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Google Pixel 7 128GB 5G + 200GB Data & UL Mins & Texts (Vodafone) + Free Fitbit Versa 4, £28pm (24m) @ Mobile phones direct - TCB applicable

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This is a cracking deal for the Google Pixel 7 with 200GB of data from Vodafone.
TCB is trackable upto £35 topcashback.co.uk/mob…ct/

Fitbit Versa 4 free if the contract deal is purchased before 29th December 2022.
The watch can be claimed from the following link: promo-rewards.com/sma…ing
Mobile Phones Direct More details at Mobile Phones Direct
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    Will there be a cpi increase In 3 months? It's (usually) 3.9% plus the inflation rate. Which is 10%...

    So the contract becomes 32 squid a month. A bit less tempting?
    Here's my quick calculations (Note: could be wrong )
    For the first 3 months you are paying £28. If it is increased by 14% then it would be £31.92 from April 2023 for 12 months. CPI is expected to drop down below 2% by 2024 but if we get an optimistic 6% increase then in April 2024 it will be £33.84 for the remaining 9 months of the contract. The total you pay will be around £771.60.

    3 x 28 = £84
    12 x 31.82 = £383.04
    9 x £33.84 = £304.56
    Total = £771.60

    Deduct the cost of the phone and you get :- £771.60 - £524 = £247.60
    Divide £247.60 by 24 months and the sim cost is around £10.32 per month.

    I would say it's not a bad deal since you aren't paying anything upfront and you get a free watch too. If you sell the watch for £80 then the sim cost drops to £7 per month.
    Also if the TCB tracks at £35 then it is even lower at £5.50 per month for the sim .

    Buying a Pixel 7 for £524 cash and then a sim that has 200GB data would cost you more overall since the sim would cost £20 per month. (edited)
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    Best deal so far for the 7. Well done.

    £80 flog fitbit on ebay
    £10 p/m for the sim compared to some sim only deals out there totalling £240 for 24 months
    About £360 for the phone itself really
    Accurate enough? (edited)
    I ordered one through TCB so will find out tomorrow how much has tracked.
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    Am I correct in thinking none of those networks...O2, Three and Vodafone are inclusive of EU roaming?
    O2 do
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