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Posted 3 June 2023

Google Pixel 7 Pro 128gb £684.41 @ Amazon

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Google Pixel 7 Pro – Unlocked Android 5G smartphone with telephoto lens, wide-angle lens and 24-hour battery – 128GB – Snow


-19% £684.41
RRP: 849.00

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From the Manufacturer


Google Tensor G2, the brains behind Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Tensor G2 makes Pixel 7 Pro faster, more efficient and more secure – with the best photo and video quality yet on a Pixel.[1]

Pixel's Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours.

Turn on Extreme Battery Saver, and the battery can last up to 72 hours.[2]

Take vibrant photos in low light with Night Sight.


Your protection, built into Pixel.

The Titan M2 chip and the Google Tensor security core, an extra layer of hardware security, help make Pixel more resilient to attacks. [3]

A world of help. Built around you.

Bring together Pixel phones, earbuds and the Google Pixel Watch for personalised help throughout your day. [4]

Switch over, don't start again.

Whether you're switching from Android or iOS, Pixel makes it easy to transfer your favourite things in a few steps. [6]

Thoughtfully designed.

The most refined design yet, Pixel 7 Pro is crafted with polished aluminium, in modern, elegant colours. And it’s made with recycled materials. [5]


Features & Details

Google Tensor G2 makes Pixel 7 Pro faster, more efficient and more secure – with the best photo and video quality yet on Pixel

The Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours. Turn on Extreme Battery Saver, and the battery can last up to 72 hours

The Pixel 7 Pro camera takes incredible, authentic photos with Real Tone and stunning, dramatic video with Cinematic Blur

With Google Tensor G2 and the Titan M2 security chip, your Pixel is built with multiple layers of security to help keep your personal info safe

With VPN by Google One built in, Pixel helps to protect your online activity no matter what app or web browser you use

With Live Translate, you can interpret face-to-face conversations in 48 languages, translate menus with the camera and translate messages in real time

The Pixel 7 Pro display is super sharp, with rich, vivid colours. And it's fast and responsive for smoother gaming, scrolling and moving between apps

Technical Specification

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  1. F1clio's avatar
    I don't understand why so many complain about the battery life, I have had the Pixel 7 Pro for 4 months and have no complaints about the battery, I charge it once a day and it gives me 24 hours use even with heavy use, not sure if battery life has been improved through software updates but I certainly dont have this issue
    phil.willis's avatar
    Just because your phone doesn't have battery life issues, doesn't mean they don't exist.

    My wife has a P7 and her battery life is just fine. One of my buds has a P7 and his battery goes from 100% to 30%...over night whilst sleeping, and that's no exaggeration. Google have basically fobbed him off and said it will get better with time due to the inbuilt AI.

    Just google "Pixel 7 battery drain" and you'll find it's quite a widespread problem. It's basically a lottery as to whether you get a good phone or a bad one, and Google are just fobbing off users with battery issues. In the same way they're fobbing people off who have cracked camera lenses and faulty volume rocker buttons.

    The P7 is a good phone, but it's hard to ignore the overwhelming quality issues and Google's lack of help.
  2. beatlesun's avatar
    Warehouse used like new £576.
  3. Jyoosi's avatar
    Amazing phone ruined by abysmal battery life. Anticipating that efficiency will inevitably be a "feature" of a future pixel device.
  4. nectar's avatar
    At this point is it worth waiting for the Pixel 8?
    Jyoosi's avatar
    Yup, still on my 5 because I refuse to accept halving my battery life for a slightly faster device.
  5. reg66's avatar
    Ahhh gone are the days...
    It was about this price on Amazon when you could claim £200 trade in @Currys (briefly) plus free Pixel Pro earbuds. Was one of the lucky ones to get Currys to price match Amazon @£689, then £200 for trade in, then another ~£100 for the buds on ebay, minus the sale of my Poco F3 ~£155 after fees etc... ended up bagging this beaut of a phone, new, for around £235. Still well chuffed, even now!! Ok, so maybe I came here to brag about my bargain too - sorry for those who missed out on that absolute deal. Was quite a lot of leg-work though, lots of emails etc with proof/screenshots of trade in offer before it was quickly retracted. Got there in the end though. Happy days

    Bearing that in mind, not sure how I feel about this offer... considering it was only a fiver more months ago. But yeah, fairs fair, looks to be the best deal at the mo so it's hot from me.

    Queue the time machine comments for my 1st para...
  6. Hasn1244's avatar
    As others agree its abysmal battery life. I came from a huwaie Pro 30 and I took a massive downgrade even though theoretically it has a larger battery . From going to charging on the second day I have to charge it minimum twice a day and most days three. I assume it is poor optimisation. I am not a heavy user. There is many other areas I find it a downgrade apart from the camera and screen size /quality. Overall its not too bad and I wouldn't have got it unless it was a good deal. (edited)
    cantonbean's avatar
    Said elsewhere but most phones will be a downgrade battery wise from the P30 Pro. Chinese brands have aggressive battery management along with the P30 Pro having a lower resolution screen which doesn’t get the bright. Plus the P30 Pro had in house CPU that wasn’t as powerful but was good power management wise. (edited)
  7. SPLE22's avatar
    128GB isn't enough for a camera of this size!

    The better deal was the Pixel 6a which arguably is the more refined camera over years and years as the sensor didn't change.
    nectar's avatar
    Have to agree on this from previous experience the picture file size are quite big
  8. UKUJ's avatar
    how to burn your money , buy pixel devices....
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