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Posted 3 February 2023

Google pixel 6a, 128GB, Talkmobile 30GB 5G data, EU roaming, £19 Upfront, £14 per month for 24 months - £355 (+ £40 Topcashback) @ Fonehouse

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Topcashback currently offering £40 cashback on contract



Info added by @Sashecuador

Google Pixel 6a 5G
Google Pixel 6a 5G Design and Screen
Google knows what they are doing when it comes to developing a flawless design, and their work on the Google Pixel 6a 5G is no different. This trendy handset features a 6.1” FHD+ OLED screen with a refresh rate of up to 60Hz - a perfect viewing experience in the palm of your hand. So no matter whether you’re streaming your go-to TV series, or maybe indulging in some much-needed gaming time, this handset will bring your visuals to life.

We all have our clumsy moments every now and again, so you’ll be happy to hear that the Google Pixel 6a 5G is water-resistant (rated IP67), and the display is made from corning gorilla glass 3. A smartphone built to last.

This handset is available in three stunning colours: Chalk, Charcoal and Sage.

Google Pixel 6a 5G Camera
The rear of the Google Pixel 6a 5G features an amazing PDAF dual-camera system consisting of a 12.2MP wide lens and a 12MP ultrawide lens. What makes this dual-camera system so amazing you ask? Well with an added Face Unblur feature, you can capture blur-free images even when your subject is in motion. With Magic Eraser you can remove unwanted objects from an image, as well as change the colour of objects so they blend in perfectly with the background. If that wasn’t impressive enough for you this camera also features Real Tone which perfectly captures the authenticity of all skin tones!

The front-facing camera on this device is 8MP and has 1080p video recording - great for capturing detailed Instagram-worthy selfies and videos in a flash.

Google Pixel 6a 5G Features and Performance
We all want a device that performs exceptionally well, and the Google Pixel 6a 5G does just that thanks to its Google Tensor processor (5nm). With this device, fast launching apps, quick image loading and a smooth experience are always a guarantee.

This is a smartphone that wants you to get up and go! Users can look forward to a 4410 mAh battery with a 24+ hours battery life. The days of worrying about whether your phone is going to randomly die are well and truly over.

High security whilst using your device is important to Google. That’s why their Google Pixel 6a 5G model features a Titan M2 chip which works seamlessly with the Google Tensor processor to give users an extra blanket of security. This makes the device as a whole more resilient to attacks - stress-free and safe browsing made easy.
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  1. jmbpip's avatar
    No wifi calling currently supported with this phone on Talkmobile which is a deal breaker for me
    droid1978's avatar
    There is Wi-Fi calling according to talkmobile website. (edited)
  2. nsewell's avatar
    Can't see the £40 cashback for new phone contracts on topcashback
    49503667_1.jpg (edited)
    Kevin_Juste's avatar
    Just got this phone top cash back gave me £34
  3. Spudnik's avatar
    This is now with £111 cashback - I posted a new deal but it's been merged into this one, although I think they're different!

    (I think this one was also a great deal though!)

    ETA: Fonehouse have cancelled the cashback orders and said they were offered in error. (edited)
  4. Afrim_Ramaj's avatar
  5. FlatulentFox's avatar
    Still pretty happy with this deal.. [I think there's a newer version that also includes £111 cashback through fonehouse, stretched over the course of the contract.{Offer now removed}] But at this price, fantastic phone, the data, network, etc. I think this offer is still a good deal. Plus, if you're currently running SIM-only, you can deduct the cost of your current plan, over two years, from the final tally here.

    Edit: Just saw @Spudnik's comment... (edited)
  6. FlatulentFox's avatar
    Shouldn't this have more heat? I feel like I'm missing something here...

    And, given I've just ordered it, I only have 14 days to find out who poisoned me and solve my own murder!
    FlatulentFox's avatar
    Wait, no, I have 14 days to figure out if there's any reason the offer isn't ideal or otherwise not best-suited to my requirements..

    Oh, I do get confused sometimes!
  7. low_level_devel's avatar
    Ordered for my daughter, thanks op! Decent deal especially with the cash back
  8. Fizzypop1's avatar
    If I purchased this deal today 11th March would the contract increase in April with all the proposed RPI increases plus 3.9%. Can make the contract around 19% more expensive from virtually day one. Thanks in advance
    1988dave's avatar
    Yep thats correct...if its id mobile they arent increasing this april... But any other network... You will pay 17% extra from april
  9. Fizzypop1's avatar
    Thanks appreciated, will call talkmobile on Monday. Was going to wait until April 1st before signing up gor any deals.
    Spudnik's avatar
    When I called, they also mentioned that EU roaming will only be included for contracts taken out before 14 March (not sure if that included 14th itself), in case that's important for you
  10. Spudnik's avatar
    Has anybody experienced any issues with Fonehouse, either regarding this deal or in general?

    My first order on Friday morning was cancelled because they were offering £111 automatic cashback in error; the deal shouldn't have been posted on the website, but they didn't write to me to let me know so I only noticed when I went to track my delivery. I placed a new order when I noticed and spoke to them, which was due for delivery on Saturday, but it didn't show up; when I contacted customer services they said they had a lot of orders come through on Friday, but the order was with the courier and I'd get it on Sunday. But then yesterday I got an email saying it had been cancelled again, this time for security reasons. Customer services advised me to again place an order and send supporting documents in anticipation of any issues so I could receive the phone tomorrow, which I did; I've just had another email saying it was cancelled.

    I was accepted by the network and the cancellation email said my credit check was fine, and I've sent a photo of my passport, bank statements and payslips in support, so I don't know what the problem is. It's frustrating, and a shame, as talkmobile said free EU roaming was only offered for contracts taken before 14 March. I don't know if this is an anomalous experience and I should continue to try to seek a resolution, or if issues with this company are common? (edited)
  11. Fizzypop1's avatar
    I signed up for this and as sadly the phone is out of stock the free eu roming has expired as of today. I may cancel as don't really want to pay for calls abroad
    Spudnik's avatar
    I guess you could ask either Fonehouse or talkmobile if the offer would be honoured given you placed the order in time? Not sure it's likely though. And I've not had a good experience with Fonehouse customer service so far in any case.
  12. Fizzypop1's avatar
    Yeah spoke to talkmobile and contract would have to be registered before 14th March so a no go. Deal has now been pulled so will see if they honour my order. Thanks
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