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Google Pixel 6a 100gb data, unlimited minutes and texts, 24 month contract £14 a month Pixel 6a £336 @ BuyMobiles

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Cheaper than SIM free, 24 month contract, £14 a month, 100gb data, unlimited minutes and texts, no upfront cost

Cost for full 24 month term is £336

BuyMobiles More details at BuyMobiles
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First 3 months will be £42

Additional 12 months with 14.4% increase will be 16 x 12 = 192

Last 9 months with 14.4% increase will be 18.32 x 9 = 165

With zero upfront. Total will be roughly = £399
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    Just remember that this will be £16+ from April and higher again next April. You literally get £14 for one or two months
    This is very true. But still a good deal for a phone currently retailing for £400 most places brand new
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    Amazing deal. Got this and will sell my 13 mini as this will do all I need and is cheaper than my current sim only! Thanks OP
    I did the same but then returned the Pixel as it was just not as good as my mini, camera was not as good, no wireless charging, unlocking was not as good, call speaker sound not as good, just a lesser phone but the phone was a £250 phone so I should not expect it to be as good, the reality of it was I may have made £100 by selling my iphone but I was swapping for a not so good phone, its a personal thing and you may be more content with the pixel
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    Just insane pricing these Pixel deals recently - basically the cost of a SIM only and you get a free phone ... smoking hot! 6a = best smartphone camera in MKBHD 2022's test too, beating the Pixel 7 and iPhone 14 Pro

    With these SIM deals I don't think there's a better value phone whatsoever. Ive tried many phones and nothing compares to the pixels for me
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    £19 for unlimited 5g ,seems like a steallllll
    That's the wrong way to do it. Take this at £14 then change your plan to unlimited for £17
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    Great deal, don't forget £35 topcashback too
  6. Avatar
    I would but I'll wait until April to get a new contract
    That might be wise but then again all the contracts will probably go up anyway so you won’t save anything. All of the cheap Pixel 6s might have gone by then too.
  7. Avatar
    I would normally wait until April to get a new phone because when they put the price up for £14, by then you'll know they won't increase the price until the April after.
    I'm in contract until May
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    Did 3 end their free roaming in Europe and us?
  9. Avatar
    Very nice deal. I assume the 6a would be much improved on my Samsung S9?
  10. Avatar
    This is a great find!
  11. Avatar
    That's going to be hot💥.
  12. Avatar
    Wow just wish i could take an existing number to this deal
    Why can't you?
  13. Avatar
    They need to rename this site "hot pixel deals"
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    Got the deal last night for new but damaged box for £220 or would be all over this.
  15. Avatar
    Would this be an upgrade to a Redmi Note 10 pro? I love the phone but the camera is gash.
  16. Avatar
    £35 cashback?
  17. Avatar
    I might aswell rinse another 6a deal, my Son needs a new sim come March and this fits the bill.
  18. Avatar
    No wireless charging, and no charger in the box. It might be cheap, but that's a big loss these days.
  19. Avatar
    If only it was on a network that actually works in my area
    No 5G coverage here either, otherwise I'd be all over this..
  20. Avatar
    is the phone unlocked?
  21. Avatar
    What would be total cost of contract with two price increases?
  22. Avatar
    Bought this deal yesterday only to get a message today saying deal is on hold and I need to call them????
    That's strange, however the deal expired tomorrow according the link which take you to their website ...
  23. Avatar
    How's this phone compare to the p30 pro?
    I also want to know this.. do I bite or stick with the p30 pro? 🫤
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    I'm on a rolling contract with Three. If I buy this, will getting my pac number automatically stop the rolling contract?
    Using it will stop the contract but don't forget you can't pac to the same network so you'd have to pac out to a temporary SIM then back in to your new three SIM.
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    How is everyone finding the phone now in terms of the network/modem bugs and general issues with bug galore when it initially came out?
  26. Avatar
    Ordered today but just had an email from BuyMobiles saying it is out of stock and they will email me when they have some more in so it can be dispatched
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