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Posted 8 September 2022

Google Pixel 6a – Unlocked Android 5G Smartphone with 12 megapixel camera and 24-hour battery With Google Pixel 6a Case – £345.57 @ Amazon

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Decent price at Amazon.

  • The brains behind Pixel 6a. Google Tensor makes Pixel 6a super smart, secure and powerful. It's the first chip designed by Google just for Pixel.
  • The battery that follows your lead. Google Pixel's Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours. It learns your favourite apps, so it doesn't waste power on the ones that you rarely use.
  • A camera that lets you express yourself.. Make faces look sharper with Face Unblur, take beautifully accurate photos of different skin tones with Real Tone and remove unwanted objects with Magic Eraser.
  • The shock-absorbent case has raised edges to protect your phone from scratches and drops
  • The dimensions are specially engineered to fit Pixel 6a. And the colours perfectly complement your phone
  • The phone case is built to last and so it's a thoughtful choice for you and the planet


Colour is Sage according to the Amazon.es listing of B0B7S4PRZXL(the same as the this listing):


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  1. Avatar
    Heat for this price BUT Google sale starts tomorrow. Will it be lower than this? 24 hour sale celebrating 24 years of Google... 24% off? (edited)
    This probably is the price it's going to tomorrow.
  2. Avatar
    Own this phone. It is fast, you don't notice 60hz because of both the smaller size and speed of animations. Camera is good quality. Battery life, fingerprint senor, and screen protection is the main issues. This is not to quality gorilla glass, I found minor scratches on day 2, it was in a pocket with biscuit crumbs. fingerprint sensor is slow but reliable, hold it for firmly a short period it will unlock. It will 8/10 perfection for me.

    Battery life is 1day 6hours. ~7hr 30 hours SOT and ~11hr active time. 24 hours is about right, expect to charge this overnight.
    What biscuits were you eating that damaged a phone, asking for a friend
  3. Avatar
    Just bought a used Pixel 6 Pro from Cash converters for £399. 12m warranty. Mint condition. But was concerned it has no dual SIM or mini SD card. And no headphone jack.
    What network are you on? You can always use an E-sim if your network supports them. I do
  4. Avatar
    Be warned the SD slot and headphone jack are both missing, irrelevant phone for many including me
    Bet you only buy cars with starting handles
  5. Avatar
    I think it's bound to go to £300 without a trade in at some point, then I will probably be tempted. This is still hot though.
  6. Avatar
    Price dropping on these bad boys have some heat
  7. Avatar
    Nice reindeer, heat
    Thanks Switchy
  8. Avatar
    Big question guys: my wife want good camera in phone. Should I buy this or used Huawei P30 Pro? She have at the moment P20 Pro
    Get this as the P30 most likely won't be supported with updates.
  9. Avatar
    When did "24 hour battery" become a selling point?
    Either way, it's a lie. Mine gets about 2.4
  10. Avatar
    yikes, no headphone socket means no connection to proper HiFi systems, no sd card means I probably could not fit my music collection into it, and no idea how many years the non-replaceable battery will last... meanwhile I have just done a factory reset on my (rooted) LG G3 which now seems faster than my Moto eplay and both work fine on tethered 4G, my main use for them. 5G is the only reason I have to upgrade plus a larger screen and maybe a bit faster... don't understand why no phone manufacturer offers replaceable battery, suggests they are all using the same circuit boards.
    Yes, they all use exactly the same circuit boards

    What's a proper Hi-Fi ?
  11. Avatar
    I got this last week at £385 before trade in. Just got Amazon to refund the £40 difference.
  12. Avatar
  13. Avatar
    I have an eBay business, so I take lots of pictures with my phone using photography box lights. I recently got an S21 FE on an EPP store deal... The camera is good on the whole, but I find that it really struggles with the bright lights lighting the item I'm selling. It is either very bright and blown out, so no detail, or it'll be very dim and have more detail. That and the poor battery life it has settled to now (I charged it twice yesterday ) has got me thinking a Pixel may be better for the camera. Would the 6a be a decent change from the S21 FE?

    Long winded, I know..!

    Edit - also thinking of paying up for an iPhone (if I really have to) for the consistency in the camera. (edited)
    I moved from a pixel 5 to an iphone and am amazed at the real world difference, I would always now go for an iphone after using the cameras on many phones including Samsung and Hauwei. I know people slate iPhones but they do the job so well, never had a bad picture from mine in fact my work colleague had the 13 pro and the images where stunning along with the video.
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    That is a fantastic price, hope the 6 goes to £400,
  15. Avatar
    Does amazon trade in gives extra £100 as other sellers do? It is not mentioned anywhere on their page.
  16. Avatar
    My phone is a Pixel 2. It's 4.5 years old and is only now beginning to get very slight battery problems.

    Should I upgrade to the Pixel 6 (tomorrow) or just get my Pixel 2 battery fixed in order to ensure that it lasts another 6+ months?

    Apart from the hardware problems, I have no other reason to upgrade.

    What would you suggest? (edited)
    Pixel 2 isn't getting security updates any more, so that's one reason to upgrade.
  17. Avatar
    I still have my £10 Amazon gift for using Amazon photos, and it works with this. Am very tempted!
  18. Avatar
    24hr battery? sounds awful (edited)
  19. Avatar
    You get 24 hour battery with the Google pixel case?????
  20. Avatar
    how is 24-hour battery a selling point...
  21. Avatar
    in o2 refresh it showing less money, 285 is it betterto buy directly or o2 refresh please
  22. Avatar
    id pixel 6a better than one plus 10t?
  23. Avatar
    Currently unavailable at the link. Where has the "expire" button gone ? (edited)
  24. Avatar