Unfortunately, this deal has expired 26 March 2023.
Posted 10 March 2023

Google Pixel 7 - 256GB 5G Smartphone 50GB iD Data £26.99pm/24 + £49 Upfront + £175 Trade in = £696.76/521.76 (Or 100GB for £27.99pm) @ CPW

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There are £160 Topcashback for next 24hr - thank you @Carney_B
Extra £175 trade in value makes this 256GB a good deal

You can get 100GB data for one pound more per month if you wish.

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  1. Carney_B's avatar
    @sajidtg just refreshed as I was looking at buying. TCB now £160 for next 24h
    sajidtg's avatar
    Even better
    I have updated it now.
  2. Pavel78's avatar
    Is the cashback through Quidco? What do you mean by available for the next 3 hours ?- is that cashback due to be withdrawn?
    sajidtg's avatar
    Sorry, it would have helped if I would have put TCB
    I have edited it now
    Yes, it says £150 exclusive cashback ends in 3 hours
    it was available for few days and its now ending.
    There will still be cashback - but at a different rate.
  3. oonderware's avatar
    This is an almost "too good to be true" deal

    I just ordered the Pixel 7 (non Pro) ID Mobile 100GB plan, £19 upfront and £24 per month.

    That's £595 over 2 years

    Then there's £160 TCB and £175 trade-in boost for an old phone

    £595 - £160 - £175 = £260

    £10.82 a month average cost, the cheapest comparable plan is £8.50 (after cashback) Vodafone 100GB SIM Only from mobiles.co.uk

    Effectively works out as £2.32 a monthly extra for the Pixel 7 or the phone for only £55! If you really wanted you could literally just sell the phone for about £400 and "make" £160 profit and have a "free" contract for 2 years.

    Assuming all the cashback and trade-in promo goes through of course.
  4. Peter_bob's avatar
    How do you get the trade in with is offer? The checkout has a trade-in link at the top but it's only showing me £40, not the £175.
    oonderware's avatar
    After you place the order you get an email about the trade-in. In that email there's a link to a form where you put in your order number, trade-in number and which promo applying for
  5. MillsUK's avatar
    Gone for this, trading in my old old s8 plus. £150 quidco waiting for that to track if that tracks then that makes it a total cost of 337.35 (if my s8 trades in for 35, i suspect it'll be 10) so 357 with 50gb data for 24 months total. Not bad. Effective £15 a month. (not including April 24 rises).
  6. jddavis's avatar
    Wow. Pixel 7 pro with 256gb and I'd do it
    Carney_B's avatar
    You can update to a pixel 7 Pro 256gb.. Cheapest deal is 50gb data £33.99 a month and £79upfront.

    This is what I am looking at getting.

    Also TCB just updated to £160 cashback
  7. Shorty6's avatar
    You need to update the post to show cashback price as this should be HOT!
    Pixel 7 256gb effectively £362 Total cost
    Pixel 7 Pro 256gb effectively £555 Total cost
  8. b0arder2k9's avatar
    I can't checkout on any device. Every time I get "500 internal service error"? I've tried my name and my wife, different bank details etc. Anyone else experiencing the same or have any suggestions?
  9. Msx98's avatar
    Okay do I failed a security check. Whatever that means. Is it worth trying again. My current account is less than a year old so might use the joint one this time! Thanks OP, this, if it works, is hot.
  10. martinw222's avatar
    Hi, don't know if anyone is still posting on this, but has anyone received their trade on top up. I haven't got confirmation of this even though I filled out the form at the time
    zesus80's avatar
    No I have called twice and they claim to be escalating but it's starting to get worrying
  11. tonyk100's avatar
    the currys trade in team just sent my handset back and are being very unhelpful about why
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