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Posted 7 December 2022

Google Pixel 7 128GB 5G Smartphone + £100 Store Credit £509.15 W/Student Code Delivered + Trade In / £721 Pixel 7 Pro @ Google

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

15% available on Student stores now, £721 for the pro, with 100 quid credit

Pro link

Super selfies? Check.
A three day battery life? You bet. 5G Connectivity? Obviously. The Pixel 7 has it all. Keeping up with your favourite shows is a dream on the 6.3" OLED display, with features like Real Tone and Cinematic Blur always making sure to capture your best angles. Don't worry about security either - the Titan M2 security chip and built-in VPN help protect your personal data.

5G capability
Say bye-bye to buffering. The super-fast 5G-ready connection zips through downloads at record pace. Stream, browse, and watch whatever you want, wherever you want. Waiting forever for your Instagram feed to load up will be a distant memory.

Immersive screen, with super vivid colour
It’s more of the same dazzling display that wow’d us on the Pixel 6. Just a bit bigger. The 6.3-inch OLED display comes HDR-enabled and has a 90Hz variable refresh rate. Put in plain English (don’t worry, we had to look up half of that too), those fancy numbers and letters mean you get smooth scrolling and superb colour on a clear, bright, movie-style screen.

Dust, drop and splash resistant
The Pixel 7 safeguards you from any little oops, with IP68 water and dust resistance. The screen also comes with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, making it tougher and less prone to scratches.

Your safety is Pixel's priority.
Your Pixel looks out for you with the Personal Safety app. In an emergency, Pixel can automatically call for help, share your location or record a video.

Simply touch to unlock
With face unlock and the on-screen fingerprint sensor, you can instantly log in to your apps and websites without compromising on security.

Make photobombers disappear
Magic Eraser is a real game-changer. With a few taps, you can remove strangers and unwanted objects from pics. Or change the colour and brightness of an object, so that it blends right in. It’s never been easier to forget about your ex.

The camera that makes you feel seen
Real Tone represents more skin tones beautifully, authentically and accurately in photos, videos and Meet video calls.

And… action!
Bring more drama to videos. Cinematic Blurkeeps your subject in focus and blurs the background for a dramatic effect. Hello, Hollywood.

It's everything that a battery should be
Pixel's Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours. Turn on Extreme Battery Saver, and the battery can last up to 72 hours.And your Pixel charges super fast.

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  1. Avatar
    Also 15% with blue light card
    Guessing it's not stackable
  2. Avatar
    Would really appreciate a code if there are any still any going, just lost my Google Pixel 2XL phone today seeing Santa with the kids!
    Sorry I don't have a code as I've used mine and sorry to hear you have lost your phone. Please do factory reset that lost phone via find my device if you have that set up, just in case anyone finds it and intends on keeping it
  3. Avatar
    any recommendations for a good case?
    People on reddit recommended Spigen Liquid Air and Thin Fit. I believe somebody said with Thin Fit front glass touches the surface when lying flat.
  4. Avatar
    I can confirm that if you buy a third P7 you don't receive the £100 which matches the T&C's stating it is limited to 2 per account.
    I can also confirm that if you buy 2 P7P + 1 P7, you receive all three credits. Suppose it could be up to 4 credits altogether. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Anyone knows if the phone can be returned after opening in case trade in is not accepted or quoted very low?
    Also for the 2Tb upgrade, is it ok to cancel/downgrade as soon as the credits show up?
    Yes under 14 day returns regs you're allowed to inspect. I've opened and tested and returned to Google with full refund within the 14 day period. I'm not sure I'd risk using it daily during that time.

    Note that Google have got extended returns period at the moment - so double check when you can return until.

    I've received my p7 pro but not using it into trade in is confirmed... If there's any issues I'll be returning the phone. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Currently using pixel 5 while waiting for this to ship. It still makes me sad that Google didn't use the pixel 5 design again. That amazing size, flat screen and even bezels. Making me question my 7 pro purchase
    I'm in the exact same boat as you although I've not released the trigger and bought the pro yet.
  7. Avatar
    So i've ordered and received the £100 G store credit very quickly.
    Still waiting on the 10% Google one credit. How long did it take other people's to get added?
    30 days from dispatch for the 10%.
  8. Avatar
    Can the versa be claimed?
    Not from G store purchases
  9. Avatar
    @MrSwitch on Totum - better late than never.
  10. Avatar
    Does anyone have a 15% code please?
  11. Avatar
    Ok whoever grabs it first:
  12. Avatar
    49019999-qN1Pi.jpgdo you think they will accept the phone like this or it is not worth trying?
    According to their options they will accept it. Choose NO for the first question and YES for the second. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    What's the best way of turning the store credit into cash? Not looking to upgrade in the next year or buy anything else from the store. I've seen some people mention buying a Fitbit then selling it, so is getting one of those and sticking it on ebay the way to go?
    Fitbit Sense 2 currently £199.99 reduced from £269.99 I think. Hopefully might hold most of its £199.99 value for you.
  14. Avatar
    Just looking at this now
    pixel 7 £599
    15% off £525
    £100 Amex
    £100 store credit no use to me as iOS
    5% tcb
    £425 trade in for the wife’s old iPhone 12 wow
    flog the pixel should get easy £400
    as bought the loop ip13 pro a while ago worked out at £475
    14 days though to send trade in though may need to hang fire for a few more days to cover for Xmas  (edited)
    Then can use the store credit to buy something like a Fitbit and sell on
  15. Avatar
    Anyone willing to provide a Pixel 7 code? Do you have any spares that I could have please @quake.ee ?
    Yeah sure:
  16. Avatar
    With obviously the strikes/Xmas time post, I take it the trade-in return period will be extended,as I haven't even received my trade-in return kit as yet, so hoping it turns up this week.
    Contact Google and they'll make a note to make sure you get an extension. That's what I did after someone suggested I do that earlier in this thread
  17. Avatar
    £185 for my iPhone 6S, I guess I will buy another one now...
    £849 - 15% - £185 - £150 (google credit) = £387 for a Pixel 7 Pro
  18. Avatar
    This is only worth it if you get the value quoted for your old phone.
    Horror stories on Trust pilot reviews for PCS Wireless who deal with the trade ins.
    I got my old iPhone 5s valued at £140, however I doubt very much this will happen.
    By the time you hear about your trade in, it will be too late to return the new google phone?.
    Anybody got any experience with PCS Wireless?.
    Yup, sent in two, and been paid full amount on both
  19. Avatar
    Just received an email about my Pixel 7 being dispatched. Have also received the £100 Google Credit. Ordered yesterday
  20. Avatar
    This was mentioned above somewhere (thanks!) but maybe worth a further mention that for a £7.99 monthly Google One sub you can get a further 10% Google Store credit of up to £95, depending on the phone bought.
  21. Avatar
    Are there any limits as to how many time per customer/google account the following can be used
    1. £150 Google store credit
    2. 10% Google One refund
    3. Trade in

    Thank you
    Someone mentioned you can only get the store credit twice. The 10% won't have limits but the trade in may (edited)
  22. Avatar
    can we use student discount, trade AND receive google credit AND fitbit versa 4 with this?

    Also, has anyone got an student code please (edited)
    Versa isn't available if buying from Google store. Here is your code:
  23. Avatar
    This deal comes on after 5mins of me ordering from JL 🤦 kinda gutted but then again I don't have 15% student discount, only have 10% so not that bad I guess.
  24. Avatar
    Anyone have an idea of how long the Store Credit is valid for - i.e. does it expire after 12 months?
    12 months
  25. Avatar
    Can you combine topcashback, student discount and 10% Google one credit?
    If so the pro 7 would come out to be 849 - 127.35 (student discount) - 225 (pixel 6 trade in) - 150(store credit) - 39.70(TCB cashback) - 72.16 (Google one) = 234.79 which sounds very nice!
    Correct math .
  26. Avatar
    is the google store credit attached to your account or given as a voucher? Like could I try and sell the voucher if I wanted to?
    It's attached to your account and can only be used to purchase goods from Google store.
  27. Avatar
    £100/£150 bonus credit expires on 24/12/23.
  28. Avatar
    Would appreciate a student code if anyone has one they are not using.. Even a 10% one would be fantastic TIA!
  29. Avatar
    Just want to say, it is possible to apply for finance with the Student discount. 1. You first proceed to checkout, 2. apply the promo code the normal way. 3. exit the checkout by clicking on the "G" on the top left so you will return to the Google Store front page. 4. go to basket again and click apply for finance. then you should be able to spread the cost at the 15% off price.
  30. Avatar
    Thank you so much!
  31. Avatar
    Can anyone please confirm if you still receive the credit if you use your existing Google Store credit towards your purchase, trade in a phone towards it and if you still get the Google One 10% in addition to the £100 / £150? Thank you (edited)
    I have used 15% code and received £100 for purchasing P7 which was used to purchase P7 Pro and £150 was also received and 15% code used again. And I have already been confirmed that I will also received 10% cashback for using Google One 2TB plan.
    So there is nothing to worry about all good:)
    Oh and yes used TCB on top and trade-in both times. TCB already tracked for P7 purchase but not yet for P7 Pro.
  32. Avatar
    Additional £70 back if you have Amex cash back
    Darn it! Will have to return and re-buy!

    thanks btw
  33. Avatar
    Can anyone send me a spare code please? 🤞
  34. Avatar
    anyone know what the google store is like for price matching say if its reduced over Christmas will they refund the difference etc?
    If you're within the Google returns window then there is an option during the process of raising the return to request a price match
  35. Avatar
    For how many times can I use this deal? I have used it twice haha
    2 per account, that's 2 for the 7 and 2 for the 7 Pro per account. I've not tried to see if buying 3 7's would still give you a further £100 or not.
  36. Avatar
    I hope it works.

  37. Avatar
    Apologies to everyone but are there still codes available as the one i tried to use was expired. Thanks
    Here is one for you:
  38. Avatar
    My 7 arrived last Friday but so far still no return box for the traded phone. Anyone else receive their return kit ?
    Ordered a 6 pro and it came in after like 5 days
  39. Avatar
    @MrSwitch 7 Pro is £150 credit if you want to reflect in title/details.
    Done cheers bud
  40. Avatar
    15% off code is available from UniDays also.
    Where do you see it? I can't seem to find it on Unidays
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