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Google Pixel 7a 128GB 5G (possibly £299 via Currys price match, see post)

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✅ ➡️ EXPIRED EDIT: some people are reporting that it's still possible. See comments. Please feel free to try if you have some time free

Currys price match confirmed ✅ 🔥

Credit to Tutanota for finding the Vodafone deal. Thanks! That was £306. This is the new best price anywhere for a new Pixel 7a, as far as I know.

£299 🔥

Buying via Currys is also significantly easier than Vodafone. No Vodafone contract signup + no Vodafone cancellation call + no credit check + no SIM plan.

Just one 5 minute call to Currys, and away we go

How to price match via Currys:

  • Check the Vodafone deal in the link below (desktop browser view if you're on your phone)
  • Under [Pay for your phone in one go] you'll see the £297 buy outright price
  • Go to Currys and use the video call link
  • Be nice to the in-store Currys assistant and ask them to price match it
  • Pay via emailed payment link
  • Pixel 7a for £299 🧑‍🏭

Step-by-step + proof shown in screenshots.

You have to go through ShopLive.

The regular Currys live chat will give you an outsourced assistant operating off a rigid script. ShopLive is a video call (just audio, no vid) to an actual in-store Currys human (needs to be regular opening hours). They'll be happy to match it to £299 (£100 max discount) if you're nice to them.

Be friendly and grateful! YMMV otherwise. Approach the Currys call like you would when negotiating an IRL deal. "Oh, I just saw this on Vodafone... it says price to pay off phone now, could you possibly match that? Please? I can send you the link. Thank you "

Link to source Vodafone deal

Link to original hotukdeals post

Link to Currys Pixel listing

Enjoy! 📱



Currys More details at

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  1. baldass's avatar
    Just wondering. Cant amazon price match?
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    50599235-7n1SL.jpgLooks like no, sorry. Just checked
  2. vmk's avatar
    I have just spoken to them through ShopLive and was told they wouldn't price match Vodafone. I'm not sure if it's a new policy or you just need to be lucky to be put through to the right person. I think I will just get the Pixel 5 from O2 for £396. Good luck everyone!
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Ah, shame. Worth trying again IMO, if you have some time
  3. fireman1's avatar
    Did I just read price matching via currys is significantly easier.
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Yeah, unless you'd prefer contracts, cancellations and a credit check
  4. stoneblade's avatar
    Had this with a Pixel 6a before Christmas with Currys. Had proof that an advisor had honoured the price match. But they never refunded the money after I purchased. Had to jump hoops to try and get my money back. Ended up refusing phone within the 14 days and got my money back. Be careful if using live chat to get this! Personally wouldnt use Currys again because of this
    rbjim's avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep waiting for the right deal.
  5. MThommmo's avatar
    Currys aren’t meant to be Price Matching this. 99% of y’all will fail. OP just got lucky.
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    I posted to benefit the few that succeed
  6. hksujan's avatar

    Currys just refused me to do price match

    50599377-POzBr.jpg (edited)
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    That's because you used chat message support, not a ShopLive call, like I explained in the post
  7. Tutanota's avatar
    Good write up, hope people can benefit, it would be easier buying this SIM free from Currys than doing a dance with VF 🙌 (edited)
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    OP! Thanks for stopping by. You saved me £100
  8. ElChampo's avatar
    Just thinking out loud, if this deal is £299 and then you need a sim that are usually £10 a month (24 x £10 over 2 years) giving a total of £539 would it not make sense to go for the Google Pixel 7a 5G 128GB Smartphone + 33GB Vodafone Data, Unltd Mins / Texts - £18pm total £432

    I'm looking to get one just trying to figure out what will be best (edited)
    Njay's avatar
    Unfortunately like practically all contract deals on here it wont be just £432 though as it will increase roughly April 24 and April 25 by cpi + network % increase. Plus the increase is on the non discounted £26pm as that contract is discounted by a fixed £8pm.

    It's still cheaper than SIM free plus £10pm though, just a bit closer than with the £432 headline price (edited)
  9. richard.morris's avatar
    If this doesn't work for anybody but you want to buy the phone sim free then I price matched curry's to deal monday at £349.99 with free next day delivery
  10. Nithya_Rajendrababu's avatar
    Curry's shoplive refused to price match... they cited the airtime. So cold vote this
    Smoggy1970's avatar
    Heat from me if you can bag one.
  11. EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Pixel 6 series was terrible, 7 series fixes most of the problems they had. But if battery life is a concern don't get one or consider an external battery a requirement.

    Also don't expect perfection. It's hard to beat Pixel 7s if you want a good camera and/or to maximise your bang for buck. They still have bugs etc.
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    I wanted good value and a good camera. Mission accomplished
  12. Hunter_Zoloman's avatar
    This has been flagged to store and shoplive colleagues by head office not to match. Best mate works for them doing sales.
    ben.cordon's avatar
    so they should ahah its not a legit match
  13. jinjostar's avatar
    Got it for £304! They said that a discount of £100 is not possible though shoplive so I proposed £300 and the counteroffer was £304. Collecting it tomorrow from my local currys. Thanks a lot

    Edit: hopefully they won't cancel it 🤞 (edited)
    99bakerc's avatar
    Collected mine this evening for 299, no questions asked 😁
  14. Original's avatar
    Should have waiting till the currys webchat is open, hours are

    10am – 8pm, Monday- Friday
    9am – 6pm, Saturdays
    10am – 5pm, Sundays
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Good point. Thanks for sharing the times (edited)
  15. KingBadger's avatar
    Thank you OP for a great first deal. Shoplive worked for me, all straightforward with a match to £299 with free delivery in 3-5 working days. I've been searching for a deal like this. Many thanks.
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Great news. Glad to hear it.

    You can thank me with a bottle of wine... or the SIM card tool. I've lost mine already
  16. btg202's avatar
    I just did the ShopLive and they instantly said they don't price match it.
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Maybe they read hotukdeals
  17. ElChampo's avatar
    Just spoken to ShopLive and was told they wouldn't price match contact deals
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Luck of the draw then. Worth trying again IMO to save £100
  18. danflorin3's avatar
    7a is under 7? As capabilities, camera, processor, memory....
    DealDog's avatar
    yea but very close . Here full comparison
  19. ander's avatar
    Looked like a great deal. Thanks for this
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Glad I could contribute. Thank you
  20. TheAceofSpades's avatar
    Great first deal. Have some heat for the level of detail in the screenshots and the OP!
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    I was very excited that I finally had something to share. Thanks! (edited)
  21. ToxicHazard's avatar
    Brilliant deal, would probably have gone for this if I hadn't ordered a Poco f5 last week
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    fon't wo rry, the F5 is a beast. En joy the extra screen space!m y finges are took bing for the baby Pixel scream but the price was top good to mist
  22. DealDog's avatar
    this should be £300 , probably will be in few months
    After my experience with 6a, i probably wont buy another pixel...
    voted hot (edited)
    emptypocketz's avatar
    Already has been £300 but refurb, check Mozillion out they come and go but its getting rarer they had 7as for £300 but it lasted hours. Also I think there is the vodafone offer for £330, might have expired though. But this deal @ 300 if price matched it the better deal.

    If you do get from mozillion check its not got a hissing during calls, mine were faulty and went back.

    Nice phone but has some flaws but for the £300 type price tag its worth it. (edited)
  23. Raja007's avatar
    It makes sense for Currys to refuse the price match because air time is mandatory to purchase along  with vodafone price
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Sure does. It's still worth calling to see if they'll match it though (edited)
  24. 99bakerc's avatar
    Got them to do it for £299 at around 1030 this morning, I have paid and now awaiting pick up at store. Hopefully they can't go back on it now! (edited)
    ben.cordon's avatar
    it'll get cancelled I bet
  25. rbjim's avatar
    I might chance my arm tomorrow morning cheers
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Good luck!

    Just go straight in with "I'm looking at a £297 buy now price, match pls? "

    Don't shoot yourself in the foot by discussing contracts (unless you have to). (edited)
  26. paulatmodaco's avatar
    Dang, went through the process, got it OKd and apparently the guy's system wouldn't let him take more than £85 off so I left it!
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    So close! I'd have settled for £314. At least you know you can try again some other time (edited)
  27. ben.cordon's avatar
    they won't honour it hahaha good luck.
  28. Mendoza's avatar
    dammit I’m always late to the party

    I can’t get it to say £297 anyway
    manonfireatbar's avatar
    manonfireatbar Author
    Did you try with desktop browser view? That caught me out at first

    Some people are reporting success even after I've marked it as expired. Worth a try if you have some time (edited)
's avatar