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Posted 10 December 2022

Google Pixel 6 Pro Black/Sorta Sunny 128gb £849 / £400 Refund via Currys price match (possible £244 with iPhone 7 trade in) @ Google Store

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

You can raise price match with Currys or Amazon.

Currys have it for £449 but u get better trade in values with Google eg: iPhone 7;for 205

Amazon stocks seems to be inflated ATM.


Google price match can be done once the item is shipped via support.google.com/store/contact/store_bf_price_protection_email?hl=en-GB
Final price = £849 - £205(iPhone 7 trade in) -£205 -£400(price match) works out at £244


Info added by @PD2K79


Introducing Pixel 6 Pro, the redesigned, high spec Google phone with all day battery. The phone's camera is a powerful and impressive camera system, with three rear cameras and pro-level lenses, including a telephoto lens with 4x optical zoom. The main sensor captures 150% more light - the most ever in a Pixel. This gives photos greater detail and richer colour. Laser auto-focus helps make your photos sharper. Videos are clear and vivid, even in low light. Its display automatically adjusts to optimise for best viewing and battery performance.

Google Tensor is the first processor designed by Google, custom-made for Pixel. It helps make Pixel 6 Pro the smartest and fastest Pixel phones yet. You'll notice the difference immediately. Pixel runs smoother, apps launch faster and pages load quicker. Tensor makes Speech Recognition and Live Translate more intelligent and responsive. Gaming is better, with rich and detailed graphics. And Pixel's security chip helps protect your private data.

Pixel's all-day adaptive battery is everything a battery should be. It can last beyond 24 hours, even on 5G. It learns your favourite apps, so it doesn't waste power on the ones that you never use. When you turn on extreme battery saver, it keeps your essential apps running and turns off other apps to save even more power.

Everything is stunning on Pixel 6 Pro's big, 6.7-inch smooth display. It intelligently adjusts up to 120Hz for smoother, more responsive performance. And with LTPO technology, it can lower to 10Hz to save battery. The front and back of Pixel 6 Pro are made with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. It is the toughest Gorilla Glass yet, which makes this the most scratch-resistant Pixel ever.

Display & Design

  • 6.7 inch OLED display.
  • Resolution 3120 x 1440 pixels.
  • With a density of 512 pixels per inch.
  • Touch screen.
  • Toughened glass.

Camera & Video

  • Dual camera.
  • Front camera 11.1MP.
  • Rear camera 50MP.
  • Second rear camera 48MP.
  • Third rear camera 12MP.
  • LED flash.
  • Camera features: Magic Eraser, Motion Mode, Real Tone, Face Unblur, Panorama, Manual white balancing, Locked folder, Night Sight, Top Shot, Portrait mode, Portrait Light, Super Res Zoom, Motion autofocus, Frequent Faces, Dual exposure controls, Live HDR+.
  • Video capture in 4K HDR quality.

YouTube - Review

Help & Information

Google Store More details at Google Store
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  1. Avatar
    Hmm live chat said that trade-in can’t be combined with price match ‘as it’s a different Google programme.’
    Tats exactly the same reason it should work as both are different programmes or offers. I already got it price matched and jus waiting for my trade in kit so I don't see any reason why it won't be combined
  2. Avatar
    Just to say I got my partner the 6pro 256gb, it's pretty much worthless now compared to other devices to trade in. I got more for my s20+ than we could get for the 6 pro. But strange that even Google don't give you a boost when trading in their own device. It looks like if you don't have a Samsung or I phone your phone won't be worth anything when it comes to upgrade and trade in.
    Its because they want you to trade in competitor devices for their own device. So an incentive to trade in iphones and samsung devices.
  3. Avatar
    Kinda regretting my Pixel 7 Pro pre-order with prices like these.
    Why, the pixel 7 pro is a better phone, and the pre order with watch wasn't that bad of a deal
  4. Avatar
    Great deal if it works.
    If it doesn't.. Its a lot of hassle
  5. Avatar
    Its £244 only if we count the worth of iphone 7 as zero if you already have it. If not then obviously you will spend some money to get used iphone 7
    Hence why it says "possible 244"
  6. Avatar
    Gutted, the sorta sunny was in stock at amazon for £449, I was just about to place order through Google and get them to price match the Amazon price, I double checked Amazon before i clicked place order and it's has gone up to £570.

    I did screenshot the price at £449 but guessing won't be valid.
    They request for live link.stock is inflated so might be back again.currys business seems to have it in stock so give it a try
  7. Avatar
    OOS in white or I'd for for it. Just realised that we could have price matched Currys at £299 on the 6 with better trade-in too albeit £165 for an iPhone 7 at that time.
  8. Avatar
    £100 back of £400 spend with AMEX.

    If they let you price match before buying, I'd chance it.
    how do we get the 100 cash back from Amex, is it a account specific ? If they let you price match before buying, I'd chance it. -- before buying? (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Am I doing something wrong here. Google shop for a 128gb 6 Pro is saying £849 which is about the same as a 7pro 48988779-bPflA.jpg (edited)
    I think they have included the trade in price.
  10. Avatar
    This very tempting... My s20 plus is getting a bit old.
    Mine is still going strong 💪
  11. Avatar
    The problem is, apparently you can't do trade in and price match. I did a live chat
    Which is not true.I assume they have no clue or idea .my order which refunded for price match still has trade in order which is separate
  12. Avatar
    Potentially work with student discount as well?
    It will not make any difference as they will price match it for 449
  13. Avatar
    This or pixel 7 for 305£ from google if tradein works?
  14. Avatar
    @maggideals Did you receive the trade in refund. Just worried that it says the refund will be credited to original payment method, but also says that "if this is not possible you will receive Shop credit" which would be pretty useless.
    Not for this order yet.But for my prev orders I have received it to original payment method w/o any issues.in any case if the order is returned then they will be adding the trade in value as store credit.
  15. Avatar
    is there a mention on Google store website about the price match?
    Check description. link has been provided (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Ummm £849 at start
    Yeah, it's a bit spendy if there's a problem... I'm thinking hard about buying, leaving it sealed, doing the price beat and trade in, only opening it if it all comes together. (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Say no to trade in with google store! Move on
    Any reason ?
  18. Avatar
    Would there not be an issue with the fact that Curry's is out of stock?
    there will be, it was in stock earlier now its not...
  19. Avatar
    Did anyone get this to work with trade in?
  20. Avatar
    Yes I saw that business have stock. I just wish I could delay delivery so I can cancel if they don't honour the price match before delivery.
  21. Avatar
    With trade in, how much does the price fluctuate depending on battery condition, backlight etc? Thinking of buying an iphone 7 on fb marketplace and using that
    Good idea but with royal mail strikes you might get it late...
  22. Avatar
    @maggideals how easy did you find doing the price match refund with Google as I've had to abort one chat and am now trying again over the phone and they're equally as useless. Misquoting T&C's stating the device needs to arrive first and then sending the T&C's which clearly state as soon as it is shipped the refund can be processed. Truly awful customer service as always with Google Store. (edited)
    I partly agree with you, We might feel it is bit of hassle initially but we are there at the end. All they need is a live link ( Stock available from Argos, Currys etc ) after Pixel phone shipped. After that it is straight forward, I ve got my phone on yesterday and 400 refunded today
  23. Avatar
    I think it's safe to expire this deal...

    Given the recent emails above.
  24. Avatar
    @maggideals hi... how long did it take to price match?
    It was refunded as soon the item is dispatched for me.once u receive dispatch email notify them .
  25. Avatar
    Argos have the 6 at £299 no code but guess what, Google Store have OOS the 6. They're on to us 😄.
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