they're getting rid off.
  22. Avatar
    Interesting it says Dual SIM available, is that 2 SIM slots AND an esim? Are these Pixels UK region or from abroad? I don't remember Google Pixels being available in dual SIM in this country.
    I believe it's 1x physical SIM + 1x eSim. I don't think a Pixel has ever had 2x hardware SIM slots.
  23. Avatar
    Great phone. Great price.
    Tempted to add to my collection of back up phones.
  24. Avatar
    My favourite phone ever.

  25. Avatar
    I have a 6 pro, but had the 5 before and it was a great phone, and a really good size too. The 6pro is too big really but I wanted the zoom lense. Battery life on the 5 was also good. 🏻
  26. Avatar
    Cheers Mr S. Ordered Very Good in Sorta Sage for the Mrs. Hopefully it'll be in decent nick 🤞
  27. Avatar
    I upgraded to the 6 on launch and it basically frustrated me until Android 13 arrived early last month. Finally the 6 feels is as fast and reliable as the 5 was! Anyway, I miss my P5. This is a great price for a still decent phone. It's small, it has good battery life, it doesn't weigh a ton. (edited)
  28. Avatar
    Sold pixel 6 to go back to my 5. Love it. Gutted the pixel 7(s) are giant bricks
  29. Avatar
    Wish I'd kept my pixel 5 instead of getting the 6 pro... The extra optical zoom doesn't justify the awkwardness in day to day use..
    What awkwardness?
  30. Avatar
    2nd one of these for me as last one was 2nd hand and had a scratched screen. Very good phone especially if you are into custom ROMS. CalyxOS runs well on this and has served me well.
  31. Avatar
    Was a big fan of mine when I had one!
  32. Avatar
    so gutted was looking for a pixel 5 for so long and brought 2 months ago 60 quid dearer. Funny thing is im only actually moving everything over from my old phone today.
    2 months is a long time in the tech industry. These will be even cheaper in a month or so after Pixel 7 is launched.
  33. Avatar
    Best Pixel until the 7 Compact (we hope)
  34. Avatar
    Great deal. Got this from eBay a few months back for a little more. Great phone.
  35. Avatar
    Heat from me. My only worry is the battery health - I'm super fussy about all that
    I have the 4a5G and it's pretty much the same, slightly smaller battery capacity but battery heath appear to be good on these phones due to a efficient processor
  36. Avatar
    I hope they bring a future Pixel out to match the size and screen-to-bezel ratio that matches the Pixel 5. I love my Pixel 5 but the Pixel 6 (and looking like the 7) are huge, bulky and IMO ugly.
  37. Avatar
    This or the S20+ 5G I picked up for £200?!
    S20+. All day long over this Midranger.
  38. Avatar
    Great price! This or the 6a for £200-odd after the Currys trade-in - coming from a 4a... (edited)
    6a of course - new phone, longer software support, more software features (e.g. offline voice translation), faster processor.
  39. Avatar
    Hot.. Was looking for 256gb version but correct me if I'm wrong do these get unlimited Google photo storage full res? Don't know much about this phone. Just want a small phone to replace an iPhone 11 Pro 256gb. Thanks.
    Don’t think it’s full resolution but unlimited storage saver, so they compress the files somewhat.
  40. Avatar
    Wanted sage green
    get a sage green case
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