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Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB 5G Smartphone + Enhanced Trade In (iPhone 13 is £410 For example) + Google One Credit

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Emails are coming with an extra 5% off, so keep an eye out
Enhanced trade in on the 8 Pro from Google Store, the iPhone 13 as an example above gets you £410, 10% Google Store credit on a 2TB plan, plus maybe you already have some credit to use

About this item
  • The new Google Tensor G3 chip is built with Google AI for cutting-edge photo and video features and smarter ways to help. And it makes Pixel super fast and efficient
  • The immersive 6.7-inch display makes everything sharp.2 And the refresh rate intelligently adjusts between 1 and 120 Hz for responsive performance
  • The Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours. Turn on Extreme Battery Saver and it can last up to 72 hours.1 And it charges faster than ever
  • Pixel 8 Pro has four updated pro-level cameras with Pixel's best zoom ever. And Pro controls unlock advanced settings and full-resolution images
  • Audio Magic Eraser uses Google AI to reduce disruptive noises like cars and wind and highlight the sounds that you want
  • Premium Active Noise Cancellation adapts to you. Active Noise Cancellation uses Silent Seal to adapt to your ear and block outside sounds. It creates a quiet foundation so your music can shine
  • Small buds. Big sound. With custom 11 mm speaker drivers and Volume EQ, your premium wireless earbuds sound amazing at any volume

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  1. fleetingmind's avatar
    £281 trade in for an iPhone XR is decent. I really like Google phones and have been considering upgrading my 6.

    I wonder if the 10% is off full price or after trade in price.
    Recently upgraded to Google One 2TB as it also offers free Nest Aware and Fitbit Premium l. (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    You'll get £69.90 in Credit for having a 2TB plan
  2. Craig_ward's avatar
    What is the best colour ?
    DonLeo17's avatar
    The one that you prefer
  3. phil001's avatar
    Tempted by these pixel deals
    Currently have a 6 pro, I which is fine really, probably no real need to upgrade
    But I have to say I've not been totally blown away by the 6 Pro

    Always had OnePlus before and still miss the 7T , my daughter has it now and it's still going strong, just never seems to slow down or fail.
    How are the newer OnePlus phones in comparison? Think the OS changed at some point? (edited)
    Happydayz's avatar
    Oneplus 12 has better cpu, more ram and storage options, bigger battery, way faster 100w charging,50W wireless charging, better screen, ip 65, Bluetooth 5.4, charger in box. 5 years software updates.

    The pixel has slightly better camera,30w wired, 23w 🐌 wireless charging, ip68, Bluetooth 5.3, no charger.
    7 Years Software updates.

    OnePlus 12 Global version was recently under £500 in Ali Express (edited)
  4. BrianButterfield's avatar
    That is if they give you that price for trade in, which in my experience they never do and why I stopped bothering. I had one company claim the screen had a scratch on it..... Thank fook I took pictures before I sent it out.
    vassy4u's avatar
    Never had any issues. As long as the device meets the criteria trade in is straightforward. I've traded a lot of devices with them.
  5. realdeals's avatar
    £315 total trade for a S20 Fe is very generous indeed
    zorrow's avatar
    It is £195 and not £315. Its a £120 bonus on top of the regular device value and not £195+£120.
  6. MrSwitch's avatar
    More trade in examples include:

    iPhone 14 Pro - £568
    iPhone 14 Plus - £486
    iPhone 14 - £473
    Pixel 6 Pro - £194
    S22 Ultra - £270 (edited)
    Argex's avatar
    Google always gives less for their phones than other brands, while Apple and Samsung do the opposite which is great as getting people to upgrade is a better business decision than getting new people to try pixels while they can see the resell value is abysmal
  7. dave1983's avatar
    Terrible phone, my wife and I switched from s22 ultras to these on release and they are both diabolical phones. Never ever again! Can't wait to get rid of them.

    Constant crashing, terrible call quality, over heating when charging etc. There is such a long list of faults on both phones, we can't wait to go back, this was a massive downgrade.... Pro lol what a joke that is!
    dave1983's avatar
    Also the pixel watch.. It should never have been sold. It's unfit for purpose and matches the phone perfectly... Both garbage
  8. ohsomeonenew's avatar
    No wonder the resale value has tanked.
    garyho1220's avatar
    Pixel phones didn’t hold the value, it is traditional and I get used to it
  9. DonLeo17's avatar
    Wish it stacked with the 20% off from EPP or Totum
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Trust me, was the first thing I checked
  10. Gstar2006's avatar
    3% TCB as well to earn nearly £20. There's a £10 voucher pop up for subscribing to something as well.
  11. NitPolice's avatar
    £100 credit on my amex for spending £600 at google - so this could potentially be combined if you have the offer on your amex
    secondarymotor's avatar
    Do you still get the credit if doing a trade in? As the refund will go back on your amex.
  12. brailer's avatar
    No great deals now with the free buds or watch offer disappearing
    carlos777uk's avatar
    Didn't want either of them, am just after lowest price.
  13. martynpd's avatar
    Becareful with PCS wireless. Read trust pilot and google maps reviews. Normally I would just say well they probably sent a broken phone. But I know someone who really got screwed over by them.
    Sjsjzwzebxxbn_Uajqzszdbx's avatar
    Was also sceptical but got full price for a 13 mini it took them a while but worked.whereas I cannot recommend mozuma they discounted a perfect pixel 8. I guess they are all crooks at the end. Google's service dept is the worst I have encountered so keep this in mind if you have a problem with your phone.
  14. gazm1990's avatar
    52907804-TE2tI.jpgYeah really good trade in prices....
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Yeah, £66 for that one person who bought an Mate X3 in the UK. Why would you even attempt to trade in an X3, a 2k phone for a pixel?
  15. CraigFerguson's avatar
    I have an S24+ on order from Samsung that I got for £510...with the trade in, I can get the 256GB 8 Pro for £540. Which is the better phone? Any opinions?
    vassy4u's avatar
    Depends on what you are after. Pixel for camera and software. S24+ is a full package device.
  16. misterjoint's avatar
    Does anybody know which cheap phone to buy on eBay or so around £50 that gives a significantly good trade in price around £200 to £250?
    Craig_ward's avatar
    Pixel 6 Pro might be a good shout
  17. Zak_Brown's avatar
    For another 10% back on airtime rewards
    fleetingmind's avatar
    What cashback website is that from please?
  18. Goose522's avatar
    I have an old iPhone 8 64gb that I thought would be worthless and it's worth £238 trade in! I'm tempted
  19. KingOfCaledonia's avatar
    They're giving just over £300 for a Galaxy S23 Plus. What a joke hahahaha
    Sjsjzwzebxxbn_Uajqzszdbx's avatar
    Fair price for the Samsung brick i guess
  20. telf's avatar
    Don't see a Sony Xperia 1 IV on the list or I would change it for this
    rawbiz's avatar
    Not many consider Sony phones worth anything , Same goes to Samsung trade in prices . They are not even listed there . I couldn't evaluate my Xperia 1 iii on neither sites
  21. dioxyde0's avatar
    what if the iphone 13 has a small crack on the screen, would that affect the trade in massively?
  22. vadiro's avatar
    For some reason I can't get the enhanced trade price. Anybody else having this issue?
  23. Rocky96's avatar
    Can't trade in nothing phone
  24. mcivoronline's avatar
    I sent a perfect pixel in last year, I mean perfect, it was kept in a case and screen protector. Zero credit for it from them
    Samluk's avatar
    Have you got the phone back ?
  25. IMY2K's avatar
    Amex people, check your account for Google store extra cashback for purchases over £600 ( i think it is)
    benfisher1991's avatar
    I had this deal, was so tempted. But I have a 7 pro, so it's not a major upgrade really. Might keep this another year and get the rumoured holy grail TSMC pixel (probably still loaded with issues)
  26. MrSwitch's avatar
    Emails are coming with an extra 5% off, so keep an eye out

    52919963-iQrGi.jpg (edited)
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