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Posted 8 February 2023

Google Pixel 7/7 Pro 128GB - Any Colour - £469.05/£706.55 with 5% off Student Totum Code & Free delivery at Google Store

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    another code me hearties

    just missed it
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    I just received my phone but I don't see anything for sending my trade in. Does it come separate or is there something in the phone's box which I have to use with the package it came in? I'd rather not open the box.
    You should have had a separate email with the details for the trade in know I did. They send you a trade in kit separately to the phone you bought from Google.
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    here are some codes:







  4. Avatar
    i should get another unique code in the next hour... they are only dishing them out an hourly basis unless someone else like @Raiper can supply.
    Thank you. I'll keep refreshing this page and look for you posting one. Thanks
  5. Avatar
    Can some kind soul please PM me a code, as it gets taken away before I can get to it here. Thanks in advance.
    if you miss this one should have another in an hour
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    I would be tempted to get this over the id mobile deal if I could trade in my S22 but apparently you can only do up to the S21 range for some reason
    Stick with the Samsung, the fingerprint reader is annoying as hell, some games crash with the Tensor chip, overall the phone isn't a flagship at all. It has good cameras that can also be inconsistent especially when taking a photo through a window.
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    Anybody else having trouble being declined for the credit?

    I got declined (not sure why as never had any financial issues) and just signed up for Experian to see what the problem was and everything looks good.

    49512514_1.jpg (edited)
    I had this last year, and I also have a 999 credit score, very bemusing
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    Crikey - keep holding out folks on these pixel deals and we'll squeeze them down to about £250
    almost there
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    Can't offer a better deal, but recently tried the pixel 7 for a few weeks & was disappointed. In my own direct comparison the Poco M4 Pro is FAR better value at half the price or sometimes even less. (edited)
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    There also appears to be a similar code on Discounts for Teachers in case that's useful to anyone.
  11. Avatar
    How do you get a code ?
    Damn the code doesn't work anymore. I didn't complete my purchase and now it's no longer valid
  12. Avatar
    Wish I'd seen this last week! Paid full price. Oh well
    Return it then.
  13. Avatar
    Is there only 1 code or can others be generated please?
  14. Avatar
    Will this work with klarna / pay monthly 0% interest over 24mths?
    google offer interest free finance anyway i think
  15. Avatar
    Nice one.. Grab it before Google patches this
  16. Avatar
    Can't see any mention of getting any Google Play credit if you purchase (or am I missing it)? Think it was 3% before or 10% for the 2tb storage?

    Also can you use Google Play credit you have towards this (even if you buy on the interest free deal)?

    Thanks Mark. (edited)
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    Can someone send me a code please, thanks
    if you miss this one should have another in an hour
  18. Avatar
    *Sad Irish Google Store noises*
  19. Avatar
    I don't have great knowledge over various brands of phones, could someone advise if Pixel 7 would be worth the extra money over the new Poco X5 Pro 5G they keep pushing.
    I'm in the market for a new phone, the specs sound decent for the X5 and I also have Xiaomi discount codes but I like the idea of a Google phone to match my Google accounts/smart devices.
    i cant recommend it enough, I even sent my iphone 14 pro back, the pixel 7 is perfect for what i need and you can't complain about the cost. Battery will get you through the day but when are oyu never near a cable for a quick boost anyway.
  20. Avatar
    If anyone needs

    Thank you Very Much
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    Nice deal - I got £315 to trade in my S20 Ultra which is a lot (£100 more than ebay I reckon) so the phone was only £154

    S20 ultra is slightly too big so im happy to get rid of it to be honest and its a couple of years old now so battery is starting to go (edited)
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    Grabbed a Pixel 6a for £114.05 after 5% code and trade in with a mint Galaxy S9
  23. Avatar
    Code welcome
  24. Avatar
    Just a poor soul looking for a code!
  25. Avatar
    Hopefully these deals will still be around in a few months when I'm ready to upgrade.
  26. Avatar
    Anyone got a code
  27. Avatar
    Ahh codes all used up, had it in my basket too long
  28. Avatar
    £310 trade in for my base S21? That seems crazy high and very tempting.
  29. Avatar
    You can also use health service discounts to get 5% off!
  30. Avatar
    I got a pixel 7 Pro on a previous good trade in deal for my Samsung S21 Ultra, what a mistake that was, the S21 ultra was a far superior phone.

    The pixel 7 pro has issues, the fingerprint reader is annoying as hell, some games crash with the Tensor chip, overall the phone isn't a flagship at all. It has good cameras that can also be inconsistent especially when taking a photo through a window.

    I have now picked up a reconditioned Samsung S22 ultra and am selling the Pixel 7 Pro. My tip is if you are coming from a base model phone then you might get an improved experience, however if you are coming from a previous flagship level device you will be disappointed.
    I tried moving from S21 Ultra to pixel 7 / 7 pro. Found S21U to be better. Sold both. Traded S21U for S23U
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    Any other code? They are all used
  32. Avatar
    Could any spare a code be much appreciated
  33. Avatar
    Any more codes ?
  34. Avatar
    Can someone send me a code please
  35. Avatar
    Is the 5% off code only valid for the 6a, or can it be used for the 7 aswell?
    Used mine on a 7 pro today 🤘
  36. Avatar
    Could anyone else spare a code please?! thanks!
  37. Avatar
    Me too please 🙏
  38. Avatar
    Can anyone spare a code pretty please
  39. Avatar
    Don't know if this code works, lemme know

    worked and used it! Thanks!
  40. Avatar
    Have another one


    If anyone still needs more lemme know, they refresh every hour
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