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Posted 22 December 2022

Google Pixel 6a Smartphone £299 + £10 Goodybag and Fitbit Versa 4 Smart Watch by redemption @ GiffGaff

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

GiffGaff have £100 off the Pixel 6a (charcoal or sage colours) making it £299 on its own, or £309 with a £10 GiffGaff goodybag, and if you order on or before 29th December you should be able to redeem the free Fitbit Versa 4 Smart Watch here:
Can I Claim? - Smartwatch GWP (promo-rewards.com)

The smartwatch promo T&Cs list GiffGaff as a "contract only" reseller, not SIM only. Seeing as GiffGaff are only selling it with a goodybag SIM, I think that should be eligible for the free watch (it's a 30-day contract), but if you are an existing GiffGaff customer and you want the free watch, you should consider ordering a goodybag to be safe.

GiffGaff customer service confirmed to me that purchase with Goodybag is eligible for the watch claim.

You may be able to get £50 cashback from TCB as well.
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    The Fitbit only comes with a monthly contract it looks like, not sim-free according to giffgaff.com/ter…ons
    Just got reply direct from Giffgaff agent below:

    I have taken a look at your account and I can see that you have purchased a Google Pixel 6a which is great news.

    Yes, you will be eligible for the Fitbit versa 4 watch. I am aware that the terms and conditions say it would need to be a pay monthly contract, but giffgaff do not offer contracts so a purchase of the phone outright qualifies you for the promotion and I myself should know as I have purchased one for the promotion as well.
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    Just make sure you reliase this is a small phone. Coming from the Samsung S10 plus. This phone is tiny. I sent mine back
    Its biggest advantage. (edited)
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    You can get the 6 for £299 from Argos.
    no you can't, at least not that i could see
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    Used the phone for few weeks,

    Hardware drawbacks
    - Signal is shocking , l get around 25% strength
    - Battery is average, needs daily charging
    - Touchscreen doesn't seem to always response
    - fingers print scanner still hit and miss
    - low light camera is very grainy
    - over heats during gaming and charging

    software drawbacks
    - dual SIM feature pointless , when app can't be cloned
    - no double tap to sleep

    advice wait for 7a.....
    That's what is stopping me from getting this. Network will be the biggest issue for me
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    Is the Pixel 7 really worth the extra couple of hundred quid (as per the other Giffgaff deal posted earlier)? I'm not sure which to go for!
    Others may disagree, but I say no. 6a is the budget king and does most things really well.
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    Don't forget to go through Topcashback or Quidco for potentially £42.50/£40 cashback respectively
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    I've literally just watched MKBHD's annual blind smartphone camera test* where the Pixel 6a took the overall win...the temptation to chop my S21 FE for it is strong! This offer seems pretty good, shouldn't be any reason to not get the cashback, and if you don't want the watch you should get a reasonable amount for it too.

    Pixel ftw!
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    Wish there was 100 trade in boost as well
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    @MrSwitch time to return the e2save one and get this with £50 TCB instead .
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    This runs until 29th December for contract deals such as Giffgaff.
    Well spotted - I’ve updated above
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    This is a good deal let’s hope the have enough fitbits come claim time as the terms and conditions usually state it’s not guaranteed if they run out of stock,the phone itself is great,used one for a few weeks and averaged about five hours screen time a day till it got to about 30 percent charge but I never have location or Bluetooth on unless I need them and I don’t game.
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    Argh... Very tempted!

    Decisions decisions!

    Heat for sure
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    Last brand new Fitbit 4 went through at £104 on Ebay
    and the price will likely drop further once all these free ones are redeemed and sold on!
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    Cracking. Was in the market for a new phone. Ordered and used Topcashback - let's see if that sticks!
    Watch out, no watches without contract as mentioned below.
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    Great deal thanks
  17. Avatar
    Just ordered mine wohoo!
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    But can it run Genshin Impact?
    Yes, but it won't be fun
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    I see this is OOS and also TCB dropped to £30. I dithered too long to benefit from some free Versa 4 as I'd have been able to flip the 6a for break even/small profit.