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Google Pixel 7 128GB + Pixel Buds Pro (All Colours) - £566.36 Delivered @ Amazon Germany

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Hi, my first deal, looks like a bargain to me with the Pro buds.
Amazon Germany More details at Amazon Germany

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    Does this phone still pixel dump photos down to 12.5mp?

    Edit, yes it does. Lame. (edited)
    Hmm. I do dslr photography 15+ years and for social media, (as a final postprocessing step), i shrink the image specific to the social media app which is often only a couple megapixels at most. This allows for full control and incredibly sharp pictures. Its not about the megapixels. Thats only useful if you want to print it at high resolution on a large scale A3+, or if you want to crop your images. Megapixel count is often used as a marketing hype. Sensor tech + size and lens is far more important. For smartphones, the most important is what it does with the raw information from the sensor readout. With google, they are so ace at optimising and automatically postprocessing these data, that the images appear to trump other smartphones that have technically more capable sensors.
    In this phone, you are talking about pixel binning. No pixels are wasted. Think of it as the phone sensor changing itself to become a low light sensor when needed such as for dark scenes to prevent motion blur. Its a 2 in 1 sensor so to speak. 12mp is plenty for social media use and high res prints up to 8x6in.

    Hopefully with this info, you can next time laugh at your mates for forking out their cash for 100+mp phones and show off your 12mp photos. (edited)
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    Worth noting, the camera glass is breaking without question

    Those stories have put me off buying the Pixel 7 Pro until we get more info. Given the timing I suspect it might be down to the extreme weather in the US right now which would not worry me too much, but if we don't get any more information soon I will wait to see what the Galaxy S23 brings.
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    Is there an option for the 7 Pro?
    The listing for 7 Pro and Buds Pro all colours is there but currently not available.
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    Now unavailable? (edited)
    Some colours still available for example Obsidian with Charcoal buds
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    Obsidian is now £499 on Amazon.co.uk.
    And Pro down to £710
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    Some colours still available Obsidian with Charcoal burs and others (edited)
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    Any 256GB deals?
    £653 with buds pro on same site. (edited)
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    Well played on your first deal @ClingyBiscuit
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    Had the pixel 6 over a year now, defo going back to Samsung
    This deal is for the Pixel 7 which is one of the most improved phones in recent years. I've just moved from Samsung S21 to Pixel 7 and I love it much more.
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    I suppose if you want the pixel buds pro this is a decent deal, but the phone alone can be bought from the Google UK store (with UK warranty) for £524, so if you don't really need the buds then probably better to just go for that. (edited)
    Or get this and chuck the buds on eBay for £115 bringing the price of the phone down to £450...
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    Amazing if it was with 7 pro I would buy easily for 750
    If it was with 7 pro 256gb and pixel watch, I will buy it
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    Great deal 🔥
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    Will it work in the uk
  14. Avatar
    Free returns??
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    I wish It was Pixel 7 Pro with Pixel Buds (non-pro) for the same price
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    Dont you have to pay tax on anything outside of UK
    It's included in the purchase via Amazon.
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    Nope its not, check other colours.
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    Thanks Op. Perfect timing. Obsidian 7 and charcoal buds for me @ £564.15 (edited)
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    Thanks for posting and well done on your first hotukdeals thread
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    Really good deal. I got the pixel 6 last year when Google had their own offer and I'm happy with the phone. Would love this but I can wait until the next one or wherever my phone actually dies
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    I sent my buds pro back, the a series buds have a better sound imo
    Did you buy your Pixel buds pro separately? They were free with the Pixel 7.
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