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Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro - FREE Google One VPN now rolling out on devices

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About this deal

During the Pixel 7 launch event, Google promised that buyers would eventually gain free mobile access to the Google One VPN. This perk is finally available/rolling out to Pixel 7 and 7 Pro owners, or should be shortly depending on when the OTA (Over The Air) update hits your device.

Should be looking at around 4/5 years support

Once you have the update, here's how you use the VPN:

Here’s how you enable Google One VPN on your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro:

  • Install/open the Google One app.
  • Tap the “Benefits” tab at the bottom of your screen.
  • Scroll down and find the card labeled “VPN Protection for Multiple Devices.”
  • Select “View Details.”
  • Tap “Use VPN.”
Once enabled, you should see a Google One VPN alert in your notification shade. An icon that looks like a key will also appear on the top right of your Pixel phone, next to your battery life and networking indicators. Source

Sadly Google 6/6 Pro users will still have to subscribe to Google One 2TB to get their 'Free' VPN, you can find out about that here thanks @MrSwitch for that.

How do i force an update on my Google Pixel?

First, tap on the settings icon in your app drawer or in the notification shade. Now scroll down to System, then tap on Advanced. Then tap on System Update. Now your Pixel is going to check for an update
Google Store More details at Google Store
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  1. Avatar
    Google VPN.

    There’s an oxymoron
  2. Avatar
    I love that everyone is crying about their "personal" data being shared but will happily hand it over for a free sample of a £1 product.
    I'd argue they're probably not the same people.
  3. Avatar
    You must have massive b||s if you’re gonna trust google with your data, its already bad as it is.

    Deal itself is great as most people don’t give a damn about privacy. 🔥 (edited)
    48934599-GS86r.jpgTake that as you wish 🏻
  4. Avatar
    Great, now to find a decent deal on a pixel 7 pro.
    Well you don't need that NordVPN at £1.xx a month now so works out great
  5. Avatar
    Found this in the small print..

    "You won't be able to change your IP location to view content that is not available in your region."

    Let's be honest 99% of VPN users want a VPN for this.
  6. Avatar
    Works well on my pixel 7 but I don't fully trust Google... Better sticking with Mullvad or ivpn.
    Agreed. Mullvad doesn't block ads or malware by default on the Android app afaik. Private DNS config is the way around this though.
  7. Avatar
    Wouldn't trust Google with being my VPN provider.
  8. Avatar
    VPN from Google… nice try Google but no (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Comments full of people that turn of location and think they're off grid

    Let's be real, Google doesn't need you to toggle enable VPN to know everything about you. You're not making a grand statement when you say dOnT tRuSt GoOgLe. (edited)
    Very edgy and contrarian, congrats.
  10. Avatar
    A Google VPN is an Oxymoron like a sad-clown or a short-girrafe
  11. Avatar
    Google VPN is a hillarious concept. Neat for bypassing streaming service limitations, no more than that. They will absolutely sell or hand over your data if asked. Still, heat for the former utility.
    Exactly my thoughts. Why the hell would you possibly trust Google with ALL your data?!
  12. Avatar
    What is the point of those VPN? What does it connect to? Does this give Google complete visibility of all your traffic?
  13. Avatar
    Cool, I love vpns. I have a collection of all available. Guess I'll have to get a pixel phone to collect this one!
    Wait. Why do you collect them?
  14. Avatar
    It will protect your data when connected to any WiFi connection. If you're using public WiFi hotspots without a VPN their is a good chance someone could steal your data. Use a VPN and you're protected. For people with a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 pro it's worth using just for that.
    very much this. would i use it as my permanent VPN - nope. But if I'm on holiday etc and want to use hotel wifi etc this will do.
  15. Avatar
    Works really well. Google aren't going to secretly steal your data like this. Imagine the EU fines if they did!
  16. Avatar
    No thanks. Not now, not ever.
    Google continue in their attempts to lockdown the platform and increase their bloatware portfolio.
  17. Avatar
    Still a hot deal to avoid man in the middle if you are a WiFi hotspot user and not too techy.
    But I agree with the irony. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Google VPN as shown in the op pic of an iPhone.

    This works great on my pixel 7 I'll take any extra features that come my way
  19. Avatar
    Showed up yesterday on mine. I could maybe see a use for public wifi, but if you have ad blocking set up at home on the DNS level it'll bypass that.

    Which I think is maybe the point of them promoting it.
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