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SIM Free Google Pixel 6 5G 128GB Mobile Phone - + Free Google Buds- £349 Free Click & Collect @ Argos

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

You can get free google pixel buds plus another £5 off with email subscription
Argos More details at Argos

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    Just to add, the extra £5 wasn't working for me but I managed to opt in to £20 bonus on Quidco so check it out.
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    How is the camera on this compared to a huawei p30 pro? Can it zoom in as far?
    I also have a P30 Pro but it was starting to die. The Pixel 6 doesn't have optical zoom unless you get the Pro version. It's got fantastic cameras though. Where Google really excels is the processing - makes a huge difference and provides great detail. You can compare results using the gsmarena photo compare tool (try setting all choices to the same no. of MPs and use the low light option to see more obvious differences in detail). The best cameras for detail when I compared seemed to be the Pixel and (in the same price bracket), the Samsung A53 5G (although it's processor isn't great and it lags a bit).

    I loved my Huawei but now that there's no more Play Store support on newer models, it's not a viable option for me. The Pixel 6 is a good replacement, the cameras don't disappoint and best of all, it gets all the latest updates before anyone else. Good luck (edited)
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    How does this phone compare to a Xiaomi Poco F3 which is regularly at a £185 price point
    I've got the Poco F3 and its a brilliant phone.
    The only thing that lets it down is the camera.
    Thats why i've gone for the Pixel.
    If the camera is not important to you, get the Poco.
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    Crazy the monthly price I'm paying for this on EE because I got it on launch, despite the price being next to nothing now I'm paying release price until 2023
    Cancel your contract
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    Good deal no stock anywhere in Northern Ireland so it’s cold
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    C'mon there's got to be a good pixel 7 deal today!!!!
    I am hoping for the same
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    Out of stock everywhere, not worth wasting time on this
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    Just the dated Pixel 6 deals for Black Friday. Not one decent Pixel 7 deal. Black Friday in this country is a non event. Old stuff served up for the gullible masses (edited)
    For Google it seems to be a non event, they haven’t really even tried with this one for the UK and are easily beaten by UK stores like Curry’s, Argos and no doubt many others for the 6 at least. I guess we really aren’t important enough to Google.
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    Good offer if there was stock
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    Managed to do something different this morning. First I activated the Quidco £20. Then I put the Google Pixel 6 in the trolley to collect next to my house (which was always in stock). But then I went to the buds and told it to find the closest store near home and it did select a different place. I added to the trolley and it allowed me to do the purchase and it’s saying it will send the Pixel 6 to the same store of the Buds… (edited)
    My card got declined for a fraud check (which cleared within 30 seconds from texts with my bank) and then when I went back into the checkout, the Pixel 6 is no longer available for collection from Wednesday at any store near me .

    If it works for you then great deal with £20 bonus cashback (on top of the standard cashback) with Quidco today. (edited)
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    Thanks OP ordered
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    Local Argos has phone but no buds and you can't pick them up separately..great planning there
    my local the other way round, buds but no phone, wana switch lol
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    I managed to get this earlier in stock in Durham and hopefully got the £25 quidco bonus too so thank you OP! I'm planning to sell the buds as I don't need them so hopefully brings the price down to under £300 once I've got the cashback too
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    I ordered a few minutes ago the phone and earbuds but in olive colour, as the white ones were not in stock. Collection from Leighton Buzzard... Thanks for the post
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    Picked this up today. Just happened to be doing a 300 mile cross country drive today so wasn't hard to find one in stock on route!

    Can anyone recommend a good quality, leather, wallet case for the Pixel 6?
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    Google deal is miles better, I have paid £150 after £100 discount, and £100 bonus trade in (I got £138 for an old iphone 6s) and 3.75% quidco. 
    Pixel 6 v 6a.
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    Brilliant price with buds I just bought one at £299 without the buds otherwise this would be very tempting
    Where from please?
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    Good price for collection, especially if you have the email £5 off as well from Argos, as includes the Pixel Buds for free ♨️
    Ahagaha have you used the buds. It's as pro as listening to a Denon system using the telephone wire provided in kit. Just go Bose
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    All colours out of stock where I am (York) and also for home delivery.
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    Mostly out of stock everywhere. Good deal though. How do you claim the buds?
    I just added the buds to the trolley after putting the phone in, & the buds were automatically discounted at checkout. (edited)
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    They were in stock in St. John's in Liverpool about 45 minutes ago when I ordered a black Pixel 6 & a pair of olive earbuds. Available to collect from 4pm today. I was gutted when Curry's sold out of their £299 stock, this more than makes up for it. Thanks very much ivan83. Have yourself a bit of a thermal increase. (edited)
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    I've got a 2hr trip on Monday to the only place who had stock of them both!
    You would of thought Argos would of thought about it and has about the same stock levels at stores
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    Cheers OP, ordered!
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    The vodaphone one is better isn't ?
    I think it is 6a not 6
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    This was oos earlier for me but checked again and it was in stock for Leeds birstall, might be worth checking regular
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    Which protective screen cover are folks recommending for this phone?
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    Picked this up yesterday but haven't had a chance to open it yet. Just been reading soooo many horror stories about poor signal strength on this handset. If it's a deaf as I'm reading about I'm thinking to return it straight away. I live out in the sticks and signal strenght isn't great to start with. I really need good reception!
    Return it asap. The problems don't stop at poor phone speaker, they are endless. The "nothing phone 1" is basically the same phone with Bluetooth and an OS actually works.
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    Literally the worst phone ever made
    If you do system update to 13 than factory reset everything sorted using it from last few days no problem unless you paid £599 it's not worth it but I paid £282 well worth
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    Thanks. Small screen won't bother me but more concerned about the issues people are reporting with pixel 6
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    This deal can't beat Currys £299.99 offer. Google buds doesn't worth £49 anyway.
    Except yesterday Quidco had bonus £20 cashback on £16.45 cashback. Buds are defo with £12.55 .
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    Got this deal & collected both from Argos yesterday. The Pixel 6 needed an update to Android 13 & about 4 different Security updates that took around 45 minutes each, but it is now running like a dream. The Android 13 update has sorted the fingerprint scanner which was definitely hit & miss when I first turned it on.On 1st impression, I wouldn't pay £79.99 for the buds on their own , but that may change as I get used to them a bit more. For me, a bit more bass, & the ability to adjust the volume up or down using just a tap would be a big improvement. But overall, I'm delighted with this Pixel 6 / buds deal, well worth the extra £50, compared to the £299 6a deal, imo.
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