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Google Pixel Buds A-Series - Truly Wireless Earbuds Blue/Charcoal

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Pixel Buds A-Series frees your eyes and hands to bring you the sounds you love without distracting from what's important. Made by Google to be your most helpful, comfortable, and portable everyday earbuds.

Sound that's music to your ears. With custom-designed 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers, Pixel Buds A-Series deliver high-quality audio.

Headphone Features
  • Small, discrete form factor paired with iconic human design. Premium materials and construction ear pieces.
  • Connection: wireless.
  • Bluetooth enabled for a wireless connection to your devices .
  • Connects to devices via Bluetooth.
  • 12mm driver.
  • On ear controls.
  • Passive noise cancellation.
  • Water-resistant.
  • IPX4 splashproof.
  • Compatible with universal smartphones.
  • Batteries required 1 x Li-Ion battery (included) .
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • 5 hour battery life.
  • 300 minute charging time.
  • Fast charge to boost battery life.
  • Charging case included.
  • In the box: 2 earbuds, charging case, additional eartips, USB-A to C cable, user guide, warranty and legal information.

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  1. kenzo's avatar
    Only thing that ever puts me off buying them is if u Google “top 10 best earbuds” they are never in the mix.
    MaxJenson's avatar
    Means absolutely nothing when you have headphones like the Koss Porta Pro which have been around for 40 years at budget prices and still sound vastly better than the majority of cans that make Top Ten lists each year. And that's no exaggeration. Those lists are all for the "what's popular with YouTubers, influencers, Twitch streamers". They only mean anything to those looking to chase what's the popular look at the time, and not sound quality. Good PR and marketing can put you in these lists no matter how bad your products are. Beats are the perfect example. Create a pair of Argos exclusive £8 JVC headphones, slap Beats on the side and put all the money into marketing instead of actual product quality.
  2. EssexHKUD's avatar
    Good earphones but the microphone isn't good when outside the house picks up every bit of wind and noise. Battery life is quite low too when using them on calls/meetings
  3. jp-supra's avatar
    Never seen a better price for these. HOT.
  4. Adi_N's avatar
    How to order from Amazon Spain to UK?
  5. themanwithapc's avatar
    Have had these for a while now (from a deal on here) and use as my daily driver.

    Decent enough headphones for the price IMO as I use them mainly for watching videos rather than any critical music listening. The reason they are my daily drivers is twofold:
    - the fit really works with my ears.
    - call quality is good compared to a lot of other BT headphones. I usually make my calls in quieter environments and the call quality the other side has always been appreciated. Check YouTube videos for an indication.

  6. feynmann's avatar
  7. Holte_ender's avatar
    OOS already
  8. booyip's avatar
    I've been using mine daily for 3 years. Here's some general comments...

    on the plus side they are light, fit well for me and generally ok/good from sound capability. If you like to drift to sleep sometimes with headphones in, they are small enough to put an ear on the pillow. Connectivity is reliable and the limited touch controls work well. I don't use Google Assistant but it's there if you want to.

    On the bad side...the battery life is pretty poor, even from new. They typically give around 7 hours when fully charged which is waaaay less than my old small earphones (Melomania 1). If no content is being played through them they do not auto disconnect either (and no setting to do this), so if you don't put them in the case or turn off Bluetooth on your device they will fully drain just as quickly. Can't use them in office for online meetings as they pick up too much noise around you. People with Airpods seem not to have this problem so much (tho £££). Touch controls can't do simple volume up/down, unless you turn on the Google assistant and ask it.

    All in all, even though my headphones broke recently (quiet audio in one ear) I have decided to get another pair as they cover my needs perfectly. They are still selling used on eBay for ~£50-60, so this is a good deal.
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