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Posted 8 March 2023

Google Pixel 7 128GB 5G Smartphone £599 + £50 Currys Gift Card + £175 Enhanced Trade In (£424) / Pixel 7 Pro £849 / £649 @ Currys

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Update 1
Currys will price match laptops direct here for the 7 and pro, makes the 7 after trade £320, thanks to @Jayd222 and @deanos for making me aware


7 pro

Currys will price match laptops direct here for the 7 and pro, makes the 7 after trade £320, thanks to @Jayd222 and @deanos for making me aware


7 pro

The beauty of currys is that they will take any phone working or non working and give you the £175 or £200, do this in store, go in to store, say you want to trade in your phone to buy the 7 or 7 pro, and they will give you what your phone is worth, plus that enhanced

Trade in page
Pixel 7 Pro

Terms and Conditions : Initial Trade-in value will vary dependent on device. Offer available when you trade in online and in store and continues until 31/03/2023 Additional discounted values only apply when you trade in any eligible handset and purchase a new Google Pixel 7. Trade In value and additional promotional value issued on a Currys gift card in store, or via BACS transfer online. You cannot use this eGift card to purchase airtime, or certain mobile phones and accessories. Only one gift card can be used to subsidise the transaction. If the device is bent, broken into pieces or any of the internal parts are showing, it is classed as 'Beyond Economic Repair' or BER. A device that is BER or has ZERO value and cannot be traded in. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability.

Terms and Conditions : Initial Trade-in value will vary dependent on device. Offer available when you trade in online and in store and continues until 31/03/2023 Additional discounted values only apply when you trade in any eligible handset and purchase a new Google Pixel 7 Pro. Trade In value and additional promotional value issued on a Currys gift card in store, or via BACS transfer online. You cannot use this eGift card to purchase airtime, or certain mobile phones and accessories. Only one gift card can be used to subsidise the transaction. If the device is bent, broken into pieces or any of the internal parts are showing, it is classed as 'Beyond Economic Repair' or BER. A device that is BER or has ZERO value and cannot be traded in. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability.

A fast processor makes all the difference. The new Google Tensor G2 processor was developed specially for the Pixel 7 - it gives you amazing performance, helpful features and high photo and video quality. You can touch up your photos with Pixel-specific tools like the Magic Eraser that effortlessly removes distracting objects from the photo, or the Face Unblur that fixes out-of-focus faces. Add a brilliant OLED display with vivid colours to the package and a high-capacity battery and you've got the perfect all-rounder.

Good to know

- The adaptive battery lasts over 24 hours, or up to 72 hours with Extreme Battery Saver
- Snap great photos with the 50 MP dual camera or the 10.8 MP front camera with built-in flash for stunning nighttime selfies
- Record 4K videos at 60 FPS with both front and rear cameras
- The OLED display has vibrant colours thanks to HDR support, and up to 90 Hz refresh rate, so all motion from scrolling to gaming is super smooth
- With built-in Google Assistant, you can compose messages, answer calls, set alarms and so much more, with just your voice
- The Pixel 7 is waterproof with IP68 certification, so you can take it with you in the shower or in the pool

Help & services
Currys More details at

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  1. 3lions1966's avatar
    Tip for anyone with an old price match code: The first 6 digits are a date, so if you change the last 2 digits to today/tomorrow's date you should be able to use them still. Not tested fully as I haven't checked out using this but it seemed to work ok when entering the code.
  2. adluk's avatar
    Anyone ever done an online trade-in?How was overall experience all in all?
    Xxavier's avatar
    I won't buy again. Currys do an additional check to see if device is stolen or blacklisted. They take so long that you'll be outside return window. If they refuse trade in you can't even return the phone
  3. ionic's avatar
    For everyone that has noticed the new free buds promotion. I tried my luck with price promise live chat. First person no luck. Second person initially said they couldn't do a match (with their own website!) as it was out of stock. After I asked if I could get free headphones when it is in stock they offered me £100 refund. So worth a punt!
    Gm123212's avatar
    Did you pay £599? And can you get the headphones?
  4. mouseclick's avatar
    So I paid £323.94 for a Pixel 7, and I will get a £50 gift card bringing it down to £273.94.
    The breakdown:
    * I got £175.50 enhanced trade-in for a working 2015 Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone, in-store.
    * I got a discount code worth £102.55 because Amazon has a lower price (they currently list it at £496.45).

    I first used the website to get the enhanced trade-in. This was estimated as £1 for "Make Not Listed Model Not Listed". This was emailed to me with a reference number. This was needed later.

    I used webchat to get the price promise discount. I needed to provide the product link, and give my name and postcode. They assured me that I would still get the £50 Currys voucher and the Enhanced Trade-in on top of the £102.55 price promise.

    I had to wait until the next day for the price promise to be valid between 07:30 to midnight.

    So the next day I tried one Currys Store and they rejected the lovely Lumia because its IMEI number was not listed.

    So I visited a second store and they correctly inserted the reference given to me in the trade-in email which I showed them. This overrode the IMEI problem.

    The Lumia was then knocked down to non-working status because it had a slight crack. So I lost 50p there. A gift certificate was printed by the store for £175.50.

    I then filled out my details on an iPad, and the store inserted the gift voucher number they had just given me and the price promise discount code. I was taken to the payment desk and I paid with my card. I paid £2.99 for standard 3-5 day home delivery.

    I think it's better to get the valuation done in-store, because then you know where you stand and don't have to wait for a refund of the enhanced trade-in.

    So now I wait for the phone and gift card. Very happy
    dandee's avatar
    Thanks, I may give them another visit and go for this route, just to confirm, you chose "Email me this estimate"
  5. flanobrian's avatar
    I wonder if they'd give me the £175 for a One Plus 6? I've a spare iPhone SE also... Do you bring it into the shop and get the trade in value straight away, when buying the Pixel 7? I assume they send the £50 voucher via email later on via email? Thanks in advance for any answers
    deanos's avatar
    you get £175 for any phone even broken , then what your phone is worth on top
  6. vis_7's avatar
    has anyone managed to purchase this in-store or online? with the trade-in, price match and the £50 voucher?

    I will try to go to store today but in case I can't, this deal is great and I want to then try online as a last resort
    Altair112's avatar
    Did it yesterday in store. The £50 voucher will be sent after 18th April to your email. (edited)
  7. fryster's avatar
    About to pull the plunge on this, can I use gift vouchers as well as the price promise code online? Will see if I can get discounted vouchers from either student or NHS status, just wanted to check I can use both the vouchers and the price match,
    Little-Dynamite's avatar
    I used gift cards from Topcashback to get 5% back, seems to have worked fine
  8. NevermindNirvana666's avatar
    I price matched Amazon for the white pixel 7 on web chat yesterday and took my Samsung galaxy S6 into store today. I asked them for a voucher/ gift card as I was ordering for my partner and he hasn't decided on colour yet so would order online later. I got £193 total trade in plus the £100 Amazon price match discount code. So a pixel 7 for £306! Happy days!
    Tempty's avatar
    £100 price match, Amazon has been 550+ no?

    They won't match to non-Amazon sellers apparently. (edited)
  9. Gertrude's avatar
    So my experience has been pretty good, all done online.

    - On Wed 8th late in the day I did the online trade in. It was after 5pm, so I would say this probably did not get processed until the 9th.
    - Thur 9th I price matches online against Amazon and got the code issued.
    - Fri 10th ordered my phone using the price match code, for delivery on Sun 12th and it arrived fine
    - Sat 11th the returns box for the trade in arrived. It has free recorded 48 hour postage included. With the trade in being worth £201 including the bonus, I chose to pay for special next day and sent it back on Sat 11th also.
    - Mon 13th the return tracked as delivered at 12.59
    - Fri 17th the £201 has appeared in my account after 4pm sometime. No email or contact to let me know it was processed and accepted

    So the whole thing worked as expected, but I think doing the trade in at a store would have calmed me a bit knowing I was walking out with the voucher for the trade in there and then.
    My trade in was also for a 'not listed' phone. If it had been worth more than £1, I would have been hesitant doing online trade in.

    I did initially try to do this in store. The person I talked to said they could not do trade ins or price match in store for phones. I politely asked him not to lie to customers and left. Not worth the effort, but I do wonder if price matches and trade ins look bad for the stores sales figures.

    I now have my phone, the trade in cash in my bank and 6 months to pay it off interest free.
    alexnnnu's avatar
    Hi, was the trade in linked with the order at all? I got a price match now and wondering what I should do next. Thanks
  10. Eanamule's avatar
    I completely forgot the print the details of the £50 gift card/ voucher.

    How do I get that? I ordered yesterday 18/3.
    RWilsonR's avatar
  11. Nicolas's avatar
    Question is
    Do u still get the bonus 175/200 trade in if the phone is value at 0?
    It’s a contradiction as on the header says 200 bonus of any phone trade
    In even broken ones
    phil.willis's avatar

    As long as it meets their criteria (even for a broken phone). They will give you the enhanced trade in.

    You're better off doing it in store if you're worried. They process it there and then. And you get the trade in bonus instantly.
  12. Raja007's avatar
    They say £50 giftcard is not valid in conjunction with any other offer. I assume they are not talking about enhanced trade in value offer
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Yeah, currys have confirmed you can claim both
  13. vis_7's avatar
    also how do they match the trade in offer (£200 looking at the pro) with the purchase if done online? I went to trade in page online and it doesnt ask for order number or anything to specify I purchased the pixel 7 pro
    a.198311's avatar
    They match it with your email Id
  14. vigilant92's avatar
    Anyone have any idea of a work around?

    Currys won't accept my moto g100 on the website. So that means it's down as an unknown phone and will recieved £0.50.

    Was looking to get the pixel 7 or 7 pro but now it seems like a waste.
    imranali786's avatar
    Go into a store and check?
  15. koolishy67's avatar
    Any price match spare code please? £495 one thanks
    imranali786's avatar

    I didn't use it as went in to a store
  16. bcs1's avatar
    For those looking to trade in their existing phones, generally I reckon you're better off picking up an old phone for a few quid from ebay or CEX and trading that in for £175, then sell your phone yourself. I went for a Samsung Galaxy 5 i5500 which is listed by Currys, or you can pick "make not listed" on the Currys trade in, needs repair (it still needs to power on, not have water damage, and be less than 7 years old) and you'll get 50p plus the £175 bonus.
  17. nectar's avatar
    Does anyone know for sure if CPW/Curry’s will honour the enhanced trade in for £0 value / recycle smartphones?
    andrew.bowen's avatar
    The store staff haven't got a clue.
    They say anything not to give the money off.
    You have to speak to a manager
  18. lisakelly's avatar
    Based on comments here. I’ve just been to Curry’s in Grimsby to be told they can’t do a price match and a trade in! The sales person said they never have done! Not happy with them! Would love to know how others on this post managed it?
    3lions1966's avatar
    I did the whole process in store, traded in a pixel 6 and walked out with a Pixel 7. Got £415 for the 6 and got the 7 for £494 The staff were a nightmare though and it took a lot of arguing.
  19. hurley31's avatar
    With regards to getting gift cards in store to use online, can you specifically ask for that? As in I can just go in and ask for a trade in against the P7 and tell them I'm going to order online instead? Or do I have to hope they don't have them in stock etc because then that's just pot luck. I'm trying to get the trade in boost and price match.

    Also does anyone have a link to their in store terms for trade ins? I have a bunch of old faulty Samsungs older than seven years lying around but if they're not going to accept them then there's no point in me doing the trek. I've already got my online price match code so I'm hoping it will be ok.
    lewisscc's avatar
    They emailed me the gift card for trade in before we discussed price match so as long as they do that I think you could in theory take it away and use the gift card online with price match code
  20. hurley31's avatar
    For those who got an online price match code is it the case that it doesn't work until the following day? I got one this morning but it says it's not valid.
    The fella in store was willing to give me a gift card for my trade in phone but was adamant it had to be used there and then. The price match code didn't work though so I left it, he said it might not be active yet. (edited)
    Tafsir's avatar
    just go back tomorrow with the code & order it in the shop if its easier for you , and there do it for you , (the guy at my local did it for me)
    there will input the price match code first
    then input the trade value
  21. daniel-2412's avatar
    Ok so I just spoke to them on the chat helpline and they do compare with UK.insight.com. at the moment it is 485.95. if this helps anyone, it doesn't help me as they do not recognize the IEMI numbers on four of my phones
    Tempty232's avatar
    How do they not recognise the IMEI number, what do they need from you besides handing the phone over?
  22. laurie.blake's avatar
    Just bought this phone, they price matched Amazon by Amazon for £479.39. Then £187 trade value, so phone was £297.34. Offer is great, plus £50 gift card to come. Customer service sucks when you have a problem though, so be warned.
    BlackAdam's avatar
    Congrats. What do you mean CS sucks?
  23. hurley31's avatar
    Yep to my shock I just received one too. Did anyone buy more than one Pixel? We should be getting one for each right?
    bearcat20's avatar
    Yes, I got two gift cards.
  24. MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    An iPhone 7 will get you £195 for example, making the pixel 7 £399 + £50 currys gift card
    Bytheseashore's avatar
    Surprised they don't have Xiaomi in that list.
  25. imranali786's avatar
    Hey all, thanks for the advice on here ....so story is..

    Went to store (Luton) and said I wanted price match on pixel 7 pro which they agreed to once I provided the laptops direct link

    Then I said I'd like to trade in my phone but the guy said they don't have any stock in store so can only deliver, after umming and arring for a bit he said actually let me check our stock and luckily had one in store.

    Went to the till and said what phone are you trading in, I gave him my OnePlus 6t which I was expecting £50 for plus the £175 trade in. Surprisingly he did his checks and said we can give you £250 for the phone to which I said Yes Please.

    He only looked it over, had to ask a manager how he applies the gift voucher or if Bacs payment and then put in an envelope. I asked him isn't he going to run the electronic usb check on it (as that's what they did the last time I traded in store) and he said nah it's fine he does a visual check and all looks ok

    So that brought the phone down to £499 for the Pixel 7 pro from £849. I asked him about the gift voucher but he didn't have much of a clue and I didn't want to ask too many questions just in case they cancelled any of the deal or messed something up.

    It's fair to say your experience will probably be different at each store but luckily it went quite smoothly for me, now just got to wait for the gift voucher or chase it up if it doesn't arrive in one month

    Wish you all well and success in your purchase
  26. deanos's avatar
    not sure i can let go of my P30 as it has no issues , looking at P7 1hr 40 mins to a full charge is painfully slow
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Ditto ny Mate 20 Pro. There must be a swathe of people like me who browse loads of the these offers looking for the one to tip them over into a replacement, but nothing is good enough.

    Except for that S23 Ultra stacking preorder offer. If they hadn't screwed up the promotional discount and refused to fix it I'd have moved on. Otherwise... nope, still looking.

    Though... the P7 is the only one with a flat screen and the curved screen on my Mate 20 Pro is one of the few complaints I have. They're stupid and have no benefits except for marketing material and I don't want one.
  27. nectar's avatar
    I guess the issue is if I am trading in my current phone I can’t transfer everything over as you have to trade in before getting the new one? I usually like to have some cross over so I can transfer everything over
  28. ionic's avatar
    Thanks to @MrSwitch for finding the offer and @Jayd222 and @deanos for finding the price promise angle.

    I eventually managed to trade in an old Nokia 8 I had lying around in a drawer for a number of years for £175.50.

    When I first went into store no one knew how to do it. The store manager at first didn't think you could do it as the IMEI wasn't allowing it. I tried to explain I was happy with putting it through as a non-working phone for 50p due to the enhanced trade in making it worthwhile.

    After much hesitation, checking, phoning somewhere else, reading all the T&Cs they eventually went through the process and I got my gift card via email. Fair play to the manager as it seems like something they haven't been told of or how to do it. Took a good 30-40 minutes!

    You can apply both the price promise code and the gift voucher code at checkout. They go in different fill boxes.
    mouseclick's avatar
    Yes, I can confirm that. It's important to explain to the staff that they don't need an IMEI number if they use the reference number provided in the email we get with the price estimate for in-store trade-ins. So the email has to be shown to them.
  29. Squizzy_Rex's avatar
    I can trade my pixel 6 pro for £300 and get an additional £200.

    Not bad, not bad.

    Seriously considering this.
  30. DonkeyKonk's avatar
    I just bought a "Grade C" pixel 5 from a big eBay seller which looks very good to me on arrival, more like a "Very Good" (and 90% battery Health) for £125, some good deals around on older pixels at the moment with all these trade in deals.

    I was looking at the 6a and 7, but the 5 is still the best size and quality for me. (edited)
  31. DrunkOnRedWine's avatar
    Honestly I couldn't be bothered with the hassle with dealing with Currys. I'm taking a leaf out of the Big Lebowski's books (edited)
  32. koolishy67's avatar
    Done in-store few days back phone delivered yesterday brilliant £415 for pixel six price match £495 rest paid by gift card £75 minus £50 Currys voucher so £25 extra upgrade to 7 fed up with six finger unlock problem
  33. Gm123212's avatar
    Managed a £495 ish price match in store yesterday and also got the trade in offer. Was really difficult to persuade them but worked.
  34. grantem2000's avatar
    Thanks @MrSwitch. I've just had Currys price match Amazon on a Snow, 128GB Pixel 7 Pro at £703.45 (still the price at the time of writing) and give me £200.50 for an ancient but working Doro flip phone making net purchase price £502.95.

    I was also able to use some other Currys vouchers against the sale including an instant voucher bought online in store at a discount through a work scheme. I used 4 vouchers in total (inc the trade in voucher) to buy the phone (though the trade in website states "Only one gift card can be used to subsidise the transaction").

    I would not usually choose the Snow colour but the phone will be in a case so not really bothered given Snow was £150 cheaper. (The Currys price match only works with identical phone on Amazon, and price must be for phone sold by Amazon direct, not via Marketplace.)

    Notable that Currys really do accept "any working phone", smartphone or not, for trade in even "Make Not Listed, Model Not Listed". I did this trade in at a store; don't think I would have trusted the "send your phone in" option with a Doro flip phone.

    To my surprise and delight I got really good service in the store. One slight downside is that phone was not in stock so I will not have it for a week yet.

    Thanks again to all on here for the never ending stream of deals, hints and tips and especially Switchy.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Ah man, my pleasure, happy it's worked out for you
  35. DopeyDunker's avatar
    Hmmm. Wonder if the trade-in will work with this little beaut I bought!

    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
  36. vis_7's avatar
    I'm looking at this deal and I know for trade ins its best to do in store. When I search for my local store is says " Stock delivered to store".

    Do you know if I can still order in store ( and do the trade-in) or does it need to be in stock at my chosen Currys?
    Jayd222's avatar
    I did the trade in in store. They gave me a voucher including my trade in boost and I think it had an expiry date on. As it was, I used it there and then.
  37. Esc34p33's avatar
    Heat. At £599-£175-phone+£50 gift card, it is similar to previous Currys deal of £499-£125-phone. Assuming you have need for a £50 gift card.....
  38. donotneed's avatar
    Got my code for price match but its not active until 07:30 tomorrow 😬

    Pending transaction I will have a Pixel 7 Pro for £310 after 240 for Pixel 6 and 200 for additional cashback. Win
    vis_7's avatar
    I got the code through the chat and I asked if i can get it from store today they said yes.

    If not I will ask for a trade-in instore as I can say you take price match this company as i got the priced match online.
  39. ElChampo's avatar
    Jaenova's avatar
    Maybe try again with a different agent
's avatar