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Google Pixel 6a 128GB 6GB 5G Mobile Phone (+ Trade In, 3 Months Youtube Premium & Google One) - £319.20 With Code @ Google Store

£319.20£39920% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

New code, can be used on the 6a, taking it down to £319.20, you can also trade in, so the pixel 5 gets you £200 for example, iPhone 11 £325 etc. some good trade in prices

The Google One and YouTube Premium three-month trial (“Trial”) offers are available to eligible users with the purchase of Pixel 6a. Offer starts on 21/07/2022 BST and expires on 15/12/2022 BST. Trial period starts upon purchase of Pixel 6a. Valid form of payment required at sign-up, but you will not be charged until the trial period has expired. See and one.google.com/offer/terms-and-conditions/pixel6a for more details. Subscriptions will renew unless canceled.

The Pixel 6a is as smart as smartphones get. With Google's Tensor processor under the hood, everything runs smoothly. By learning what apps you use and when, the phone can adapt to last for over 24 hours on a single charge. The two 12 MP cameras on the back have it all – pin-sharp photos, blurry backgrounds, amazing night mode – the whole shebang. On top of that, there's some amazing, Pixel-specific bells and whistles. Magic Eraser lets you effortlessly remove distracting objects from the photo. Real Tone makes sure all skin tones in your photos look beautiful and natural. Out of focus? Doesn't matter – Face Unblur can sharpen the face after you take the photo. And of course, everything runs on Google's latest and greatest Android 12, which has been re-designed to adapt to you.

Good to know

  • Every photo, movie and app will look amazing on the FHD+ OLED display
  • The Titan M2 chip is dedicated to keeping your data safe from attacks
  • With Extreme Battery Saver you can stretch the battery life up to 72 hours
  • Travel the world and Live Translate will help you understand – it knows 11 languages and works offline
  • Forget passwords – the fingerprint scanner under the screen is quicker and more secure
  • The phone is IP67 certified, so it doesn't mind a bit of water or dust
  • With 5G connection you can have super-fast internet wherever you go

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  1. Avatar
    A word of warning on the trade in quotes. Their website says the following, and for me they reduced my quoted trade-in value of £100 to £23 (and then returned the phone, on the basis it was less than 75% of the quoted value). It took over 8 weeks, with a great deal of communication from me to get to this point. The reason for the reduced value was "screen burn in" which is (to me) invisible without running a screen test application. And certainly not something that should be expected on a 2 year old device.

    So, consider those quoted trade in values as being what might be offered if the device is in mint, never used condition.

    "The refund is based on (and paid after) the phone received matches the description that you provided at the time of estimate (manufacturer, model, whether it turns on, whether it has screen damage, etc.). The physical inspection is more detailed and includes factors that aren't always visible to the eye but which may affect valuation (such as battery condition, screen burn-in, bruising or missing pixels, and the back light quality). The refund will be issued by Google on behalf of our trade-in partner to the form of payment that you used for the order.1 Phones sent for trade in must be received within 14 days of receiving your new phone, provided the purchased device has not been returned during that time."
  2. Avatar
    MrSwitch, I'm not an Apple fan but you call £25 for iPhone 11 a good trade in price?
    Surely that's a mistype, he meant £11 for iPhone 25
  3. Avatar
    Your phone’s actual value will be emailed to you after it’s inspected. PCS Wireless will return your phone if the value is less than 75% of your estimate.

    Has anyone traded in before with PCS, get the full estimated value?

    Just send in a phone and hope for the best? Hmmmmn.
    Yes. I sent a pixel 3a in perfect condition and got the £90 that was expected. Perfectly happy. This was during the original pre order where you got the earbuds included too. So overall package was a good deal
  4. Avatar
    These will be mega cheap soon with the pixel 7 out in 2 weeks
    Really? It's a relatively new model
  5. Avatar
    They offer £425 for an iPhone 12 which is one of the better prices
    That is solid trade in price, i have bought some of them at around 300 mark from ebay promos few weeks back
  6. Avatar
    £190 trade in for my pixel 4xl i just dont know if to swap to 6a, i feel it would actually be a downgrade. I would definitely miss my face unlock.
    Build quality and in hand feel is definitely better on the 4xl. And I found face unlock on the 4xl bomb proof whereas the android 13 broke the finger print scanner on my pixel 6a so it went back.
  7. Avatar
    I think there's a few comments in this thread saying how good the 6a phone is and battery life isn't a problem after Android 13 - I guess this review is biased by Android 12 battery problems? techradar.com/rev…-6a
    Battery life on my 4a seems to have got worse since Android 13 so I'd welcome any reassurance that the review article is out of date?
    For me, the 6a has been a fantastic upgrade from a 3yr old 3a.

    Battery life is excellent, I've only dropped below 50% on the odd occasion during a full day of use.

    Fingerprint reader has been fine. I did find it was much better after registering the same finger twice.

    Only thing that does annoy me is sometimes it is slow for the screen to respond when taking it out of my pocket, having to waiting couple of extra seconds to unlock with the fingerprint sensor. Apparently this is a common issue, but not a deal breaker.

    My 6a is on A13.
  8. Avatar
    If only they didnt get rid of wireless charging on the 6a
    Would have bought one otherwise.
    Bad design decision that has probably prevented a lot of purchases i reckon.

    Pixel 7 looks tatsy though, spec wise. (edited)
    They didn't get rid of it as none of the a models have had it. They have to differentiate from the regular Pixel, especially for the price.
  9. Avatar
    Damn ordered a 3a the other day. Contacted Google and should be under their price promise 🤞thanks for the heads up
  10. Avatar
    If you have a Pixel 3a you can upgrade to the 6a today for £169.20. Nice.

    Pixel 4a only gets you £150 as well.
  11. Avatar
    3a seems to have the best trade in value
    How much?
  12. Avatar
    Will Currys pricematch
    And is the free nest hub and speaker promotion still on
    Good question would love to know
  13. Avatar
    Many thanks OP, couldn't resist...

    Got £145 off for trading in an iPhone 6s and signed up for a free trial of google one to get £32 back in store credit. (edited)
    Shall I sign up for the google one first and then purchase the phone or vice versa? how long do i need to sub for the google one ? thx
  14. Avatar
    I have been waiting for this! I should be getting £140 for a broken screen Pixel 4a, good deal!
  15. Avatar
    That's going to be ♨️🔥
  16. Avatar
    So all in, after the 20% discount and assuming I get the full quoted £250 for my iPhone SE 2020, it comes to about £69.20 for a brand new Pixel 6a! Well happy.
  17. Avatar
    Just noticed 5.1% Google store topcashback aswell, applicable with discount code
  18. Avatar
    My mint condition 4 year old Pixel 2 XL only worth £23 more than my smashed screen 8 years old HTC One M8. Tells you what they must think of their own products!
  19. Avatar
    It says in the title of the deal
  20. Avatar
    So is this like a second birthday like the Queen used to have?
  21. Avatar
    £242 for s20 fe which is great trade in value
    i assume this would work for the 5g version too though doesnt specify. Can currently get that for 172 using perks, turn around and trade it back to google to get the 6a for 250 all up
  22. Avatar
    If you phone isn't on the list then what happens
    You can't trade it in unfortunately
  23. Avatar
    Should I trade my 5 for this?!
    I think £105 for my iPhone 5C is pretty good. Seems they are actually offering ok trade ins in the U.K. at last!
  24. Avatar
    Is the 6a good? Or is it better to wait for a deal on Pro or just 6.?
    I've had my 6A for a week now and love it. It's a slightly smaller screen size than my previous phone but that only took a couple of hours to get used to. The deals are so good at the moment I couldn't resist
  25. Avatar
    Oh snap £150 for the 3a
  26. Avatar
    Worst timing ever, family member just got themselves a Galaxy A53.
  27. Avatar
    7 series is supposed to have a price increase in the UK and EU so maybe this is a good deal
    Where have you seen this? Most reports I've seen are suggesting same pricing. Albeit that may be an assumption by those websites based on suspected USA pricing
  28. Avatar
    I'm seeing 5.1% cashback with TCB for Google Store. I don't think I'm on a plus account though so you may get higher? Someone with a plus account check please. (edited)
    6% for me
  29. Avatar
    I upgraded from 3a xl (RIP, water damage; my fault) to 6a a couple of months back and can't be any happier, thinking about upgrading my wife's 4a 5g phone.
    150 pounds after 4a 5g trade in value (170) is an outstanding deal; decisions, decisions.
    Thanks OP. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    My old iphone 6s is valued at 145, which is amazing. Others offer 30 max
  31. Avatar
    This seems crazy on the trade in. £125 for iphone 6. How reliable are the trade in values?
  32. Avatar
    Wow, £72 for a Mate Pro 20 with damaged screen. Don't really want to move on but beats the price and shennanigans of eBay.

    Are any of these a decent sidegrade to a Mate 20 Pro? My chief concern is the camera quality. Reading about Pixel phones reminds me of looking at Moto photos back when I loved them, there was always at least one important missing feature or flaw (edited)
  33. Avatar
    Got the pixel 5 for 214 from the excellent deal yesterday. Mate 20 pro estimated trade in being 72 pound brings the 6a to 250.

    Anyone got any advice?
  34. Avatar
    Shame I can't get in on these 6a deals, nobody wants my Mi A2 lite
    What about the Currys deal? It's still on until Friday?
  35. Avatar
    How much would I get for iPhone 6 trade in
  36. Avatar
    This is a great deal but if you've got a pixel 3a or 4a it's a no brainer with £150 and £200 trade in respectively.

    Shame the pixel 5 trade in is only £200. If it was higher it would make it tempting for a cheap not upgrade but newer similar phone with new battery and future updates
    The 4a trade in.is £150.
  37. Avatar
    Still rocking a P2.

    Not sure as to whether to keep it, or upgrade to the "cheap" P6 or upcoming "expensive" P7.
  38. Avatar
    I took this deal but didn't see it here i got a Google store email
  39. Avatar
    You can't use the Google play gift card for payment right..?
    But they do very rarely have things on their games store that includes games with a bundle for chromescasts etc
  40. Avatar
    Good deal but I'm slightly nervous of the trade-in aspect.
    P30 Pro Phone turns on and the screen is good (£117)
    (but the bottom mike doesn't work!)

    Going to leave it but nice!
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